March 6, 2014

Weekend Plans

Happy Weekend, friends! March tends to be as cold as January here, so we don't have any outside plans yet. : ) Friday night I hope to go on a date night with my hubby to see Son Of God. Rhett will most likely work at the theatre, and the girls will stay home with Flynn. Supper before will be a staple of Lent in this house...Tuna and Noodles. : )

Saturday morning I am going to go to my mom's and help change her bedding. I bought her some new pillows and plan on putting her spring bedding on for her. : ) Steve and Rhett are attending a Wild Turkey Federation Dinner that Steve sponsors through work, and my sister Margie's husband is going too. That means a girls night here with my mom and Margie. I'm thinking take out wings. Thanks for the idea, Beth!

Sunday we are attending a memorial Mass for my father. I can hardly believe it has been a month since I looked into his eyes or heard his voice. I am thankful for the many Masses offered in his name. We will be taking my mother and meeting my sisters there. After Mass, we will probably go out for breakfast before heading home. Madison has work Sunday evening, while the rest of us relax and get ready for a brand new week.

So that is what we have planned for this first weekend of Lent. I hope your weekend is cozy and quiet and fun, whatever your plans may be. And don't forget to spring forward an hour on Saturday night before bed! : )

Madison's Confirmation was beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. We were not permitted to take any pictures during the Mass, so I took a few afterward. Here she is with her dear friend Jeffrey, her sponsor. She chose the name Cecelia, the patroness of musicians, as she loves music and singing.

She and her best friend Jessica, who first met in Kindergarten...

and with Sister, a wonderful teacher who prepared the young people so well. : )

Here she is with my beautiful mother...

and with Rhett, who was honored to serve the Mass with the Bishop, and got to hold the chrism oil during Madison's actual Confirmation.

           And here we are, with our first born, after her Confirmation. I was smiling here, but must admit, I cried a few tears during the Mass. I was remembering her Baptism and how she was just a baby, who belonged only to us, not yet to the world. And it seemed just like yesterday. : )

We went out for a nice dinner after. Here are two of my sweet daughters...

and me with my baby girl.
It was a beautiful day, and I thank you all for the prayers for my Madison on her special day.

Also this week, we celebrated Mardi Gras! We made cupcakes to snack on...

decorated the table...

with coins, beads, necklaces...

and even masks!

We had pancakes for dinner...

and our version of King Cake (Monkey Bread) for dessert. : )

Our Ash Wednesday craft...Flynn painted a cross, then we added a crown of thorns. I cut the center out of a paper plate, then she painted it brown and added painted popsicle sticks for the thorns. I am planning on adding the Stations of the Cross pictures as she colors them. : )

And a sign that spring is coming...this beautiful sight out my side door before we even had dinner!


  1. What a special time you had at Madison's confirmation. I dont know much about your faith but I can tell you were blessed. The pictures tell the whole story. Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Beautiful pictures! Do they not wear white anymore for confirmation? (just wondering--I remember mine, white dress and veil.) I have heard mixed reviews on the movie..please let us know..I have read there are a few discrepensies (sp)--thanks for sharing. What a lovely family you have. Blessings

  3. i loved all these shots! you really captured Madison's special day - how wonderful! gosh, time really does fly huh? and i hear it just keeps getting faster. glad you are relishing in all these moments.
    happy weekend!

  4. Everything is wonderful. I love the name Cecelia. How special that Rhett served the Confirmation mass. I can see why you'd be so emotional. Enjoy your weekend, my friend.

  5. Sounds like you had a very blessed week, and that you have a wonderful weekend coming up. :) Enjoy, dear Billie Jo!

  6. Oh I just love your pictures. I thought about Madison and your beautiful family all last weekend. So glad it was a lovely day for all of you. Thanks so much for always letting us peek into your beautiful life. <3

  7. Always choose wings!!! :)

    I love all of these pictures of your family. What a special day!

  8. I love all the pictures from Madison's conformation such a special day. She is beautiful!
    Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the time with your sister and mom.

  9. Happy Weekend bloggy friend. I love these weekend plans posts because that means I am also closer to the weekend...and that is always good!

    Thanks for sharing pictures. I cried at my oldests also. That's just what us mamas do because we just love our babes so much. and it IS amazing how fast they do grow up!

    Great Mardi Gras always do it in style.

  10. sign of spring here...still very cold and windy today..ugh!

  11. Congratulations to "Cecilia"! I cried last year when Miss Sally received her sacrament of Confirmation. And how special for Rhett!! May you have a wonderful weekend :)

  12. Thank you for sharing these awesome photos with us. Seems like the children grow up so fast! God bless you all this weekend. You have me hungry for cupcakes with your pictures!

  13. Hi Billie Jo... first of all congratulations to your daughter. I was so excited (and waiting) to see those Confirmation photos! She looks lovely (I knew she would) and so happy. I'm thrilled for you but wish you could 'still' have her all to yourself. Sad how that happens. And those happy events like Confirmation that really we are happy for them are just a reminder that they are growing up. You are so blessed to have little Flynn in your lives. Ahhh... you get to do it one more time! :) Love your pancakes.. and for dinner LOVE! Love Flynn's cross and crown of thorns. What a great Ash Wednesday project! I just might do that with my first grade rel ed class this weekend... thanks for the idea! ~ Have a lovely weekend friend. I'm so happy that you get to see your Mom, and what a great idea to redo her bedding. What a nice change that will be for her. Sending prayers your way. xoxox tara

  14. Congratulations to your daughter on her Confirmation! I enjoy seeing all the love in your photos, and all the fun you create for your family. I'm always inspired after visiting here!

  15. Confirmation congratulations and blessings!! I prayed for her on Saturday!

    Love that cross Flynn made!!
    That monkey bread is making my mouth water!
    All your little extra touches make every day so special!
    Happy weekend!!


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