July 24, 2014

Weekend Plans

These summer weekends. They are the best, aren't they? This Friday we will be celebrating Christmas in July with a special dinner of Zucchini lasagna, garlic toast and fruit salad. Peyton is planning on making a Christmas tree cake too. Then we are planning on watching one of our favorite Christmas movies...Christmas With The Kranks. : )

Saturday Steve is making a quick trip to camp to do a few things. I suppose that will give me a chance to do some much needed cleaning around here as well. Madison works until 7:00, so that means we can attend 7:30 Mass together. That always makes me happy.

Sunday we have no plans!!! I am thinking about making a run to the grocery store. In the nearby town. Thirty miles away. Because, unfortunately, our one major grocery store is closing. I am so sad about this. This store was clean and had wonderful food and even better customer service. I can't believe they had to close. Now we are left with Walmart. Enough said. Anyway, after a trip to the store, we will have the evening to be outside and enjoy. : )

That is what we will be up to this July weekend. I hope yours is happy and sunny and healthy, whatever your plans may be. Thanks for visiting!

Madison had some friends over this week. They took my brown bananas and turned them into delicious blueberry banana bread. I told them they didn't have to... to which Madison's friend Nathan replied, "The bananas are smashed! There's no going back now!"

Our Disney movie of the week...perhaps one of the sweetest ever. : )

Just an ordinary day pic of my baby. Because she wont always have ponytails while eating apple slices, right?

Big brother Rhett took her to see the movie Planes. His idea. : )

Made a Dairy Queen run one night this week. A late one. With our jammies on. You must do this at least once a summer. It's a rule, I think. ; )

My hubby brought this home for me...and it smells amazing! Like blueberry dessert baking in the oven. : )

Summer is looking like this here...

and this...

and this...

and this. and I am loving it! But I am also loving...

this!!! Planning Flynn's Preschool lessons for fall. : )

Summer is rolling along...

but soon enough...fall will be here! : )

Have a wonderful summer weekend!!!!!


  1. Oh Billie Jo, you have got to be one of the greatest, funnest moms out there :) I love you enjoy every moment with your children - it's a blessing to see, my friend!

    The banana blueberry bread sounds absolutely delicious and I have no doubt it was! Enjoy your weekend. Sending hugs your way!

  2. I agree with Stephanie..what a great mom you are. Thanks for the smiles..Blessings

  3. I love that green and white dress on Flynn, it's so pretty! Hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas in July and sounds like the weekend will be nice besides the cleaning on Saturday ;)

  4. Summer really is flying by and fall/school will be here before we know it. Enjoy your 'Christmas in July' weekend.

  5. hello billi jo,
    the banana blueberry bread looks good.dumbo was a favorite movie from my son as he was a little boy.thanks for the wonderful photos!!
    Have a wonderful summertime,

  6. Oh....Flynn looks adorable in all of those dresses! Hear you on the late night ice cream runs...although, it is Sonic for us. (The closest DQ is pretty far away.). Enjoy your weekend! (We have zilch on the calendar.). Speaking of calendars, Our Lady of innocence is my favorite image of Mary!

  7. What a lovely summer weekend! Yes, late night runs to DQ are mandatory this time of year - PJs all the better! Have a good one!

  8. A DQ run in jammies, what fun! That Berrylicious candle sounds so yummy too. It looks like summer is treating everyone well. Yes, school time and fall time will be here in the blink of an eye. yikes!
    Enjoy your weekend!


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