October 9, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

Today I'm thinking about...

...autumn.  And how much I love it. It has always been my very favorite time of the year. I look forward to autumn's arrival after a long, hot summer the way many other people celebrate summer after a long, cold winter. Autumn is my summer. The months of September, October, and November fill my soul with contentment, happiness, and joy. I cherish the sights and smells of this season as we begin to settle in as the days grow shorter and the air becomes crisp and cool. I am happiest in my home creating a warm, cozy place for my family to enjoy during the winter months ahead. Here are some pictures of the last week in our home...pictures of a week of my beloved autumn in our little part of the world.

This is the view from my front porch...the view I wait all year for. : )

And this the view from our driveway. : )

Autumn means my little lady gets some autumn themed clothes...

and she loves them as much as I do.

These two...best friends.

Autumn also means these two spend a lot of time together doing something that they love...

with a beautiful autumn view from their spot as well.

We had some delicious vegetable soup...the perfect autumn meal.

And some delicious gourmet apples for dessert.

The inside of our country home is clean and cozy...

and our yard is warm and cozy too.

We took a wonderful autumn leaf walk together...

and it was glorious. The leaves were beautiful, the air was crisp, and the sun was bright.

And we finished up the afternoon with cocoa and toast. : )

Have a wonderful autumn weekend, my friends. : )


  1. Autumn is my favorite season too. I look forward to it from the first day of summer! Your pictures should be in a magazine, as they are so beautiful. You are blessed to have such a wonderful family and home. God bless.

  2. Hello lovely lady! And speaking of lovely, your Autumn pictures are beautiful! I never tire of seeing the changing colors - such beauty.

    Thinking of you! Hugs!

  3. Have a great weekend! Your trees are so puuuuuuurty! Enjoying the colors here in Minnesota also. It lasts like only 30 mins and then...poof..it is winter. Cute little girl! Happy Hunting for the boys!

  4. Such beautiful views inside and out! It really is a special time of year. That picture of your boys is the best! How funny. And you always seem to find the cutest clothes for Flynn. She is so adorable. Keep on enjoying the gift of this wonderful season, my friend.

  5. I think we need to move! :)
    You have a beautiful home and yard.

  6. Oh that is absolutely gorgeous... the view, the trees, the soups, the dresses, the warmth, I love it all!

  7. My favorite season. Billie Jo, I got on the bus this morning and it was 42*, by the time we got to school the temp had dropped a good 10*, it was darn right cold. ANYWAYS--I always love your pics and posts about your family. Thanks for the smiles

  8. Goodness I love all these autumn pictures! What blessed days...

  9. Oh my ... the photos are pure delight, and your yard a little piece of heaven. How blessed you are.

  10. WOW! The trees really are stunning in your little neck of the woods!

  11. Beautiful colors right in your yard!! I think I'd love fall if it were like in the 60's instead of barely 50 degrees...I love that you love fall though, and it makes me like it a little, because I think of you!

    Such cute outfits...wish I could do that,I see them, but then the practical side of me says "no" Maybe if fall lasted a little longer here in MN...

    Thanks for sharing your loves of fall!

  12. Wow! What a view! I can imagine that! It doesn't get cool enough here to enjoy all the colors you have there. Oh my goodness. Today was in the high 80's. I love the fall, real Fall that is. Breathtakingly beautiful. We do have a lot of deer hunters here, the man thing for sure, but a lot of girls and their dads hunt too. Anyway. Thanks for sharing your precious family.

  13. Dear Billie Jo ... absolutely charming. I love fall ... my very favorite season. I enjoyed all that you have shared. Fall Blessings ♥ Teri


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