November 1, 2014

Trick-Or-Treat...Halloween 2014

Halloween has come and gone for another year.  Halloween night always makes me a bit sad. I watch my little ones going door to door, and as I do, I can't help but wonder how many more nights of trick-or-treating we will share together. Children grow. One Halloween will be our last night of the anticipation and excitement and all these fun times will become precious memories. But for now, we relish the fun times we have together. : )

Halloween started with cinnamon rolls and spooky music. : )

While the big kids worked on some schoolwork, Flynn and I decorated the table and secretly baked some brownies...

Then we had our yummy Halloween lunch...

before we got dressed for trick-or-treating!
(My heart melted when I came in and saw that Flynn had added her wand and headband to the dress I had set out.)

My Cinderella...

and my two creepy zombies. : )
Makeup by Madison. : )

How happy were we when Madison decided it was too cold and rainy to sit at a football game, and decided to join us?!

Stopping to see sweet, sweet mother...

and then home to sort the loot! : )

I always want to remember being altogether in our van on Halloween night.
I always want to remember how Peyton and Rhett took such care making sure Flynn was right with them.
I always want to remember how Flynn sat on my lap and smiled and said how much she loved Halloween!
I always want to remember that excitement in her eyes and the smile on her face as we went house to house, and how she told me exactly what she got when she returned to the van.
I always want to remember this night.
Happy Halloween, my friends!


  1. What fun...everybody joined in and that made for the perfect night.

  2. Those Halloween cinnamon rolls look delicious! Sounds like a "Spooktacular" Halloween for your family!

  3. I got chills reading that... so glad it was a wonderful day and night!!!

  4. Hello there, stranger! It is so nice to read about your halloween evening. And you never fail to post a delicious bakery treat! The kids look so sweet (and I do love zombies!). The time goes by all too quickly.


  5. love your rolls and decorations and candles. love your memories. my oldest dd has a shirt with that pattern on peyton's scarf.

  6. Love it! We had Mummy Dogs for dinner last night, too! Looks like you had a wonderful Halloween. :)

  7. So glad y'all had fun! And how sweet that Flynn helped with her costume 😉
    My heart strings tugged a little as Miss c's first time ttick or treating cuteness would be gone by next year.

  8. Awesome!!! Ok, I have to say, the rolls look good!! Thanks for sharing..thanks for the smiles. Blessings

  9. ZOMBIES..they are perfect...scary but not TOO scary! I still cannot watch that show without covering my eyes and just running away. ha!

    Happy Halloween to you and your cute cute family. Your little princess is adorable.

  10. Sounds wonderful.....a night made with memories to last forever....

  11. Sounds like a wonderfully perfect Halloween!

  12. You know how to celebrate, Billie Jo! Thanks for sharing with us. :)

  13. Fun times! I love how you cherished every single moment.


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