April 2, 2015

Holy Thursday Thoughts

Today I am thinking about...

...Lent. And how quickly it came and went. I mean, wasn't it just Christmas yesterday? In any case, Easter is almost here. No matter how fruitful...or not...our Lent was...it is never too late to give it our best shot. I had planned on our family praying The Stations of The Cross on Wednesday evenings during Lent. And we did. Twice. I'm keeping it real here, folks. We will pray them again on Good Friday as well as limit all electronics from the hours of 12-3 as we spend time in quiet prayer.

Sunday will find us up and dressed in our Easter finest bright and early for 8:00 AM Mass. Then we will come home, change back into our jammies...yes, I'm serious...and spend the day together eating and playing and resting. Here is a little peek at last week here in our country home...

We wore cute Bunny dresses to Palm Sunday Mass...
and baked Easter cookies with Grandma.
My Peyton and my Flynn. : )
We sipped coffee in bed...
while it snowed...
and snowed...
and snowed.
Oh. And Peyton made a Chocolate Pudding Pie. : )
Happy Easter!!!!


  1. This Lent did feel like it flew by. I love the time of reflection rule from 12-3 and may need to adopt that here.

    Blessed Holy week dear Lady and soon a joyous and Happy Easter! Hallelujah!!

  2. Easter blessings. I can't believe all that snow so late in the year.

  3. What a nice little peek inside your family's Palm Sunday. Hoping you have a Blessed Triduum and Easter Sunday as well. (And I love that you will change back into your p.j.'s after Mass! :)

  4. Fav. pic. Little hands on the rolling pin. What a big helper.

    what is with the snow pics? We might get snow in MN next week...but I will take whatever as long as we get some moisture. Scary dry and windy. If there was a fire....could be bad.

    Happy End of LENT!...whew.

  5. Snow....booo This is such a special season of the year and I knew you and yours would be praising Him and celebrating.

  6. Oh I just love seeing pictures of your beautiful family and pictures around your home....I hope I am able to see it sometime soon!

  7. Your daughters dress is so sweet! Just perfect for spring. That pie looks yummy too!

    Happy Easter
    Amy Jo

  8. I was just saying the same to my husband. Lent..it's over. I remember when it started and I was crazy sick. I was like 'if I make it through Lent I'll nearly be half through this pregnancy.' I really shouldn't take that for granted now that I'm sitting on this side of it. Survival felt so far-fetched in those weeks. Now it's a whole slew of other physical issues that come with pregnancy, but yes, I survived Lent. While I felt like it may not have been 'the best' one, it was the one I made the 'best of' as I could.
    Blessings on your days ahead and Easter with your family.

  9. Lent did go by fast this year. What a sweet and special family you have. Sad about your snow -- last year we had some on April 13th! Hope warm spring temps find you soon. Have a blessed Easter!

  10. Big, big, big smiles here...Beautiful

  11. I hope you and your family had a great Easter. It seems like each year the time goes by a little more quickly. I'm so happy you were able to slow down for a little bit and enjoy it all. :-)


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