October 17, 2013

Weekend Plans

I am loving these autumn weekends, aren't you? Busy...but in a more relaxed way than during my next favorite time...Christmas. : ) This weekend we have some more fall family fun and some quiet time too, I hope. Friday afternoon we are hoping for a do over at the park for our Family Fun Day. Last Friday we got rained out and it looks iffy for this Friday too, but you never know, right?

Saturday Madison is traveling to a fall festival with a few of her friends from work. The rest of us will work on our Saturday morning jobs, and then settle in for some relaxing family time. I am thinking about a Halloweentown marathon. Have you ever seen those movies? They are cute...not scary. : ) Saturday late afternoon we usually attend Mass, but this weekend Madison has a special Mass to attend for Confirmation Sunday morning, so we will be going then. I am thinking of taking a ride to see my dad and Steve's mom at the nursing home on Saturday afternoon and perhaps go out to dinner. : )

Sunday we will attend Mass and then spend the day at our local park. They are having a fall festival and Madison is working at a Relay for Life booth with friends from work. They are selling soup and hot chocolate. Yummm. Steve and Rhett are planning on playing an exhibition soccer game as well. I am hoping for a beautiful autumn day to enjoy all the fun!

And that, my friends, is what we have planned for this mid October weekend. I hope yours is happy, and warm, and cozy, whatever your plans may be. Thanks for stopping by! : )

Peyton and Flynn made some yummy pumpkin chocolate chip cookies to take to the park last weekend. Since it rained, we were forced to enjoy them with cocoa and a movie instead. ; )

My little Flynn on our way to my dad's Family Picnic last weekend...

where my dad had a good day and was so happy...

with four of his five daughters...that's Angel, the baby, on the left...then Scarlett, number two, then me, number four, and Margie, number three. My oldest sister Mary was unable to attend as she was traveling.

This is my favorite...fifty-seven years together. : )

 One of my very favorite trees in the backyard...the rain brought out the color even more...

but the leaves are starting to fall. Too soon.

Our super little hometown bakery made these awesome Walking Dead cupcakes last weekend...just in time for the Season Four Premiere. : )

And a Sunday morning selfie to finish up here. : )

Happy Weekend my friends!


  1. Those pictures of your family are the best. I had forgotten you had so many sisters. Do you have brothers? The one of your parents is adorable. Sounds like a wonderful weekend. Enjoy, my friend.

  2. Good Morning! Rain here in NY too. Looks like it will continue. ANYWAYS-have a wonderful weekend, thanks for sharing the goodies, lol. Blessings

  3. I love the picture of the girls with your Dad and the one of your parents...so special!!

    That tree is so pretty and your selfie is beautiful!

  4. Love the scarf on your selfie and the pumpkin dress on Flynn... Abigail has a pumpkin dress just like that! So happy that your dad is had a good day.. look at that couple... beautiful!
    Have a wonderful weekend friend. Hope the sun comes out for your Family Day! xoxo tara

  5. So fun to see your family!! You are the only blondie! And no one took after beautiful mama and got red hair? Your mom and dad are a beautiful couple--57 years, how wonderful! You and your sisters are lovely!

    Your trees look the same as here, they have fallen too soon...we still have some color but it's quickly falling! Each time it rains, it weighs down those leaves and they all fall!!

    I, being a visual person, love that you show us selfies! You are so pretty!
    Have a fun festival weekend!

  6. The excitement regarding season 4 walking dead was heard around the world...ok just from your home to my home. WISH WISH WISH I had a bakery that had cupcakes like that.

    You and your sisters are blessed to have great parents and each other.

    Great tree and great selfie..you are a beautiful bloggy friend.

  7. Love Flynn's outfit, so festive! Your picture of the pumpkin cookies makes me want to bake up a yummy treat. Hope you guys have a fun filled weekend!!

  8. Sounds like you guys have a nice weekend planned! And I love the picture of your parents together...so sweet!

  9. Beautiful weekend! Beautiful anniversary pictures with your dad and sisters! Beautiful backyard tree! And stunningly beautiful Sunday Selfie! Have a lovely fall weekend. Congratulations to your cute Madison. <3

  10. 57 years! That's amazing. I must say, as we have so many familiarities between us regarding our aging parents and in-laws, my favorite pictures on this post are of you and your sisters and parents. So happy that day was such a good one. Grasp each one and hold them dear to your heart. Have a great weekend and a blessed Sunday!

  11. Hello Beautiful Billie Jo! Your 'selfie' is just gorgeous, and you are beautiful on the inside too. I so enjoyed the photos of your sisters and parents. How wonderful to support them with your joyful presence.

    Maybe you could share that recipe for the pumpkin cookies? I usually make pumpkin bread, but I'm up for a change. Are they hard to make? And those cute cupcakes are perfect for your Halloween-athon, don't you think...

    We're having my Dad over for dinner tonight. I am toying with a little drive tomorrow to take in the fall colors, but they are not really as pretty as yours. Fall is late around here because it was so warm!
    Thank you for sharing so much of your life with us :)


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