March 21, 2015

This Makes Me Happy...Winning!

Well, actually winning is just a bonus. Meeting new people and making amazing friends in this wonderful world of Blogland is the true prize. : )

However,  I was lucky enough recently to win not one, but two fun giveaways on some amazing blogs I read. First I won this super interesting book...

This is not the actual copy...I actually finished it and lent it to a friend.
I enjoyed this book so much and am so thankful to my dear friend Kathleen who blogs here.
Thanks again, Kathleen!
And just a few days ago, I received this happy mail...
What a wonderful assortment of spring goodies!
Those eggs?! Amazing!
I was so excited to receive this from a brand new friend, Carrie, who blogs here.
Thank you so much, Carrie!
So there you have it...some sweet friends who made my day a bit happier. Feel free to visit these wonderful bloggers and perhaps make a new friend yourself.
 Winning...and blogging...make me happy!


  1. Congrats! I agree, meeting new friends, getting packages etc. make a person happy. Have a Blessed Saturday.

  2. Billie Jo, you are too sweet. I'm glad you won (and liked) the book.
    I'm off to check out Carrie's place now. You are so right when you say you can meet amazing friends through blogging. You were definitely my first blog friend and that makes me so happy! Enjoy your weekend.

  3. Blog friends are special!!

    That book is good...even better enjoyed with chocolate! Cannot wait for Easter!

  4. I love that book by Dr. Laura. I read it long before I even had my first boyfriend by my mom's suggestion.
    I've never tried those eggs before but they sound yummy!
    Such fun little treats from some special blogging friends!
    Enjoy your weekend!

  5. I have never read that book but I will look it up on my kindle. It is so fun to win goodies! I'm glad you were blessed.

    Amy Jo

  6. Yay for winning! And for bloggy friends! I generally don't win stuff, but I've won a few things through bloggers over the years. So fun! My latest win was an Insta win and I'm awaiting a new set of Jamberry nail wraps :)

  7. So sweet! So nice to win some great prizes! Will definitely check out these blogs! Have a Happy Sunday!

  8. Yeah for you... I'm happy you're blessed!

  9. I'm so happy you won dear Gal - but most of all so happy to make a new friend! It's been such a joy getting to know you and your lovely blog. I look forward to lots of wonderful "time together" in the months (& hopefully years) ahead!!

    Happy week to you. xoxo


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