June 12, 2014

A Peek Inside...The Hearth Room

This one will be short. Because this room is tiny. But it is ohhh so cozy! This is our Hearth Room.

This is the view I have from my kitchen sink. : )
When we built this house, we changed the floor plan a bit. This space was intended to be the place for a kitchen table. I knew our long, oak kitchen table would not work well in there. Steve actually came up with the idea to switch things up and make this a hearth room. He knew how much I would enjoy having a cozy room with a fireplace right near the kitchen. This room is actually an extension of the kitchen, and I am glad.

This little space has two very comfy rockers where we sit and visit and read the paper.

This is my favorite spot...I sit here and drink my coffee.
It is the perfect spot to look out the window and watch my littles play out on the driveway...

when it isn't raining , of course. : )

This little table is right beside my chair...

and this little sign is right above. Pretty much sums up my feelings, don't you think? ; )

These little lanterns hang on either side of the fireplace...

and this little rug is right in front of it.

We recently added this comfy love seat, because we never had enough seating in this little space...everyone loves to gather here. : )

And that is a peek inside our hearth room.
Where is your cozy place to gather?


  1. I love it! I wish I had a little spot like that. My small space home doesn't allow it. I think it's a great place for you to enjoy your children. Sweet!

  2. My home is small, so it's all a cozy visiting place :) We love our living room and enjoy gathering around the fireplace in the colder months. When it's warm, we play family games in the living room and watch movies. We spend much time in the backyard on our little deck by our little pool.

    Thanks for sharing your home.
    :) Hope

  3. Love seeing little areas of your home. This room always looks so cozy and warm, makes me wish we would've had some rainy days this past year I love nothing more than cuddling in a blanket on a rainy day and your hearth room looks like the perfect spot to be on a rainy day :)

  4. I wish we had a hearth room. It seems we all like sitting around our dining room table. I just love your home. Blessings

  5. Ahhhh....
    I feel so comfortable here looking at the photos of your Hearth Room.
    Thank you for sharing them. You are blessed, indeed, to have this comfortable spot in which to relax.

  6. Your cozy room is delightful. We tend to gather in the livingroom in front of the fireplace on cold winter days and nights. I totally agree with sign above the little house. More and more I prefer staying home.

  7. Such a cozy and beautiful room. It has it all, fireplace, view with a window, perfect country decorating and love all around.
    Your husband was wise in his choice to make that room what it is.
    Our tastes in decorating are very similar. I have two cozy spots in my home where I love to sit and both are by fireplaces. A fireplace always adds to the ambience doesn't it? :-)
    I enjoyed your post today Billy Jo.
    Blessings, Debbie

  8. All I can say is.... I want a cozy hearth room. I love the rockers, the print on the fabric, the fact that they are rockers. I love the new loveseat and your little country table. I get giddy over a peek inside your home! Okay, so here's the question... where is that long table you all eat at? Do you eat in the dining room? So smart! Your house is beautiful and perfect. It makes me want to go cozy up a place in our home a bit more... you inspire!

  9. Hi there Billie Jo,

    This room is wonderful! Thank you for showing us! The rockers are to die for - I love them so much and it looks like they just make your view from your kitchen sink. I like your style! :)

    Hope your summer has gotten off to a great start!

  10. I just love this room along with every other in your beautiful home!

  11. If anyone would have a cozy hearth room, it would be you. That room totally exudes Billie Jo and the homey/ cozy feeling we all get when we visit here. What a perfect room to relax and how perfectly decorated. I love it! One day I'd like to sit there with you and enjoy a cup of coffee ;)

  12. It is beautiful and cozy! I live your rain picture! Such a great shot!


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