April 12, 2014

A Touch Of Easter

The sun was shining the day we packed up the shamrocks and leprechauns and pulled out the Easter box. It  finally seemed like spring! Here is a peek at our Easter decorated country home. : )

The Easter mantel...

with this pretty wreath my sister Margie gave me last year...

and a few sweet touches around a Bunny Cake candle. : )

These little guys are hanging out nearby, right near the chair where I drink my coffee.

The sideboard holds one of my very favorites...

and a few cute signs as well.

The family room smells wonderful thanks to this yummy scented candle...

which rests right near our Easter movie basket.

The holiday tree...which I moved yet again...is decorated in vintage looking décor...

like bunnies and

chicks and carrots. : )

And we enjoy burning this sweet smelling Bunny Cake candle every spring evening in our country home.

Happy Easter time, my friends!


  1. Ok, I'll say it again..I'm moving in (giggles). I am the only girl..so..we don't decorate..sad to say. I just love your style.how you do things etc. Blessings

  2. I enjoy seeing your holiday decorations so much. When I was younger and my children were small, we decorated too. I dont do that any longer, so I get to enjoy seeing yours!

  3. such fun and festive Spring decor! I can hardly believe it's here in a week, where did the time go? I love all the little bunnies scattered throughout your home, such fun memories of holidays you are creating for your kids!

  4. Billie Jo, love your mantle. The wreath is so pretty! I love candles-especially Yankee. Chocolate and Easter Cake-yuuuuuumy!

  5. I love seeing other families décor...especially gifts from others. I get a lot of my stuff from my mother. cute cute stuff!

  6. Cute cute stuff! Makes me excited for Easter!!

  7. Beautiful! And I just love all those Easter candles! <3

  8. Hi Billie Jo! You decorate with such love for the holidays, it really inspires me! This will be our first Easter without kids, so I wasn't going to do too much in the way of decorating. I think I change my mind!
    That Chocolate Bunny candle looks fun...it might make me hungry too! And I have always really liked the wooden, painted signs. They look a little rustic, but so peaceful too.
    Have a wonderful Holy Week my friend,

  9. You know I LIVE for these posts. I actually get goosebumps when I first read the any title of yours that says, "a peek at..." ohhhhh I take my time and soak it all in.

    The tree, oh the tree! Love the vintage look. Were those on last year? They HAVE to be new, I don't remember them! So sweet! As is everything else in your Easter home!

    And you always remind me of that "one more thing" I forgot to take out... the movies! I forgot the cute little Easter movies! Thanks Billie Jo!

    I adore your country home. I'm oh so inspired every single time! xoxoxoxo tara

  10. Your Easter decorations are adorable!!! Everything looks so Springy! I love how you decorate. Your home is so pretty and cozy! I wish I could pop over for tea! ♥ I'm sure it smells delightful too! Oh, that chocolate bunny candle would make my hungry! LOL!

  11. Your touch of Easter is really cute! Very inspiring decorating here, Billie Jo! So cute and cheery! I love every bit of it! Hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend!

  12. The seasons are so wonderful! Looking at your post, It makes me excited about spring and thinking how nice it is that is no longer winter, even thought we were so happy for winter and Christmas at that time. God is good to give us beautiful changing seasons.


    P.S. I saved the sprinkle cupcake just for you :)


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