January 2, 2014

Weekend Plans...And Christmas 2013

Here we are...at the start of a brand new year. I hope your Christmas and New Years were happy, holy, and healthy...just as ours were. We were blessed with health and home and spent endless days in our jammies watching movies, playing games, and eating cookies. Now, as we store those cozy memories deep in our hearts, we look ahead to the days to come. Although I am often sad that the magical days of those holidays are behind us, I am comforted by the fact that my sweet little family is together and happy and healthy and that before we know it, those special holidays will be back as the year comes full circle again.

This first weekend of January promises to be what January should be...cold and snowy and cozy! As I write this, I am planning on going to visit my father on Friday as Saturday is his 79th birthday. : ) I am hoping we are able to visit him and take him the soft, cozy snowman fleece throw to keep him warm this winter. As long as the roads are passable, my hubby will get us there!

Saturday is a free day. I think we will dust off and pack away the Christmas decorations. I am leaving up the tree for a while...it is in the corner and not in the way. And I love the lights during quiet winter evenings. : ) Dinner will be Hunts Burgers. My husband searched the Internet until he found the recipe for one of his favorite recipes from his childhood. I will let you know how they turn out! After dinner, we are attending late Mass, as Rhett is serving.

Sunday is the tidy up...rest up...and get back to normal day. I am going to put a pot of sauce on the stove in the morning and make up some meatballs for spaghetti for dinner. Then we will gather on the sofa for some Steeler-less playoff football. Oh well, there's always next year. : )

And that is what my little family will be doing this first weekend of the new year. I hope yours is happy and healthy and cozy, whatever your plans may be. Thanks for visiting...I count you all among my blessings this year!

Here are some pictures of Christmas in our country home. : )

We started our Christmas Eve Day by lighting our special candle...

We mixed up reindeer food in soft Christmas jammies...

We jumped for joy when we realized that we would have a white Christmas...

We wrapped and delivered the last of the neighbor gifts...

We set out our own plate of yummy cookies...

and had an afternoon snack. : )

After a bit, we set the table and had a delicious Christmas Eve meal.

After dinner, we posed for the traditional Christmas Eve in front of the fireplace photo...

and another...

and just one more.

After Mass, we sprinkled the reindeer food on the snowy lawn so Santa could find his way...

then we had dessert...cookies...cheesecake...and this year, a chocolate peanut butter cake for Baby Jesus. : )

Then it was bedtime...on the most magical night of the year.

Christmas morning!!! And yes...we do the top of the steps picture every. single. year.

First we opened stockings...and then we ate breakfast...

Then we ran downstairs to see what Santa had brought! Madison was thrilled with her Sephora make up case. And really thrilled when she opened it and saw it was filled with make up!

My Peyton...soooooo happy that Santa somehow managed to acquire a Walking Dead cast photo autographed by her four favorite people!!!!

My little Rhett...growing up on me...was so thankful for his iPad mini. : )

And my little baby was so busy playing that I couldn't get a picture, but she was so excited with her baby changing table and crib. : )

And for Mommy? Steve got me the most beautiful necklace...now my babes will be close to my heart...literally. : )

We spent the day in our jammies, eating and playing and resting. My mom came up for dinner and we opened more gifts and relaxed in front of the tree.

Thank you Christmas 2013...thank you for the fun and the food and the family and the magical moments etched forever on my heart.


  1. I love your new necklace! Glad you all had a great Christmas! We sprinkled reindeer food too! And it worked!

  2. I have to tell you, I got a little thrill myself when I saw that Walking Dead cast photo. It is a show my (older) teens convinced me to watch and I couldn't take it...but, then I watched a few more and again declared - I can't take it. Then I read this amazing article about the good of this show and it convinced me. The discussions born of it have been deep with my kids and I have come to appreciate it on some level and still be completely fearful of it too. In the end, I'm trying to participate in something that is meaningful on their level and that has been a very good thing!
    I love all the photos and it looks like such a warm and loving Christmas!
    Happy New Year to you and your family!

  3. What a beautiful Christmas season at your house! I love the necklace, Billie Jo! Merry Christmas dear friend…and I'm so glad to know that there is someone else out there besides me that leaves up the tree…for just a bit longer!!! Hugs!

  4. Love the necklace, your husband gets extra points for that winner! Happy 2014 to you and your family, Billie Jo!

  5. Sounds like you guys have my kind of weekend planned - cozy and homestyle! I,too, am looking forward to a peaceful quiet weekend. I hope you can get to your Dad's!

    And I love that necklace! So special!

  6. You had a wonderful Christmas and the pictures tell all about it. Thank you for sharing. The memories we make do most certainly last a lifetime. I am 72, my children all grown, married and have their own children, and yet when we get together during the holidays, we always talk about years gone by and the funny things, happy things, etc. we made a long time ago. Happy New Year and may it be a year of special blessings.

  7. Awesome pics!! Oh Liam wold be envious of the Walking Dead picture! Lovely, lovely pictures. Love your new background here-Welcome back to bloggy land. Stay safe, not sure ifyour getting the storm or not. Blessings

  8. Billie Jo, love your photographs! And those cookies and cakes look soooo delicious and tempting! I hope to put the Christmas decorations away this weekend too. I am in no hurry. Stay warm! Blessings, Gina

  9. What an absolutely lovely holiday! Thanks for sharing with us. Now on into the new year! God bless you in 2014! Stay warm and cozy in all that snow!

  10. I want to be your neighbor so that you can deliver a plate of those cookies to me! :) Look sooo good! Yum! ~ Madison, guess what? I have the same jammies and wore them on Christmas morning.. although you rocked them more than this 40 year old. They are sweet though, aren't they? Just a touch of pink and those little deer without being like whoa.. Christmas jammies! ~ You tree is perfect and beautiful and I'd leave it up for a while too... so pretty. ~ Flynn, you lucky little girl. A changing table and a crib for your babies? Santa was good to you! ~ And actually, Santa found the perfect gift for all of your littles this year! ~ So glad Billie Jo that it was a wonderful day and that everyone was home and happy (and not sick this year) I was thinking of you all day and praying for a wonderful Christmas. ~ Happy New Year my friend, I so glad I found you! xoxo tara

  11. I so enjoyed reading through this, you guys are so joyful and so much fun. I absolutely love your necklace also!

  12. Your Christmas Eve and Christmas Day look wonderful! What a yummy looking dessert spread you had on Christmas Eve! Oh I bet Peyton was so excited on Christmas morning....Santa did good :) I LOVE your gift....good job Steve!
    I will be praying for you tomorrow as you drive to see your dad.
    Happy New Year!

  13. Looks like a wonderful Christmas. I love your necklace. It's perfect. I really like looking at all of your sweet traditions....top of the step pic, reindeer food, etc. What great memories you're making. Happy New Year, Billie Jo!

  14. Billie Jo! You're a blogger too! How fun! I enjoy following you on Instagram and now will enjoy following your blog. Your family is beautiful, your house- warm and cozy, and it looks like you had a joy-filled and wonderful holiday. Blessings to you and yours in this new year!

  15. What a beautiful Christmas. Your photos are too fun. The necklace is beautiful. Beautiful family you have. Here's to happy new year from your newest follower, Linda

  16. Loved all your Christmas photos!
    Love seeing your traditions!

    It's funny, I was telling my husband last night, that I think the idea of gifting the neighbors is a lost art. I always give. All my bloggy friends do, but in real life, Christine is the only one that gifted baked goodies. I think people are too busy with their own lives, their jobs and running around everywhere...no down time. No time to just bake and give. Well...I"m not giving it up. I'll keep giving. That way it's not a lost art, right?

    Growing up, my mom always took down the tree and everything by New Years...little did I know that the Christmas season lasts til the Baptism of the Lord...which is another whole week...I have a hard time waiting til then and usually take it all down by Epiphany!! (is that bad?)

    Have a wonderful weekend, God bless you, thanks for sharing your Christmas with us! Love your new necklace!

  17. Looks wonderful, Billie Jo! Love your necklace. Happy New Year!


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