May 8, 2014

Weekend Plans...Mother's Day 2014

This is a busy, fun, spring weekend, packed full of family, friends and fun. Oh...and food. Always food. Friday evening will be quiet here. Madison works and Rhett will be at the theatre helping out, so that leaves Steve, Peyton, Flynn and I here. The weather looks perfect for an evening outside. : )

Saturday I have a wedding shower to attend. It is for the fiancĂ© of my friend's son. My friend recently moved away, and I am excited to see her again. After that, we are all able to attend Mass together in the late afternoon before Madison goes into work. I think the rest of us will go out for a quick bite of Chinese before a stop at Dairy Queen. My mother is away visiting my sister, but if she gets home, we will pick up a treat for her and take down along with her Mother's Day gifts as well. We got her a rosary made from the roses that adorned my father's casket just like the one Steve got me. : )

Sunday, I'm hoping to sleep in and then enjoy a special breakfast...maybe, oh...I don't know...two eggs over easy with whole wheat toast and coffee...just in case my hubby would by any chance reading this. ; ) Then we are off to Rhett's soccer game. The weather looks good for this week. Amen. After the game and when Madison gets off of work I think we will get a pizza and relax for the rest of the night. My favorite...nights with my family. : )

So that is what we will be doing this beautiful spring weekend. I hope yours is happy, and healthy, and full of family, food, and fun, whatever your plans may be. And to all the mothers and grandmothers and godmothers...Happy and Blessed Mother's Day to you.

"My mother wanted me to be her wings,
to fly as she never quite had the
courage to do.
I love her for that.
I love that she wanted to give birth
to her own wings."
Erica Jong
American poet and writer
Have I mentioned that pink is Flynn's favorite color? As in...she may have a slight obsession with it? Now, we even bake in shades of pink.

And where might this little lady all decked in pink be heading? To see The Amazing Spiderman 2, of course. : )

My super soccer player and his awesome coach last Sunday...They were on their way to the very first game of the season. They won 4 to 0. : ) Notice the gray skies and rain falling...then add temperatures of 40 degrees with wind. The girls and I opted to stay home...

and work in this room.

We mopped, organized, and put away these things...

then set out these pretty little things...because when it is the first weekend in May, you know warmer weather has to arrive soon. : )

Arrive it did! This week has been beautiful...full of sun and  warmth and signs of spring all around...

soon these trees will bloom beautiful shades of white and pink...thank Heavens...or a certain little lady would be very unhappy. : )

And speaking of a certain little lady...she's not looking so little anymore. She is so proud to hold Kirby's leash on our afternoon walks. : )

Teacher Appreciation Day this week brought this lovely surprise from my hubby and children. : )

And now, I'm off to enjoy this...a slice of cinnamon streusel coffee cake with chocolate chips. : )

Happy Weekend!


  1. My goodness--look how Ms. Flynn has grown!!! Thank you for sharing. I am going to put away all the winter stuff this weekend, high time to do some cleaning and organizing. Blessings

  2. In the south one of our sayings: "Spring has sprung!" Happy that warm weather, sunshine and budding flowers and trees are arriving in yuor area. Happy Mother's Day to you, and know it will be with a family like yours.

  3. That sounds like a wonderful weekend ahead!!! And I agree, your Flynn is growing so much. They tend to do that don't they? :)
    No for certain plans just yet. It will include some time (probably for coffee) with my mom on Saturday, hopefully working in my flower gardens, going to Mass Sat instead of Sun so I don't have to do the usual Sun AM rush and brunch that hubby and kids will prepare. I am hoping the weather cooperates to enjoy outdoors as much as possible.

    Happy Mother's Day to my dear friend. You are an amazing and inspiring mama!! {{hugs}}

  4. May your Mother's Day be blessed, my dear friend :) Your are a beautiful womam, inside and out.

    Hugs to you

  5. Oh yes, food, always blessed we are. In "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas", all the little Whos' joyfully sang on Christmas morning, even without their feast. I often wonder if I could still sing if my holiday feast were gone. The feast is all I really need, no gifts or decorations, just the feast. May we all sing praises to God even in times of famine.

    It appears that you all are enjoying spring to the fullest.

    I hope to take an early morning walk with my daughter, Mother's Day, and bring home a couple of bags of those tasty little powered sugar doughnuts for which I always have a strong craving...those and fresh coffee.

    I hope you get that breakfast of yours!

    Happy Mother's Day Weekend!

  6. I have a feeling that since you were remembered for Teacher Appreciation week, you'll be a shoe-in to receive that breakfast in bed. Sounds like you've got a good crew over there.
    Happy Mother's day to one of the best mother's I know.

  7. Happy Mother's Day to you! You are an amazing mom, daughter, wife, and friend!

  8. I'm so happy you guys are getting some warmer weather, I hope you have a wonderful Mother's day weekend!! Our Saturday is busy but I'm so looking forward to my breakfast in bed come Sunday morning :)

  9. I love the poem you shared... And yes why does Flynn look so grown up in that last picture. Don't they understand we want them to stay little
    I true of your handsome men. I too would stay home if it was that cold!

  10. Ok I really should stop using my iPad! That should have said... I love the picture of your handsome men.

  11. Pink is my favorite too. Cake looks yummy. The life that you are modeling and are creating for your children is beautiful. The way that you express your faith is incredible. I love the idea for your Mother's Day gift. She will treasure it! Simply beautiful!

  12. Billie Jo,
    What a wonderful weekend you have ahead! I hope you have fun at the shower (especially getting to see your friend), spending time with your family, and seeing your Mom. And the gift for her is so sweet, what a beautiful idea.
    I hope you have the most blessed Sunday being cherished by your family- you are an amazing Mother :)

    Oh and I love your teacher appreciation week gift- how lovely.

    Blessings and hugs,

  13. Love your happy plans! And love YOU--especially as a beatiful model of motherhood for the rest of us who hope in a few years that we can be where you are: happily at ease with the woman God created us to be, content with the gifts surrounding us in life, and seeing the beauty in the little things! :) Love having you as an inspiration in my life, friend...Happy Mother's Day!

  14. What a wonderful weekend! Happy Mother's Day, enjoy your pink and springy weekend!


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