January 23, 2014

Weekend Plans And The Sheenazing Awards

Well, here it is...the first football free weekend. Sigh. I guess there is the Pro Bowl, but not too much to get excited about there. That means we will have to find something else to occupy our time this Sunday. Outdoor activities would be nice for my little ones, but the negative wind chill readings are preventing me from bundling them up and sending them out play languish in the snow.

Friday night is free here. Dinner is my mom's amazing macaroni and cheese with green beans and applesauce. The easy peasy recipe is here. Rhett may head down to the theatre to work, and the rest of us will most likely finish our weekly cleaning chores and watch a movie or two.

Saturday during the day is also free. I have a few organizational projects planned. I need to go through our storage closet that tends to get crazy messy during the holidays. And I am going to encourage my hubby and Rhett to grab a few totes and pack up the fluorescent orange hunting stuff that is currently visible throughout my home. Wish me luck with that one. : ) Saturday evening we have Mass, followed by dinner. Steve is going to cook some chicken breasts on the George Foreman grill we have been loving. I am adding some boiled red potatoes and some fresh cut corn.

Sunday Madison is working a bake sale after Mass with her Dairy Queen friends to raise money for their Relay For Life Team. I am so very proud of that young lady! After that, we are all going to go out to dinner with some of Steve's employees for a belated holiday dinner. Then it will be home to snuggle on the sofa and prep for a new, chilly week ahead.

And that is what we will be up to this January weekend. I hope yours is warm and cozy and happy, whatever your plans may be. : )

The view from our side door...or what I see early in the morning when I let the puppy out. : )

Sooo love this! My baby brought this to me the other night. She worked on it all by herself, and was so very proud to show me that she wrote her name all by herself!

My son...a truly good sport...still smiling after his team lost their bid to the Superbowl. Now...it's Go Broncos!

Our in-house baker Peyton whipped up these yummy baked donuts last weekend. See those cinnamon sugar ones? All mine. ; )

This was the scene in my family room one night this week. I guess the Disney characters wanted to attend Mass with The Holy Family and the Saints. : )

And my sweetie...all ready for Mass last Saturday. I love how she loves dresses and bows. : )

And don't forget...Bonnie from A Knotted Life is hosting The Sheenazing Awards and I am humbled to say this little old blog was nominated. So if you would like to vote for any of your favorites, or just want to meet some new friends, hop on over and visit the amazing Bonnie!

Have a wonderful weekend, my friends!!


  1. Of course you were nominated!! Your blog is such a warm cozy spot for us all :)

  2. How exciting, I am so happy to see you recognized!!!

  3. Stay warm this weekend! And I love the little figure going to Mass. So special!

  4. Such sweet photos you have shared today. A doughnut would be wonderful with a cup of cocoa about now! We are struggling with cold weather, too. You have a beautiful view out the side door.

  5. Love those precious first writing attempts! I save their little writings and they always make me tear up when I see them years later

  6. I love all of Flynn's smocking dresses and that snowman one is just beautiful! Have a cozy unfootball weekend friend. and good luck with that closet project! And I for sure will be voting for you my friend. Always there for me here in blogging land and beyond! Love ya xoxoxoxo

  7. Love the donuts...bows and pretty dresses!! That mac and cheese sounds wonderful, with tomato soup!! Yum.

    Yay for Flynn writing her name!! Bridget writes "P"'s for some reason....

    I voted for you!!

  8. oh nothing like a good weekend of closet cleaning and organizing!!:)
    and we too have had outrageous wind chills...ugh...when is it spring?!?!?!:)
    flynn is adorable and that name writing is a keeper for sure.
    have a happy day billie jo

  9. You do know, we are suppose to get more snow this weekend. lol--oh gee whiz, I forgot all about my doughnut maker I got for Christmas! Thanks!!--love the photos. Thanks for making me smile. Blessings

  10. Hi Award Nominee! I love your little guy in the 49ers shirt. They played hard right to the end. He can be proud of them. So wait...you get fresh donuts? I know I say this all the time, but I HAVE to come and visit you!

    The view out your door is so beautiful. All that snow! Hope your doggie doesn't get lost. How deep is it? We have about 8 inches on the ground here, but at least its warmed up to 11 this morning.

    I will miss football too. Looking forward to the big game! Enjoy your weekend, and I hope you win that award. I think you're wonderful.
    Happy Weekend :)

  11. Way to go, Flynn! You are growing up and doing such big girl things!!! Those "y"s are hard!!! I definitely could see your name!!! Awww donuts…can't wait until I can indulge in one again!!! Hugs.

  12. Congrats to you on the nomination. you are a sweetheart! Love your little girl in that beautiful bow! Happy Weekend!

  13. Billie Jo, I love the little people attending mass! Tooooo cute! What a treat to have a free weekend! And those donuts! They look delicious. Did Peyton use one of those donut shaped trays? I've been tempted to buy one.

  14. Love the picture of Rhett...he reminds me so much of Nicolas.

  15. I did not mean to send..
    How exciting on your nomination! You know I voted for you:)
    Did you get your dishwasher fixed? I have been thinking of you.
    Have a great weekend friend!

  16. Look at that gorgeous snow! Sounds like a good weekend to stay warm inside with some yummy baked goods. Hope you have a good weekend resting up before Super Bowl Weekend ;)


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