March 9, 2015

Rhett Stephen...A Birth Story

Almost two years to the day Steve and I brought our second little blessing home, we returned to the hospital for another scheduled C-section. My doctor does not perform vaginal deliveries after a C-section, which was indeed fine with me.  Bright and early on May 21, 2002, I was prepped for the surgery that would bring our third sweet baby into the world.

I remember clearly visiting with the nurses as they prepared me for the surgery. I remember asking them about whether or not Madison would be able to visit as she had a case of Pink Eye and we had spent the previous day in the doctors office. How things change, right? The day before I had Peyton I had a pedicure. : )

The next thing I remember is lying on the table and Steve coming in to sit next to my head. Then my sweet doctor told Steve...and I can still hear his voice...that if this one was a boy, Steve would have to give him a free car from one of our dealerships! I laughed because I just knew the baby was going to be a girl. I guess having two little girls, I had never thought about having a boy. And then I heard it...I heard my doctor exclaim, "Hey Hey Hey! It IS a boy!" It was 8:17 AM on May 21, 2002. And I had a baby boy. I remember being shocked. I had no brothers. I had two beautiful baby girls. I had never thought of a boy. And I was thrilled! I remember asking the nurse to be sure that Steve would be the one to tell my parents who were waiting outside. I saw the nurse replace the little blue hat on his newborn head with a blue and pink one. And then Steve took his son out to meet his grandparents.

The next memory I have is being wheeled back to my room. I can still see my mother standing there, holding her grandson, giving me a big thumbs up! The rest of that wonderful day is a blur of happiness and joy and blue! It was so new for us to have a hospital room filled with all things blue. : ) My mom asked what we would be naming him. I only ever had one name for a boy...Rhett. And because I never considered he would be a boy, I had never even considered a middle name. So Rhett Stephen it was. And it is perfect.

We spent our hospital stay loving on our son. I remember lying in bed with his bassinette right next to me, staring at him for hours on end. I remember being so excited to watch as his sisters came to meet him. I remember seeing my little Peyton Rose walk in the door...and this baby, not yet two years old...suddenly looked so big to me! But there she was, binky and blankie in hand, loving her brother...something she continues to this day. And I remember Madison leaning over a talking to her baby brother, and watching as he opened his eyes for the first time as he recognized her voice!

Steve once again spoiled us with gifts of coming home outfits. I remember leaning over the bed and dressing my son in a beautiful blue coming home outfit that read "Little Prince". I remember the beautiful spring day we put him in the car, and carried him into our home and into our hearts. And once again, we were blessed.

Our precious son, Rhett Stephen. : )

Oh...and a doctor did indeed get a new car. Not for free, but Steve did give him a GREAT deal : )


  1. Aw- what a precious story. I'm so happy you have a boy and girls as I think there is just a different dynamic with each, both so special in their own way.

    Thanks for sharing and that photo of Rhett is so beautiful. It makes my phantom womb (I had a hysterectomy) ache. Lol! xoxo

  2. You and I share the same story...I had two boys...I was knee deep in trucks and dirt I actually never imagined being blessed with a little pink bundle. I actually didn't put pink on her for two whole weeks because I just wasnt use to the idea of a little girl. Then she had a little brother and sorta turned into a boy because she had all brothers. But Ava is ALL girl. Beautiful story.

  3. What a sweet story and I love the part about the car!

  4. What a special story. I felt the same way when my first son was born! I have no brothers and am as girly-girl as they come so I certainly felt a moment of shock when they told me I had a boy! Of course, now that I have two boys and simply can't imagine having a girl! Funny how things change!

  5. What a sweet birth story. Sounds like a really exciting day. It still bothers me I didn't have a outfit to bring Lucia home in. She had to wear a hospital paper shirt with a diaper, but at least everything went well, even though she was born so early :)

  6. Awww...your memories are so sweet and uplifting...thank you for sharing. Blessings

  7. That's a very sweet memory to hold :)! Time just flies past so fast :P

    Have a blessed day! :)

  8. I can only imagine how excited Steve was to hear the news of his newborn being a son! So exciting!

  9. Sweet memories. I'm sure your girls loved the gift of a little brother!

  10. I can not get enough of your birth stories. I've read them all a few times each!

  11. Oh this is beautiful ❤️ I can't wait to read the others!!!


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