July 31, 2014

Weekend Plans

August...I love this month. We get to bask in the promise of autumn while still enjoying the beauty of summer. : ) And honestly, we may as well embrace it because try as we might, we will never be able to slow the passage of time...Here, this first weekend of August is full. Full of fun. : )

Friday Steve and I are heading for a quick overnight at a resort nearby. I am excited to spend some time with the hubby. I think that one of the best gifts we can give our children is the example of a strong, loving marriage. So a night together is a must now and then. And a trip to the spa doesn't hurt either. ; )

Saturday we hope to return before bedtime as I think I will be missing my kiddos too much. I also hope to be home in time to throw in a couple loads of laundry and get organized because...

Sunday we are off again to Steve's family reunion. Steve is the baby of seven, and his siblings have recently decided it is time to begin a summer reunion tradition. As social as I am...kidding! But because we pass on any Christmas get-togethers now after Flynn's horrible sickness that led to an Emergency room visit on Christmas Day a few years ago, we like to attend the summer one.

So that is what our family will be doing this first weekend of August. I hope yours is happy and sunny and summer-like, whatever your plans may be! Thanks for visiting!

Off to Mass selfie last weekend...

followed by this beautiful sight when we got home.

My wonderful mother spent the night with us...and Sunday morning was spent outside. Shooting hoops, of course. : )

Steve takes great pride in bringing me home goodies from our local farmer's market...

with which he prepares delicious dishes like this cabbage salad complete with mandarin oranges and kiwi.

This little guy prefers pop tarts though. ; )

We ran some errands this week, and took my mom out to breakfast at the bakery. Where for some reason...hot chocolate tastes way better than it does at home.

Leaving you with this one of my little lady. Taking a stroll down to the mailbox on one of our many jammie days this summer.

Happy Weekend!


  1. Why is it that hot chocolate always tastes better away from home?--thanks for sharing..Blessings

  2. Enjoy the time alone with your hubby. Moms always need that now and then.

  3. I hope you enjoy your time away with your hubby! I agree 100% that it is much needed, and is a great example for the kiddos. Enjoy!

  4. Sounds like a busy but wonderful weekend - have fun, my friend :) Hugs to you!

  5. Oh goodness! I covet the idea of a night away. It's been four LONG ones since we've had a night away. Enjoy every single minute!!

  6. Billie Jo, your weekend sounds heavenly! Enjoy your special time away. And no doubt you will be happy to be home again too! The best of both worlds!

  7. Did you cut your hair? It's so cute!! And you are beautiful!

    Have a wonderful get-a-way with the hubs. Yes, a wonderful example to your kiddos of what marriage is supposed to be like, full of love!

    I like to fool myself into thinking August is still summer...and September too...it doesn't work, fall is still coming!

    Getting school ready, we start Monday!
    Love the last picture, adorable...we have a puppy like that and he's been very very loved by all!!


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