November 16, 2013

Ornament Day...2013

Every year since Madison was little, we have celebrated Ornament Day. In the past, we combined it with our Christmas picture day at Sears. I remember dressing the kids in their Christmas outfits, driving to Sears in the mall, and cramming into that little space trying to make all my kids smile at the same time. Piece of cake. ; ) Once that was over, we squeezed into the exact same dressing room each and every year and changed the kids out of their picture clothes. Then we headed to Hallmark so each child could pick out an ornament for their Christmas tree. Then we went out to our special picture/ ornament day lunch. It became the unofficial start of our Christmas season.

Once Flynn was born, we began taking the photo at home, but still continued our family tradition of Ornament Day. We traveled to the mall last week to choose our special ornaments and have a special dinner out. We also were able to stop and have a WONDERFUL visit with my dad. Here are some pictures of our Ornament Day this year. : )

My sweet girls...enjoying our pizza night...

and this little one was enjoying it too. She loves pepperoni!

Rhett is all smiles as he returns with the pizza that I left on the table...

Remember me telling you that I don't like bright colors? Well, I branched out and bought myself a!!!!

And the choices this year...Madison-Christmas Vacation...Peyton-Catching Fire...Rhett-Superman...and Flynn-Cinderella. : )

We finished the night with a very happy visit with my dad. For a few moments, my friends, he was back with us again. I lived in the moment. I watched his face as he played peek-a-boo with Flynn. I listened to his voice as he asked Rhett about hunting. I studied his smile as he teased Peyton about the holes in her jeans. I took those moments and stored them in my heart. I realized then how much I love this father. And how I never want to forget his voice or his smile or the twinkle in his eye.

May I ask for your prayers, my friends? We have been told that my father's Dementia is extremely fast moving. He is slipping farther away and the moments we have with him as we know him are becoming fewer and fewer. I am praying for peace for him...for more comfort and less confusion and angst. I want that for him...this wonderful man who gave me life. I am grateful for visits like we had that night. I tucked the memories deep into my soul. And I am blessed.


  1. Awe..thanks for sharing. We do the ornament thing too..Liam has 16 (almost 17) ornaments to take with him,lol. ANYWAYS..Love the post today!! Thank you dear friend for posting this. I fully understand about your father mil suffers from this as well. Blessings

  2. I forgot..continuing prayers for your sweet family. I am just a email away if you ever need me..blessings

  3. Such beautiful words about your Dad, Billie Jo. This must be so tough to see only glimpses of the man he really is. I will pray for him and your whole family.
    On another note, I love the tradition of ornament night. How fun and special to see what each child chooses. Enjoy.

  4. Ornament Day - what a great family tradition! Prayers for your father and sweet family. Have a good weekend.

  5. How hard that must be to watch a man you love slip away, you have all my prayers for your sweet dad! I love the tradition you have with your family and letting them each pick out an ornament out for their tree. What a fun way to get in the holiday spirit. I hope you all have a great weekend together and Happy Holidays my friend!!!

  6. Sounds like a very special day! Praying for your sweet father.

  7. Oh BIllie Jo... crying for you... happy that you had those sweet moments with such tangible memories to tuck away and save, but wishing for you that things weren't moving so fast. My heart aches for you my friend. I'm so happy that he was there with your during this visit. I loved reading all that he did with the kids! I'll be praying for all of you... promise :)

    And I love your ornament day tradition and love the flashback to the sears photo. We used to go to the mall to Portrait Simple and then I started taking the picture at home. But I too remember bringing the dresses, the tights, the headbands and then changing them right after.

    I love their ornament choices and more so the tradition behind it.

    Happy 'kicking off the season' my friend... gotta love a Hallmark store! xo ~tara

  8. I just love you Billie Jo. I will pray for your Dad. Love your traditions!

  9. Prayers for you father, Billie Jo. I was thinking of you today when I received the phone call that my FIL and his Ahlzeimer's is growing quite feeble. He fell this morning and broke his hip. No surgery. He'll now be moved from assisted living to the nursing home. It is quite terribly sad. Let's be prayer buddies…for your dad and my fil.

  10. Billie Jo, you are in my thoughts and prayers. I am saddened to read today's post…but also look to you for inspiration…you are handling your father's diagnosis with such dignity and grace. On a lighter night…thank you for sharing the ornament celebration. I just did that this weekend with my own three…we've never shopped for ornaments before, but my mom does it for all of her grandchildren. Love you, Friend! And yes, take Patty up on her prayer-buddy suggestion!!! One year, Anne Marie of Na-Da Farm and I did that on Good Friday…it was a really peaceful day...

  11. Prayers go up for your dear father and all of you, while dealing with his dementia. I too have been through it and it is so hard. Glad you had this time with him, however, and know it will remain in your hearts and minds forever.

  12. Through tears, yes, I will pray for you and your father. So hard for everyone. So happy you had those special moments with him to cherish in your heart forever.

    Fun, fun day--ornament day!! My mother in law makes or buys, (but usually makes) us each an ornament every year. This year she made us these cute little stockings, all different but similar...I'll have to show them once Advent starts. Love your PINK!! I do like color, but tend to wear black or gray...with jeans of course and slippers!!

    Be assured of my prayers.
    Our neighbor across the street just moved, (her and her husband) she was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's 4 years ago, and so they sold and decided to move to South Dakota to be near family--they have 2 grown sons, in their early 20's. So so sad. She's so young and was so vibrant, she seems to have faded quite a bit this past year. It was a teary good bye.

  13. thoughts and prayers for you and your family. this is so hard. life can be so hard, but so beautiful all at the same time right?
    love this tradition and can't wait to do ours this year. you and tara have inspired me again!!:)
    and lovin the hot pink my friend!!!:)
    have a happy day


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