July 14, 2014

Our Summer Schedule

Years ago, when I was younger, I always felt strange when someone would ask me why we never went to the pool in the afternoons. I would quietly explain that the little ones napped in the afternoons, and I liked to keep them on a schedule.  Years ago, when I was younger, I cared what other people thought. Now...not so much. We do what works for our family. Even though I no longer have little ones that nap, we still don't go to the pool in the afternoons. It just isn't our thing. Some people do. And that works for them. Our family has a different schedule, and it works for us.

Our summer schedule has changed very little over the years. I guess that means it is working. : ) During the beautiful summer days, we spend mornings outside, before it gets too hot. We like to sit on the porch while I have my coffee. The kids ride bikes or we go for a walk. If it is very hot, we will get out the sprinkler and water table too.

Around noontime, we come inside and get cleaned up. Peyton and I start to prepare lunch, which during the summer is our main meal of the day. This works well since Madison works mostly from 3 to 10 or 11, and I like her to have a good meal before she goes. It is also nice to have the cooking done and the kitchen cleaned earlier in the day, so we can simply relax and enjoy.

After lunch we have quiet time. This is when the little ones used to nap, but now sometimes it is just me!  : ) We usually watch a movie or read. We are currently watching the Disney movies in the order they were made. This is the hottest part of the day, and we like to spend it indoors. Plus, I find that the kids need some time in these long summer days to just rest and renew.

In the evenings, we have a small meal and head back outdoors. Steve gets home around this time, and we take a walk or play outside with the kids. We also like to sit on the porch and just visit. If it is very warm, we go to the pool and swim. It usually is empty at that time of day. : )

So that is how we spend our summer days here in the mountains of Pennsylvania. I would love to hear about summer days sometime. : )

Watching storm clouds from the porch is a favorite summer activity...

Making s'mores for snack is too. : )

Pretty flowers on the porch...

And pretty clouds in the sky.

Ahhhh...summer. : )


  1. Oh I am the same same way with schedules! There's an occasional flexibility possible but you can't rock the boat too much or you SINK! We also do most of our activities in the morning. :) Summer is made for relaxing I think.

  2. Our summer is constantly evolving, like every two weeks it seems. Homeschooling year round (well, kind of year round) makes it that way. I have to say, one thing I miss during summertime, when comparing life up in the Midwest and to life in the South, is the sweet corn. Oh my word! I grew up in the sweet corn belt...the kind that needed NO butter; it was juicy on its own. Yeah...they don't have that down in Texas, and I do miss it. Enjoy your slower pace, friend!

  3. Sounds like a good schedule. We go to the pool at different times, but we mostly like going late, when it's almost empty! I'm with you on that one.
    Your porch looks like a great place to sit and watch a storm coming in! So cool.

  4. Oh your summer schedule is our summer schedule too... mostly it is!!! Mornings outside, afternoons when it's hot inside. Sometimes the pool but oh I love my evenings when Scott gets home and we're all back out together. Love your days.

  5. I can tell from reading about your day with your family that family is very important to you. And that is the way it should be. You are blessed to have each other and to spend quality time together. Here's hoping that you continue to have a wonderful and enjoyable summer. Sending you love and hugs from South Georgia.

  6. This sound much like our summer schedule! It is just too hot around here to be out in the afternoon. I love sitting outside first thing in the morning with my coffee.

  7. I'm finding this summer in particular is just so unpredictable. We have some type of routine and some days that includes a nap for the girls (if we are home and IF they will settle down to take one). We're like you and head outside in the AM if we can and go for a walk most every day. That way I can count that as my exercise and not do anything else in the workout category if I don't get to it later. We just acquired a pull behind bike trailer that both girls can fit in so now I'll have that as an option for all of us too.
    I enjoyed the beautiful photos once again and the way they exude summertime.

    Keep enjoying your days, my friend.

  8. Do you know, we have not been to the pool once, yet? We don't have schedules here and since the 3 bedrooms all have window ac's now, we tend to gravitate to those rooms and spend time reading, being on the computer/Ipad, my husband is even threatening to move the big tv upstairs for comfort. ANYWAYS..lovely post, as usual you make me smile. Blessings

  9. Lovely pictures! We have a pool in our backyard, but rarely swim in the afternoon. My husband had a big skin cancer scare a few years back and so now we try to stay inside and out of the sun during the bright and hot parts of the day. I still enjoy a little nap and some quiet time after lunch. So glad you are enjoying your summer time!

  10. You are right, the older I become the less I feel the need to apologize for my decisions or choices as a mother and the more I feel confident and not needing affirmation. I don't miss those early days as a Mom in terms of how "I" agonized over things, but oh to have them all small again.
    Your Summer looks wonderful and your days sound like a slice of Heaven!

  11. I love that you do what you do and it works for you!! That's all that matters!

    We are not as scheduled. We go out in the morning, and the afternoon and the evening...no real schedule....we don't stay in when it's hot, that's when I like to go to the pool, to cool off and work on my tan!! (it's cooler by the pool--it's only a wading pool) Seriously, I try to soak up as much of the warm air and sunshine I can because I know winter is coming!!

    The mornings are for our backyard and for watering flowers...while the kids run all over the yard. (although, now it is for driving kiddos to swim lessons)

    Fun to see your summer posts and to see what other do in the summer!

  12. Oh, and the post I showed yesterday, those pictures were taken in the afternoon...it's what we do. It works for us. I like that saying of yours!

  13. Billie Jo, your schedule sounds very much like ours used to be. Summer is time to relax and enjoy life at a slower pace. :-)

  14. My dear friend, you schedule sounds perfect for the hot summer days :) I love the summer mornings outside on the porch - it's so refreshing and peaceful.

    Blessings to you! And sending hugs your way!

  15. I also hate to be out in that midday sun...it always gives me a headache and makes me sick...prefer mornings and evenings in the summer. Plus if we are out midday that always means I have to end up buying lunch somewhere.


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