September 4, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

Today I'm thinking about...

...My Madison. She is a licensed driver now!!!  She took her test this week and passed the first time! I am so proud of her...especially the parallel parking part. I mean really. Parallel parking? I haven't done that since I took MY test. The second time. ; ) I will drive around for an hour in search of two spots rather than parallel park. And there my girl does it on the first attempt. I take no credit. At all. Her father is the best driver ever. And he taught her from day one. I actually have yet to ride with her. Just keeping it real here, folks.

...Spontaneity. Not one of my usual attributes.  I tend to be a planner. A very scheduled person. But this past Monday, I found just how fun it can be to do something totally unplanned. Flynn and I were cleaning the porch in preparation for fall. It was actually quite warm out, and she asked me to spray her with the hose. I agreed, and suddenly saw the slide nearby. Soon enough, all three younger kids were running through the hose, down the "water" slide, and through the yard! I bet they ran and played and laughed for an hour. It was one of the most fun days they had all summer. And it was totally unplanned. I will remember that early morning fun forever. : )

...How this school year will be a year of lasts for us. Tuesday morning I realized it was Madison's last First Day of School...and that was a major realization for me. You go along year after year, and suddenly you realize it doesn't last forever. These little ones grow and change and are soon ready to go off and follow their own dreams. As they should. : )

Here is what was happening this past week at our house...

I ordered some crayons from Amazon. We really like sharp crayons. : )

We spent one of our last nights of summer vacation outside blowing and chasing bubbles.
And it was fun.

I wore my favorite white jeans one final time this season the day before Labor Day. I really love those jeans. But I am so old school, I packed them away until next year. : )

My little Flynn wanted a picture next to this guy at the grocery store. So of course I took one.

And then treated myself to these two magazines in the check out lane, which I later enjoyed along with my tea.

We visited my sister Margie over the weekend. We always travel there over Labor Day Weekend and again at Christmas for pizza and wings. : )

 Me and Margie. : )

If you want a pet and are not a dog person, get a Lhasapoo. I swear, I don't like dogs. At all. But I adore this little guy.

And I'll leave you with this girl, her dad and her car. : )

Have a wonderful weekend, friends!


  1. I can't parallel park either! If I had to have a car in a big city I would have to get one that parks itself.

    And I love sharp crayons too!

  2. I'm not a parallel parker either, I make my husband do it. It's quite embarrassing but oh well ;) I love the picture of your organized crayons it just makes me happy. I'm jealous of your Halloween magazines, I haven't had any luck finding many around us hopefully next week they will be out around here.

  3. AWESOME! Congrats Madison!!! What great photos! Thanks for the smiles. Blessings

  4. It just doesnt seem possible that summer is over and school has started and fall is in the air. Running through the hose was always so much fun, and my grandson next door does it all the time. Love the pictures. It is hard to realize how fast our children grow, and I feel the same about my grandchildren. Be blessed.

  5. If I had to parallel park for my driving test I would have failed. I'm a bad driver. I've hit mailboxes, shrubs, my garage. This summer I pulled out of the garage with the side door open... yes open!

    What a ball of sun you all had with the hose and the slide. I'm a planner too. To my own fault. I'll have to plan that hose/slide idea in! Ha!

    The huge box of crayons. We have that too! They're the best because then you can just refill as you need. Perfect for your homeschooling preschooler!

    White jeans... I might actually cry when I pack them away. I have this really stretchy pair that I adore! They look "dressy" enough for when I need to dress up but so comfortable! So sad to see them go until next May!

    Fall magazines... the best! I have my secret stash next to my bed and am waiting until it's not 90 out. Just a little rain and I'm running for them!

    Sister visit.. sweet. I love the picture of her with Flynn!

    Your dog... looks so cute... almost not real like a stuffed animal.

    And oh man... Madison and a car... love the color girl!!! Safe travels!

  6. Way to go Madison! I love that blue car in the background too! Spontaneity is wonderful in small doses and it sounds like you guys had a great morning, I literally could feel the exuberance of fun from your description! Flynn and the M&M - too cute!

  7. Such a great recap of your week. I'm so excited for Madison, and yet it's such a bittersweet thing to see them grow up and become more independent and start to experience all those "lasts" with them at home. Transitions are hard for me. But what wonderful memories you've made and what a blessing to have had her at home with you for her last two years of HS. I'm sure you'll both treasure that for a lifetime. You are truly an inspiration, my dear sweet friend! <3

  8. Congratulations to Madison! How exciting.
    I will say a special prayer to St. Christopher for you :)

  9. Good Job ~ Madison! Sounds like the school year is off to a good start for you. I love all those sharp crayons! So nice you could visit your sister over Labor Day! Enjoy what left of the week.

  10. Way to go, Madison! I parallel parked this past summer in David's truck. For the life of me, I cannot tell you how I did it!! I've never since my test years ago. You could have knocked me over with a feather!

    Feel the same about dogs and cats :)

    White pants...same here til we moved south! White is in most of the year with the warm weather. But, it took some getting use to.

    Happy Friday!

  11. Well done, Madison! Gosh, driver's license and a senior. How do you do that, Billie Jo? I freak out just thinking about it. Sorry. Did I just make that worse?

    I am like you, I will drive around the block or just park several blocks away to avoid parallel parking. My husband, it's like some kind of challenge for him to do it and even more fun with me in the vehicle because I freak out in the passenger seat.
    Being spontaneous, also not my thing. It sounds like a glorious morning!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  12. How exciting! I know your girl is over the moon about that new car and I know you enjoyed special time with your sister. I too am crazy about neatly boxed crayons and always loved a sharpener. Hope ya'll have a great weekend. Take a ride in that care for sure!

  13. Oh, that "last first day of school" hit my heart!! I, for some reason did NOT have to parallel park for my original driver's test!!! If I would have, I'm sure I would have failed!! I just cannot do it! (especially now with a humongo van)

    Love the new crayons!
    Love the spontaneous water fight/playing!
    Love the bubbles and the old school no white after Labor Day!

    I did not even know people still did that!! :)
    Love you!!


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