August 21, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

Today I'm thinking about...

...How parenting really doesn't change all that much as your children grow. When my kiddos were little, I struggled with letting them learn to do things on their own as opposed to me doing it for them. Not out of frustration on my part, but out of my love and desire to nurture and care for them. For instance, learning to tie shoes, or dress themselves, or make their beds...These were things I loved to do for them, and it was hard for me to let go and allow them to learn to do them on their own, even though I knew it was necessary for their growth and independence. Now, as Madison approaches eighteen (WHAT!!!!), I am struggling with the same thing...learning to do laundry, packing lunch for work, cleaning her bathroom...These are all things I know in my mind Madison needs to learn to do for herself. My heart, however, has different ideas! I enjoy doing these things for her. I love having her laundry all clean and folded on her bed when she returns from a long day of work. I find comfort knowing her bathroom is clean and tidy. Does she have to learn these skills herself? Yes. Will she? Yes. I guess balance is the answer. Or not. : )

...About packing away my summer red, white, and blue decorations before giving the house a good cleaning. And still my heart...decorating for autumn! The warm, cozy days of fall are coming!

...About changing my meal planning routine to fit changes in our lives. I currently plan meals one week at a time, with a specific meal planned for certain days. I mentioned recently that our one and only grocery store is closing...can I just tell you how sad that makes me? I have so many memories of pushing my little ones through the aisles every Friday...But I digress...That leaves us with Walmart. I can't. I just can't. No disrespect to anyone that can, but I just can't buy my groceries in the same place where people get oil changes and buy plumbing supplies. So, we have decided to plan two weeks of meals at a time. I think it will work best if we choose about ten meals or so and shop for those items in the beautiful grocery store in the nearest town. Then Peyton and I will plan meals as we go for the two weeks, allowing for leftover nights too. We don't have as many outside activities anymore as the kids are homeschooling, so we have less activities to plan around. Happiness! So, we will see how this goes...

And here are some pictures of the past week in our little home...

My little lady all ready for Mass for the Feast of the Assumption last week...
The Lavender plant at the end of our driveway is pretty this year. No thanks to me. It just kinda grows. : )
Afternoons around here are wild and crazy...
just the way we like 'em. : )
My girls. So different, but so much alike. I love the love between them.
We had cupcakes last week. It was Cupcake Day! This one was divine.
Do you play ABC Mouse with your kids? Flynn loves it...and I love braiding her hair while she plays. : )
My baby has been waking up early. Really early. And I am glad. We watched this beautiful sunrise together this week. No filter here...none needed. She loved it...She was amazed...and I will remember that morning on the porch forever.
My baby got this flower yesterday when we visited Daddy at work. One of Steve's employees gave it to her, and she hasn't set it down since. : )
And leaving you with my Snapchat face...because I am weird like that...
Happy Weekend!!!!


  1. Happy Weekend! I enjoy seeing you and pictures...I should blog again but still on the fence. Trying to get some projects done before I do!

  2. I nominate you for the most organized woman/mother/wife on the planet! I admire you so much and truly enjoy coming to your blog and see what is happening in your family/home. Love the last who took that one?

  3. I agree with you on parenting..thanks..a post about that just popped in my mind. (welll..I remembered something from today) --I sure love your organization..Blessings

  4. These pictures look so cozy and I'm pretty excited for Fall to come too especially for some lazy days! Your lavender looks gorgeous, I have the worst luck with that plant, it never stays alive for me :(

  5. Hope the grocery schedule works out!! Keep us updated on that. Years and years ago, I shopped big time once a month...weekly run for eggs, milk, or bread. It was great. But that was before kids. Grocery shopping is one of my least favorite jobs as a mom/wife. I try to stay positive by reminding myself that at least I have grocery money.

  6. You are so cute. I just love that last fun photo! :)

    I had planned on joining in on a Thursday Thoughts post and then the day went on and it didn't get finished. Perhaps another Thursday. For now, we're enjoying the last few days of summer before school begins part time on Monday.

    Enjoy the weekend!

  7. Such lovely photos! You are very blessed indeed. Happy weekend to you and yours! xo

  8. Okay... working backward... love your lipstick color, love!
    Love Flynn's anchor dress (and the happy smile with the flower)
    Love the sunset but more the early morning sweetness you had with your baby
    The cupcake, the braid, the sisters... all of it so sweet
    Ann Rule? Would I like it? I'm searching for a good book
    Your puppy? Oh I want a cuddle
    My oh my... Flynn's lace overlay blue dress on the Feast of the Assumption... devine
    Love it all my friend!
    Other thoughts~ I'm in the same in still wanting to do things for my girls when they are perfectly capable of doing them. I still make Anna's bed, sigh, but I like it tight and no creases. I'll be like you with Madison one day with laundry and lunches. You'll remind me to let them do some of those thing then, right?
    Sounds like you have your grocery shopping plan perfect! I agree with the 'pretty' real grocery store. Go for that. You can plan two weeks for sure. Just think of how much time you'll save only going once a week even if it's a longer drive.
    Oh I love it here. This blog makes me happy (even if my comments are weird)

  9. I now live in the town my grandma lived in once. When I was little she shopped inn this old old grocery store with 3 narrow aisles and to her it was always cold so she made me dress for winter everytime we went. She forced coats and sweaters on me as early as I can remember in that store and she chatted with everyone. Then, fast forward to now I shopped there as well with my children. It closed this January and never reopened. We since shop now at walmart which is the closest store--45 mins away. I am not as good as you with every 10 days or so, We try to limit it to twice a week--which is too much driving and a hassle.

  10. and I am with you--I am in no hurry for my kids to grow up. I don't mind laundry of the older ones

  11. What a fun post! Your girls are cute. I love your lavendar (and that it needs no one to help it grow) and what flavor cupcake is that? Yum!

    Ugh, groceries. It's a battle for me. I changed my routine up this month and decided to do a huge shopping trip at the beginning of the month (spending like 2/3rd of our budget), buying items I know we eat regularly and restocking items needed. Then I scribble out a few meals at a time based on what we have. So far it is going well. We have very light grocery runs for a few items about once a week (milk usually).

    Have a good weekend!

  12. Oh, I love your little sweetie!! Sunrise on the porch, braids, flowers, ABC Mouse? (planning on signing up by Monday hopefully for it!)

    We (I) shop for groceries every 2's a lot of work, but then there is a week off from it!! (except for fresh fruit, I always go in for) You need storage, for milks, and extras when you shop for 2 weeks, other than that, it should work! Oh, and I always need another helper, because 2 weeks worth of groceries means 2 carts! I try to make it fun for them, special treats when they go with! You will be amazed at how much you will save, really, those extras we pick up add up and if you cut out a trip, it makes a difference!

    That being said, I do the wal-mart thing, have to, it's the best prices. BUT we don't get our oil changed there....does that count? Just because they have the best prices, doesn't mean I like it. I prefer to go really early in the morning like by 6am...before all the crazies show up. Only time that store is not busy.

    Have an awesome weekend.
    I've changed my blog reading, try to catch up on a couple a day, instead of every day all of them, I just can't. SO don't give up on me, I still read!!

  13. Oh, and I forgot, when I plan the groceries, I plan 14 evening meals, 4 weekend lunches, and week day lunches...write them all down, then plan the groceries,then, i just pick what I feel like making each morning from that list, that way if I don't feel like tacos on Wednesday, I can do something different from the for me. You seem much more organized than I am though!!

  14. Dear Billie Jo ... I enjoyed your "Thursday Thoughts" and the snapshots that you shared. I hope that you have a wonderful weekend. Blessings ♥ Teri

  15. Meal planning is always a work in progress for me and I get it about not shopping at Wal-Mart. That place just bothers me! I loved your photos this week and your daughters are all so beautiful and what sweet photos of them! And a beautiful sunrise with your special! Love your 'selfie'! How fun and cute! :) Hope you are having a great weekend!

  16. We don't shop for groceries at Wal-Mart either. Sometimes I will pick up an item or two I need if I am there for something else, but I am usually not happy with it. I bought some sour creme there because I was there and really needed some for a recipe I was making and it tasted weird and was not good in the recipe ~ either low quality stuff or "imitation" so i leave most groceries at Wal~Mart right alone. I totally understand your feelings as your babies grow up. Your oldest is 18 and my baby is 18, but we are going through many of the same things. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. A busy week here has kept me away from Blogland.

  17. I usually go to wal-mart for diapers and wipes, but not much else. The customer service or lack of, is what bothers me the most. It's like they think, "People will keep coming back, so why care?" It's really nice to run into an employee who does cares and gives a warm smile, but hard to find at wal-mart.

    Love all your pictures! I find it so hard to let the kids do things on their own, sometimes it's really helpful and sometimes I just want to help even though I know it can be done on their own.

  18. Oh that adorable Flynn next to the Blessed Mother statue. What a doll! I loved looking at all of your pictures. I'm the same as you....only able to enjoy flowering bushes if I don't have to do anything to them! Your lavender looks beautiful.


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