December 5, 2013

Weekend Plans

Love this time of year! This weekend is a quiet one for us, and I am glad. Friday we are planning to visit my father. He is on some new medication and seems to be responding very well. I am so happy for him to have some peace in his mind. : ) After our visit, we are planning on dinner out before heading home.

Saturday Steve and Rhett will be heading back to camp. Steve was successful on the first day this eight point!...and now it is Rhett's turn. Hopefully they will have a not too cold day! The girls and I will be staying home and attending Mass. After that, I am thinking perhaps some Chinese for dinner and home for a night of Christmas movies in jammies. : )

Sunday I am going to put come chicken in the crock pot for a late dinner. Then the girls and I are planning on doing some cookie baking. Like I this time of year. I strive to avoid the crazy, busy, hectic, commercial pressure that seems to accompany this beautiful season. I have learned that by saying "No" to certain requests and invitations allows us time to focus more on the quiet, simple family time that we enjoy.

And that is our December weekend. I hope yours is cozy and festive and fun, whatever your plans may be! Thanks for stopping by!

All set to bake the pumpkin pies last week...

and they were as good as always. : )

Breakfast every single Thanksgiving...Turnovers by Pillsbury...too busy to bake that morning! : )

Have I mentioned what an awesome helper my Peyton is?

A blurry phone shot of Flynn this week...

and then later all ready for Mass.

December means spending some time these days with this...

and a certain little lady wearing an Elf on the Shelf nightgown while waiting for our Zip to return.

And return he did. : )

 Steve was successful this year...father and son had a great time at camp. : )

One last and my Madison last weekend all ready for Mass.

Happy December Weekend, friends!


  1. I love the Elf on the Shelf!! I do hope you post more about his adventures! Lovely photos, congrats to your hubby and son. Have a wonderful weekend. Thanks for sharing. Blessings

  2. Sounds like a peaceful weekend...those are my favorite ones!

  3. Her little Mass outfit is darling! The photo of you and your daughter is stunning! Sounds like a great weekend ahead, our weekend plans are filled to the brim but are about to all get sidelined by an ice storm, here we go!

  4. You have such a beautiful family. I too, prefer the quiet, peaceful time. It is what we make it, and I applaude you for doing just that.

  5. I am glad you all are doing well! I especially love the last pic of you and Madison! You are both so pretty and look so much alike!

  6. My husband desperately misses hunting down here :( Texas is not like Illinois and the white tails you can find up there. You cannot even deer hunt in the county we live in. For shame :) One must lease property and that property is usually at least a 2-3 hour drive. So he's taken up fishing a lot more seriously. The pictures are fantastic. all of them. And I love Flynn's nightgown. Let me know where you found that one. I found Miss C's blue santa dress, you liked, on etsy. We will be hunkering down due to a sleet storm they are predicting. Heck! Even Jim Cantore from the weather channel is in town to cover it. Hope it is not what they say it is to be. And to think we were in shorts and it was 80 degrees out yesterday. Have a wonderful weekend baking. You know, that's exactly what we will be doing as well ;)

  7. SO guys got venison! we still have a chance but the freezer is looking sparse if my hubby doesnt get one.
    Great pictures of food and kiddos and of you as to you bloggy friend.

    ps...we are freezing here in MN!

  8. Oh my I wish I had Peyton around here. What a gift! Always love the selfies of you and your oldest!

  9. I need Peyton here to help me with my "none of the socks have a match" problem.

  10. Sounds like a wonderful weekend...enjoy, Billie Jo!

  11. Mmm...pumpkin pie! And those turnovers from Pillsbury are always delicious :) It's so good to visit you, sweet Billie Jo! How I have missed you and your lovely posts. I hope you are well and getting ready for Christmas - it will be here before we know it. Hugs to you!

  12. Oh, that pie looks great, and I am not a pie those rolls...:)
    Oh, that little dress on Flynn, so adorable!! (the one where she's ready for Mass)

    Your home always looks and sounds so cozy and warm. Makes me want to put my jammies on and come on over and watch movies with you!

    I'm happy your father's meds are working out for him, I hope they continue to do so.

    I love that photo of you and Madison! I hope I have as good of a relationship with my daughters when they are her age. You are blessed.

    Good night good friend!

  13. Hi Billie Jo... I love the reminder to find the quiet and calm in this season. It's true what you said. It's up to us. No one is forcing us to join in the madness. I've said no to a few things and am just trying to focus on advent this year. I'm waaaay behind on so many "have to dos" like shopping and such but I feel a peace this year like I haven't before and I don't really care about all the other stuff. So glad we're on "the same page". So good to have a friend to remind me of all this. ~ Have a wonderful visit with your Dad and a yummy dinner with the girls on Saturday night! xoxoxo tara

  14. Billie Jo, I recognize that advent prayer book. :-) Your baking good look so delicious! (I ditched the other blog and ended up at Sweetbriar Cottage).

  15. I am so happy to hear that your dad is responding well to his new medication.

    LOVE the last picture of you and Madison....just beautiful!!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  16. Great pic of you two pretty girls ;)
    I just die every time I see one of Flynn's outfits (or pjs)!
    Hope it was a great weekend!
    I've been so busy getting ready for our trip this week!


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