October 16, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

Today I'm thinking about...

...this weekend. And making a list of things to do. I am actually much less OCD about things than I used to be...and I make far fewer lists...but from time to time, I revert back to my old self and get serious about what needs done. : )

This weekend is our annual "Get ready for winter around the house" weekend. Our life seems to follow a comfortable, predictable pattern...and this time of year finds us preparing for the long months of cold and snow and inside life. We have a few things we like to do each year to make our winter life easier.

Steve will sweep out the garage and make room for Madison's car. I always park in the garage, but during the summer months, things seem to accumulate on the other side, leaving no room for her car. Time to take care of that. Steve will also wash the furnace filters...ugh...and change about a hundred light bulbs. Because the darkness comes earlier these days! We also put the hoses away, and tidy the other garage where we keep all the outside toys. Is it really time to pack away the water table and dust off the shovel? All in all, it isn't too much, but just enough to make us feel as if we accomplished something. Once done, we will continue to enjoy these glorious day of autumn. Hope you do as well! Here is what we have been up to here in our cozy, country home...

We're enjoying the crisp, sunny days...

and the chilly, windy ones too. : )

I am enjoying way too much of this cup of Heaven...

several times a day.

Told ya.

I'm wearing my new favorites...because I am mature like that.

We are taking field trips and leaf rides and finding all kinds of interesting creatures roaming around...

and going out to eat in Halloween clothes. And waiting for Mom to stop taking pictures so she can play Flappy Bird on my phone.

We are celebrating the return of our favorite show with zombie cupcakes made by our awesome small town bakery who love The Walking Dead as much as we do!

And we are taking selfies, because we got all dressed up to go out to dinner. : )

Have an amazing October weekend, my friends!


  1. October's bright blue weather! Love it , and all that goes with it. That 'other' season will be here before we know it, and you are wise to be prepared. Have a nice Thursday.

  2. Hello lovely lady! Yay for getting ready for Winter - my favorite season :)

    Maxwell's Pumpkin Spice sounds delicious! I always get the French Vanilla, but now I will be on the lookout for the pumpkin.

    Beautiful post as always, dear friend. Hugs!

  3. Our weather is still in the 70s/80s....looking forward for cooler weather, but probably won't see any here until mid November.

    The only time I've ever seen a moose in person was when I went to Alaska with my parents for a vacation. They are really neat to watch.

    Oh, Flynn always has the cutest dresses!

  4. We are doing the same thing around our home...ok..Brian is!! Not sure what i would do without the man.

    I made the hugest mistake of my life trying to facetime my zach at college forgetting it was the season premiere of that zombie show. I say "that zombie show" because I am actually to scared to watch it!!! really..it scares me! I am such a chicken and baby. but of course..zach likes..no loves that show also?? and he said he couldnt facetime..at the moment. WAAAAAAA he chose zombies over his mother!!!

    great cupcakes. Someone has talent!

  5. I hear you on the lists for sure!! Enjoy your fall weekend!

  6. Great selfie. You look beautiful. Not familiar with the show, but would love to get familiar with those cupcakes :) Good luck with your to-do list. Hurry up and get it done so you can get back to that great looking fire and cup of latte!

  7. Ah yes, the fall to do list. Depending on this weekend's weather, that will probably be what a lot of Saturday looks like here as well. Many things to get done before November rolls around.

    I've got the pumpkin spice creamer too and with just a small amount of liquid French vanilla creamer it is wonderful. I have to keep myself from thinking I NEED another cup of coffee each day just to enjoy the creamer. ha!

    Ok, so the animals. Those are?? Elk?? In/near your yard? Just curious.

    Happy Weekend!

  8. Flynn!!! {waving}---sorry...just had to wave to her! (smiles)

    --Hey, Billie Jo, would you like to come here and help my husband and son organize and pack up the house? I am afraid we will be moving like the Clampets, Bless their hearts..their trying. (and I am not worying, trying not to hypervenilate-lol) Blessings (ps isn't the Pumpkin Spice the greatest?)

  9. Oh, winterizing....I cleaned out the garage a couple weeks ago, boy does that feel good!! And thanks for the reminder for our hose...gotta do that one, but I'd like to clean the screens with that hose before. AND furnace filter...gotta buy a new one!

    I'll just come here for my to do list. Thanks!!

    Might have to try that pumpkin coffee...but not sure if I can sway from my french vanilla...it, so far is the only one I LOVE. (a little too much) It's a "cup of treating myself" every day.

    Happy weekend!!

    Flynn is adorable in those cute fall dresses!
    And those cupcakes look amazing!
    And one more thing, you look as always, beautiful.

  10. The cupcakes are adorable!! I love them! I find myself making lists of what I want to accomplish around this time of year also; unfortunately I never seem to get many things marked off! :-(
    I hope you continue to get to enjoy your days and especially those warm, cozy evening fires! And thank you for your sweet comments on my blog. They are always appreciated!

  11. Ha! So there have been a few bloggers on my mind during the past few days. You have been one of them. Just today in fact I wondered if you were going to be readying your homestead for winter soon. And then I read this! Have a great weekend! (87 degrees today.)


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