February 8, 2014

A Touch Of Valentine Love

February brings hearts and love all around. That's great because a certain little lady in this house is in love with all things pink. We spent some time adding a few touches of love around our cozy country home this past weekend... and here they are. : )

Love Day mantel...

Cute little hearts replace the snowmen on the holiday tree...

The bookshelf gets a touch of pink...

while this little candle gives off the sweetest smell ever...

One of my favorite decorations hangs in the kitchen...Is this the same one you have, Patty? : )

A treat for myself this Valentines Day...

One more little touch on the Coffee and tea table...

And our yummy Red Velvet Candle that burns every evening in our little country home...

Happy Sweethearts Day, my friends!


  1. Happy Valentines to you too. Love your home..Blessings

  2. Everything looks beautiful! The scent from a favorite candle just makes me happy! You have a warm and inviting home and such a lovely family. Sweet wishes for your weekend.
    I'll be posting next week about Pfaltzgraff dishes and a give away....be sure to drop by.

  3. I can almost smell the sweetness of the candle. I love your 'pink' additions to your lovely home. Have a nice weekend.

  4. How cozy, like always! Love all your decor… where do you keep it??? We are definitely considering moving out of the "cool city" to a neighborhood 15-20 min. away just for the storage alone!
    Hope you have a good weekend, mi amiga!

  5. Love the love decor! I bet your little someone and my tiny someone would get along great, her favorite color is pink as well. In fact she is always telling us how much prettier the house would look if it was pink, inside and outside ;) Hope you guys enjoy your weekend with all those cozy candles burning!!

  6. Love the mantle and the valentine tree! I really want a tree like that that I can keep up all year long to decorate for every occasion. I did at the NH I worked at. The residents loved it.

  7. Oh, I just love it. And that holiday tree is my favorite. Your home is so warm and inviting. Happy February.

  8. Love all your decorations. We have a pink loving little girls here and a big one as well...:)
    I love your heart tree. I am thinking of picking up a little tree next year and keeping if up year round.
    I bet your home smells wonderful!

  9. Awe...so cozy and comfy. I haven't heard of that first candle. I was disappointed with my last Yankee Candle..it did not seem to give a smell off and it was Christmas cookie. I hope it was just a "bad batch". They can be pricey and I was afraid to try another. I do have that Valentine decoration ;) Great minds think alike. Always warm and cozy when I stop by ... have a blessed Sunday!

  10. Billie Jo, your decorations are so sweet! I'm ready for Valentine's Day! I looked closely at your last picture. I've never seen a candle holder that has a place for the glass topper. What a good idea. Have a lovely evening!

  11. Your home is always so cozy and full of love! I am always inspired to get back to decorating after visiting here!

  12. Update - I found 2 Yankee Candles this weekend, and on sale to boot!!! I have not purchased candles in ages (I was a Scentsy rep for a while so I have a ton of the burners and scents). I'm in love, thank you for the inspiration. Now, if only I could have found that Red Velvet candle!!


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