February 12, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

Today I'm thinking about...

...Contentment. And what a wonderful feeling it is. This morning I was playing a game of  Disney Princess Memory with Flynn and I was struck by a genuine feeling of contentment. This was followed by an overwhelming sense of gratitude. I felt so thankful to be there...in that moment...in my home...with my family. I was aware of the blessings I had, and wanted nothing more.

I am thankful for that moment. It served as a reminder to me of how very blessed I am. We live in a world where we are constantly told that more is better. That we need more...more money, more clothes, more electronic devices, more data to use them with. We are bombarded with images of extravagant places we need to visit, and are encouraged to be as busy as we can with numerous extra curricular activities for our children.

All of this comes at the expense of something. Something I cherish. Something I was reminded of this morning as I sat with my ever growing, ever changing little girl. It comes at the expense of just BEING. Being present. Being in the moment. Being content with what we are blessed to have...which is life. Waking every morning in a home with those we love. And needing or wanting nothing more.

Here are some photos of how we have been living in a state of contentment this past week...

We found beauty in the cold...

and played until our cheeks turned bright red.

We enjoyed the coziness of winter inside in the evenings...

and in the early mornings as well.

We put on our aprons...

and did some baking...

and it was good. : )

We ventured out in the frigid air to the movies...

and SpongeBob Squarepants was as funny as we hoped.

Daddy made breakfast for dinner...

and we dressed in our Love Day clothes for Mass.

Have a weekend filled with contentment, my friends!
Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. Contentment and thankfulness are beautiful things! Thanks for sharing your heart t his morning!

  2. Beautiful post and beautiful family. Have a wonderful day and weekend with your sweet family!

  3. You're singing my tune friend! Have a wonderful Valentine's Day with your family!

  4. To find contentment is to find happiness. Love this.

  5. Yup! You are speaking my language, girlfriend! Beautiful thoughts and pictures :) Stay warm and toasty up there. (I had to turn my furnace on again last night ;)

  6. Contentment. A beautiful thing.

  7. Big big smiles here. Beautiful post Billie Jo. Blessings

  8. Dear Billie Jo ... so very heartwarming. Precious. Cherish each and every moment. Warmest Weekend Blessings ♥ Teri

  9. It is a blessing to be content. I am thankful for little things...faith family and health. I think it is because I am getting older. Stuff just doesnt matter that much. Looks like you have been enjoying family time...just the best kind of time to be enjoying!

  10. It is in that contentment that we find that true thankfulness. Loved this.

    Our hearts though, will always be restless until they rest in God. I think that is where I feel right now. Content with our life, but not my soul. I'm always working out the kinks...hahah!

    I took a couple (my 8 year old and 12 year old) girls to Into the Woods...no one wanted SpongeBob. I'll have to review Into the Woods. (too old and dark for our 5 year olds!)

    You are one of my favorite families. Love all the LOVE!

  11. Contentment is rare nowadays. Everyone seems to have an insatiable thirst for something. Good for you to have found yours. Stay blessed.

  12. Love this post, Billie Jo. Beautiful reflection.

  13. Love this post, Billie Jo. Beautiful reflection.


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