March 30, 2014

Weekend Getaway...In Pictures...Probably too Many

Friday morning, I hugged my sad baby and hopped in the car with my hubby for our weekend getaway. After I dried my tears and composed myself (at the end of our road),  I called home and was relieved to hear she was fine...already off playing the first of many games with Aunt Margie. And so began our weekend getaway. Just so I wouldn't forget how truly wonderful it was, I took way too many pictures. And here they are...

We're off!
The Amazing resort we enjoyed...Falling Rock at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort...
The lobby was inviting...
and our room was pretty...pretty...pretty...
with a super soft bed...
and a super clean bathroom...
which was pretty too!
Falling Rock is an amazing resort that caters to your every wish.
I mean, how did they know I like cookies and milk in bed? : )
Saturday morning we had room service for breakfast...
one of us had super good oatmeal with fresh berries...
and the other...these amazing buttermilk pancakes with fresh berries and powdered sugar. Which was which? I'll never tell. : )
But I did have some delicious green tea to start my day.
After a trip to the spa and afternoon Mass, we got ready and headed to the dinner. We attended The Safari Club International  Pittsburgh Chapter Annual Fundraising Gala. Steve is a business associate and friend of the president, and he invited us to the event this year.
Despite my aversion to public events, large groups, and people in general, I had a wonderful time. It was an amazing event with very nice, normal, unstuffy people, and more importantly...really good food. : )
Sunday morning we enjoyed a quick but delicious room service breakfast before heading outside to start home...
where we were greeted with this beautiful but surprising sight...
and as we drove away from our beautiful, relaxing weekend...
I thanked God for my hardworking husband and my sweet littles waiting at home for us. : )
And now I am home...right where I belong.


  1. Such a special time to spend with your husband! The food looks so delicious and the scenery is so pretty! Lucia would love all that snow :)

  2. What a lovely weekend with your honey! As much as we love our kids, it is so important for mom and dad to get away once in a while. Glad you were able to have such a nice time at such a great resort!

  3. What a wonderful weekend away! And such a gorgeous place, yummy food and the outdoor photos are so pretty. I hope that it was a blessed time as husband and wife just to take some time away. You deserve it, Billie Jo.

  4. It looks like it was wonderful. I am glad you had a nice time. I'm sure it was a great "recharge" of your batteries. Such a gift to give to your husband, too. I'm sure our hubby's feel like second fiddle a lot.

  5. Such a beautiful place and so glad you enjoyed the weekend. Husband and wife definitely need these times in order for the family unit to continue working right. I am sure the children were fine and had some fun too.

  6. *sigh* it sounds and looks heavenly! I felt relaxed just looking at your photos! And by the way, you can never have too many pictures :)

    Hugs to you, lovely Billie Jo, and Happy Monday!

  7. Wow, Billie Jo, that was SOME weekend! It is wonderful that the two of you could have time to relax in such beautiful surrounding. Your children must have loved seeing the photos and hearing your stories.

    Have a great Monday!

  8. What a place... my oh my it looks ammmmmmmazing! I giggled when I read the part about going to the dinner and your aversion to people in general. Oh how I hate big gatherings like that just like you! :) I had to smile! You and Steve know how to order room service like pros. Just perfection I tell you. I think you should go to that resort every single year. Just for the cookies and milk in bed! xoxoxo tara

  9. Oh how breathtaking beautiful!! So glad everything went well and the kids were ok glad you and your hubby got to spend time together. Blessings

  10. PS I love your new look here!! Very springy!!!

  11. I just loved reading this post! You can never have too many pictures when they remind you of a special place with a special person:) xoxo,Elizabeth

  12. Glad you had a good time. Love all the is like I took a little trip with you but didn't get to eat that yummy do tease me with those food pictures.

  13. It looked amazing, I love the decor and milk and cookies at bedtime!! How could it get any better?? So glad you got a weekend away with your husband, it's always hard to leave but so worth it once you come home feeling refreshed and relaxed :)

  14. Living vicariously through you with your weekend getaway... :) The resort looks beautiful!

    You mean, I'm not the only one that doesn't care much for formal gatherings? Well, that's good to know! ;D It's so fun to find like minded friends!

    Well, your return trip photos were breathtaking! Oh, to get to experience snows like you guys do up there! Wow!

    As always, great visiting with you, dear Billie Jo!

  15. Looks like such a fun and blessed weekend!! That resort looks so cozy and perfect, such a dreamy place to stay, especially with snow falling outside. And the snow pictures are so lovely! I enjoyed all your pictures! So glad you had a wonderful trip with your husband.

    Hope you have a blessed day,
    Jazzmin :)

  16. Billie Jo, love your pictures! That bathtub!!! I don't think I'd ever get out of it! :-)

    Thank you for sharing your weekend away with us.

  17. I felt like I was there with you ;)
    It seems like it was a nice an relaxing trip - so glad you got to get away!
    And I'm loving the Easter all around me as I read background!

  18. Sounds like an amazing weekend at a beautiful resort. Room service, a visit to the spa and time with your husband...perfect!i am so happy you were able to have some alone time you have had so much on your plate these past few months.
    I hope you are having a nice week with your beautiful family my friend...

  19. Loved seeing all your photos from your wonderful weekend away with your hubby! It's always nice (and important) to have time away alone with our husbands. Michael and I don't get away near as often as we'd like. I'm so happy your weekend was enjoyable and full of special little touches! Cookie and milk in bed?! I could get used to that! :)

  20. OH, what a wonderful time!! That oatmeal breakfast is what I'd have! Yummy!!

    So happy you had this chance to get away!!
    Love the new look over here, so springy!

  21. Beautiful...sorry I missed this earlier this week. And my philosophy is "there are never too many pictures" :) Love that you captured all of it to share it with us and to remember.

  22. Hi Billie Jo,
    I'm making some visits :-) you have a lovely and warm blog. I love that you love family :-)
    That was quite the little get away. Your hotel room looked very inviting, not to mention the room service.
    Times away with our dear hubbys is always needed as we feel refreshed and ready to take on what comes our way.
    Bless you! Debbie


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