May 29, 2014

Weekend Plans

Our weekend is busy. Fun busy. And it is June! Hard to believe, right? So Friday is quiet here. We actually have no plans whatsoever. I think Steve will cook something on the grill, and we will spend the evening outside. : )

Saturday is a special day...Peyton's birthday! She is turning 14, and is my quiet one. Her party will reflect that...just us and my mom and sister Margie and her husband Chris. The verdict is still out on what she wants for her birthday dinner. She is currently asking everyone else what they would like her to pick. I am trying to convince her that she can choose whatever she wants, but that is Peyton...always thinking of others. : )

Sunday is a busy day. We will attend Mass, then come home for a quick change before heading to Rhett's soccer game. Madison has the day off of work, so we will all be able to go. Afterward, I am thinking we will find somewhere to eat out before heading home. And then, it will be showers and baths and preparation for our last week of school before summer!

That is our weekend...all wrapped up nice and tidy. I hope yours is happy and sunny and cozy and yummy, whatever your plans may be. Thanks for visiting!

The trees lining our driveway did their thing this year...and I was glad.

Oh...hello there Kirby. : )
Would that be ice cream on your face?

Love bringing berries home from the store. Look at these beauties!

Memorial Day was beautiful this year.

We watched the parade downtown...

and Grandma met us there!

I love my mother. She is the best human being I have ever known. For real.

No words necessary.

And then it was home for movies, dinner and dessert.
Remember those berries? Yep.

Happy Weekend!


  1. Peyton sounds like the sweetest thing! And that dog is adorable!

  2. Peyton seems older and wiser than her years! Birthday wishes to your beautiful, young lady. A local store had raspberries on sale last weekend. I bought some and made homemade raspberry syrup and jelly for vanilla ice cream. I'll have to post the easy peasy recipe soon. Peyton would enjoy making it! Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. You had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend, and this coming one will be special as well, when you celebrate Peyton's birthday.

  4. Billie Jo, I love that one of Flynn and your mother. Oh, your moms shirt... so sweet! And in a cute sun hat... perfect for the parade! Daddy and Flynn was so cute too! Wishing Peyton a very happy 14th birthday! Have a happy weekend friend.. enjoy Rhett's soccer game!

  5. It's birthday season in your house!! And now I can't stop craving strawberry shortcake...I'm making up next week's menu as I'm browsing blogs and I'm DEFINITELY adding that to my list :)

  6. How sweet! Happy birthday Peyton :) I used to be the quiet one too until I discovered writing ;) Love your beautiful family and your patriotic spirit. Dessert looks delicious, too!

  7. Since I've been following you on Instagram, I decided it was time to visit your glad I stopped by for a visit. Sounds like you have a nice weekend planned...and Happy Birthday to your daughter, Peyton. My girl turns 21 on June 9th. It's been awhile since I posted on my blog, but you're more than welcome to stop over and see my posts from the past.

  8. Happy Birthday to your beautiful Peyton...she sounds so much like Isabella.
    I always enjoy seeing pictures of your sweet family.
    My sister and I are having a surprise 70th birthday for my Dad on Sunday afternoon with a few of his friends.
    Have a wonderful weekend my friend!

  9. Can't believe it's going to be June already, wasn't it just Christmas last month?!! I'm loving all the red, white and blue pictures in this post, makes me want to pull out all of the 4th of July decor!
    Happy Birthday to Peyton!!! Hope she has a wonderful weekend celebrating :)

  10. June already? Happy Birthday to, love Kirby! Blessings

  11. These are some great pictures, Billie Jo. Love the one of your husband and sweet Flynn. So cute. Happy June!

  12. Love all the red, white, and blue. That is a great photo of your children.
    And Boy does that cake with berries and whipped cream look delicious!



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