May 24, 2014

Happy 12th Birthday Rhett

My Rhett is twelve. My baby boy is twelve. And what a wonderful young man he is. I am blessed every single day to be his mother. Rhett, I love you and want you to remember what you are like at this fun age. Sooooo, Rhett...this is for you!

Rhett, at twelve years old you

love The Walking Dead.

really love The Walking Dead.

still love movies. A lot.

drink V-8 Splash. Berry Blend only.

still dislike milk. Unless it is in vanilla ice cream.

love the green blanket we have on the couch.

love to play on your iPad with your headphones on.

love working at the theatre. A lot.

make your sisters and I laugh every single day.

are very sensitive and concerned about others.

love to have sleep overs at Grandmas.

love Baja Blasts from Taco Bell.

still serve funeral masses and are very devout about it.

remind me of your grandfather. And I am thankful for that.

make your father and I proud every single day. : )

I remember this day...we were getting ready for Mass. : )

One of my very favorite pictures. Ever. Grandpa was so proud  and excited to take you to The Fishing Derby. You were four years old, and he talked about that day with such happiness. You made Grandpa very happy that day, my Rhett.

You are an awesome brother...

a fearless hunter...

and a great son. : )

Here are some pictures from your special day...

You chose a Spiderman theme...

but went with the most amazing Walking Dead cake ever.

We took some fun birthday pictures...

There were presents with your sisters...

and more with your friend.

Happy Birthday Rhett!
I love you!


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY RHETT!!!! Wishes for many more happy birthdays. Thank you for sharing Billie Jo..have a happy holiday weekend. Blessings

  2. Happy Birthday to your sweet curious at what he is looking at in the last you make picture books on shutterfly for the kids birthdays?? that is my guess. that cake is perfect!

    1. It was actually one of his was a behind the scenes movie book. He is a huge movie fan, and his friend...the girl that owns the movie theatre where he helps out... got it for him. It is all about the making of Avatar. : )

    2. COOL!!*** thanks for answering my snoopy question!

  3. Happy Birthday to Rhett. I loved reading that list about him. My favorite one was how he is very sensitive and concerned about others. And those pictures with your Dad and your husband are precious. I've always admired the relationship he's had with his Dad. I think it's awesome how they spend so much time together doing cool things.
    I hope he has a blessed year!

  4. Happy birthday to Rhett! Enjoy your weekend, Billie Jo!

  5. Happy Birthday to Rhett! What a great guy! You are raising him right - he will be a good and righteous man. P.S. My son also loves The Walking Dead. Have a good long weekend.

  6. Happy Birthday to Rhett! A great weekend for a birthday celebration.

    Love your summer blog look.


  7. Hope Rhett enjoys his special day, as it sounds like he is a very special boy. I enjoyed looking at his birthday pictures. Have a good holiday weekend.

  8. I always love your pictures. My boy is the sensitive one and he will always be my baby. Have a Happy Memorial Day.

  9. I am especially fond of boys with late May birthdays. Happy birthday Rhett!

  10. Happy Birthday Rhett!!! Looks like he had a fabulous day!

  11. Happy Birthday Rhett! You sound like an amazing young man.

  12. Happy Birthday Rhett! Hope you had an amazing birthday. It looks pretty fun from the photos. It sounds like you are a wonderful and special young man.

  13. Happy birthday, Rhett! May God bless you abundantly this next year!

  14. So sweet!! Happy, happy, birthday to Rhett!!!! Enjoy your weekend! ♥

  15. Happy Birthday to your sweet young man! Beautiful post, sweet Billie Jo :) Hugs and blessings!

  16. Happy Birthday Rhett! It looks like he had a wonderful day. I love seeing all the pictures of him through the years.

  17. Awwww this was so sweet!!! Happy birthday, Rhett!! And good job raising such an awesome son, mama!!! :)

  18. Happy Birthday to Rhett! Looks like it was a great day!

  19. happy birthday my 12 yr old loves walking dead too.

  20. Happy happy happy birthday! I loved looking back!


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