October 24, 2013

Weekend Plans

Here we are...enjoying the last weekend of my beloved October. How can this be? The previous weekends have been full of wonderful autumn activities...festivals, pumpkin patches and parties. This weekend is not. This weekend is full of family and quiet and lots of good food. : )

Friday Steve and Rhett are heading to camp for the first fall weekend in preparation for hunting camp. My sister Margie is coming to stay with us girls, and that means take out and movies. Our favorite.

Saturday during the day is quiet. We are skipping our weekly jobs and relaxing with cocoa and more movies with Aunt Margie. After Steve and Rhett return we are going to Mass and then out to dinner. That's two for two on no cooking and clean up for me! ; )

Sunday is happily free. Of anything. I am planning on doing a whole lot of nothing. Steve is going to cook some steaks on the grill...the last of our meat supply from last year. Steaks are always the last thing left. We are sooo much a hamburger and fries kind of family. Anyway, I am trying to use up the meat so I can defrost the freezer before our new meat comes next week. Peyton is planning on making one of our favorite fall desserts, this Fall Harvest Cake to go along with dinner. Then as darkness falls on yet another autumn Sunday...we settle in and wait for...The Walking Dead!
And that is what we will be up to this late October weekend. I hope yours is spooky and cozy and yummy, whatever your plans may be!

All ready last week for our visit to see Grandpa Bill...

picking out a pumpkin to take to him...

and watching for Daddy to get home from work so we could go! : )

Still some beauty to be seen this fall...

even as we prepare for winter to arrive.
Late October here in Pa means its time to pull out the cozy flannel sheets. : )

Waiting for Mass last weekend...my baby is growing before my eyes.

As is my oldest...painting faces at the Relay For Life Festival last Sunday.

We enjoyed some of that beautiful fall weather this week on our daily after lunch walks...

and we enjoyed some yummy Halloween brownies too. : )


  1. I love these relaxing no cooking weekends! What do they hunt for? Deer? Is that what kind of meat you eat?

  2. Is it already time for another weekend update?! This October is truly going too fast! No cooking?! That's my kind of weekend. Enjoy!

  3. Sounds deliciously simple! The best kind of weekend!

  4. Sounds like the perfect weekend! I love cozy flannel sheets...we just had our first cold snap, so ours will be coming out soon!

  5. We do the same with our meat, hamburger is always the first to go, then roasts and we have a ton of steaks left. I told my husband he should make steak every weekend (for himself on the grill).

    What movies do you have picked out?
    Sounds like my kind of weekend!

    We have our Pro-life Kids Club bake sale, so I'll be baking baking baking like crazy--Friday! The kids sell after Masses at several churches.

    I look forward to your "weekend plans" posts. I thought about it this morning when I sat down at the computer....Happy weekend!

  6. Not cooking, my favorite! Your little one is all kinds of precious! Happy weekend!

  7. Yay a no cooking weekend...sounds wonderful.

    Oh I just love the red barn that you can see from your front porch. That picture is just beautiful with the orange leaves and the red barn. I could see it in a pretty frame.

    Have a wonderful time with your sister!

  8. Pictures of cute little girls..Teens..and FOOD!! you always get me with the food.

    oh..AND I love flannel sheets.

  9. Your pictures of your youngest are just the cutest! Did you get snow yet? Not here, just freezing rain, up at college, they did. Funny how 8 miles over the mountain make a difference. Blessings

  10. Oh that little Flynn! I could just squeeze her, she's SO cute! And the picture of the barn and all the fall trees is absolutely gorgeous. And I want you to know that because of you, and only you, I recorded the season premiere of The Walking Dead thinking that I would try it. But, sadly, I am such a lightweight when it comes to gory and scary, that I couldn't even make it through the preview without covering my eyes and running out of the room. I was horribly disappointed that I couldn't tell you I was the newest WD fan. (I really wanted one of those charm bracelets, darn it!) We can still be friends, right?? <3

  11. Awwww Flynn is cuter than cute in that Halloween outfit with the Halloween bow! Love it! :)

  12. I totally remember pulling out the flannels at this time when we lived "up north". BTW, people in Texas consider the north anything north of the red river, which divides TX and OK! They sure don't leave room for outsiders ;) At any rate, I moved ours down here to TX because once in awhile, we do have a very cold spell. But I have to say, the flannels are in great shape since we don't use them that often. Enjoy your visit with your dad. Enjoy your visit with you sister. Enjoy your laid back weekend!

  13. What a lovely week! Hope the weekend is wonderful. Those flannel sheets do look cozy...I would roast in those here in Arizona. We are still mid-90s during the day! The Halloween brownie looks delicious. Enjoy the weekend!

  14. Oh it sounds like a lovely weekend :) My weekend is full with helping some good friends pack up and move and then a goodbye dinner for them on Sunday.

    Love the flannel sheets - I have been thinking it's time to put them on my bed :) Hugs to you!

  15. Awe, so cozy and fun! What a relaxing weekend - hope it was great! And nothing is better than a set of clean flannel sheets!


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