September 12, 2013

Weekend Plans...Birthday Edition

Yep. Saturday is my birthday. I don't usually make a big deal about it, but not for the usual reasons. I just like to celebrate and make a fuss over other people. I am a huge fail at letting others do the same for me though. It is a work in progress, I guess. Does any of that make sense? Moving on...

Friday it is supposed to be 55 degrees and rainy. A perfect Friday the 13th, don't you think? At least a "finally feels like fall" day. Madison and Rhett both work Friday evening, so I am planning an easy meal of fish and Kraft macaroni and cheese with broccoli before they go. The rest of us will have a quiet evening with our jammies and the television I suppose. : )

Saturday is my 44th birthday. Wow. My mom tells me her 40's were the best days of her life. I agree thus far. Things are in order. I am past the worrying about everything stage. I am calmer and more content. I have a new sense of confidence in being me and doing what I know is best for my family without worrying about what others think. I have made the best friends ever here in this bloggyworld. I have an awesome hubby and four precious babes. I am able to physically and mentally help my parents. Life is good.

Saturday we will complete our weekly jobs before attending Mass. After that, I am planning on my traditional Birthday meal of pizza and wings! I am nothing if not predictable. ; )
After that I am hoping for a quiet evening in with my family.

Sunday is a free day during the morning. I think we will have a late breakfast of some apple coffee cake...more on that later...and watch some NFL before we head out to Rhett's soccer game at 4:00. It is an away game, so we will probably stop at a neat little hamburger place on the way home. Sunday night will most likely find the females in one room watching The Miss America Pageant, while Steve and Rhett head to the den for some more football. And that's it, friends. That is what we will be doing this mid September weekend. I hope yours is cool and blessed and yummy, whatever your plans may be. Thanks for visiting!

Daddy and his kiddos on his 43rd birthday...

after a 6-0 win with his son scoring a Happy Birthday goal!

There were presents...

candles and singing...

yummy cake...

and birthday hugs! Love you Steve!

While Flynn and I were organizing her fall and Halloween hair accessories...

summer gave us one last gasp of hot temperatures, so we enjoyed some favorite outside activities like sprinklers and Play-Doh. : )

I found this picture on my phone this week...

and am pretty sure it was taken by this would be blogger.

Love me some Bath And Body soap, but couldn't resist these sweet ones for the kids.

Fall promises a return this weekend, and we will be ready! A dear friend traveled to an orchard this week and brought me back these beauties...

along with these handwritten recipes for apple cake and apple crisp. : )

September cupcake delivery...favorite so far? Pumpkin S'more. Enough said.

Birthday selfie...Me at 44!

Happy Weekend dear friends...


  1. First, I must say your selfie is SO CUTE. Darling and gorgeous at 44. You go, girl!! Second, Happy Birthday to a dear friend. I will be thinking of you and sending you love on your bday weekend. Enjoy the celebrating!
    Last, your food always looks so good...hello, pumpkin smores, hand some over please!! :)

    Birthday {{hugs}} and many blessings in the coming year for you Billie Jo.

  2. My 44th birthday is tomorrow (Friday, the 13th!) and my husband's 47th birthday is today. September is the best month of the year! Enjoy your birthday weekend!!!

    1. My husband's birthday was Sunday and mine was Monday, we are 46 (him) and 44 (me) Fun!!

  3. I love what you wrote about being in your 40's, I feel the same. I like the age I am at. I wouldn't want to live any of my life over. I like knowing what I like and what I don't, what is best for us and who cares what others think. That must be that wisdom thing?

    I tried to tell people ahead of time to not give me anything this year..the I'm older, let's go out instead thing, but people did NOT listen!! I get kind of overwhelmed when people do things for me.

    Your hubby's cake looks like a Texas sheet cake? Looks yummy!!

    Fall is coming here to MN this weekend too, actually today is the first cooler day! My brother is getting married Saturday, so we have the grooms rehearsal and dinner Friday too....busy weekend for us! I'll be thinking of you on your feast day--Exaltation of the Holy Cross!!! Yay!! Happy birthday you beautiful ol' lady!!

    God bless you.

  4. Happy Birthday! 40s sounds wonderful. I'm just hoping for a marked improvement from 20s to 30s next year - ha! Your family is so lovely, and it looks like you will have a very festive fall!

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! (you really don't want me to sing, do you?lol)--thank you so much for giving me ideas on a future post--I love all your photos. Thanks for making me smile. Again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (I will be 47 in March-where have the yrs gone?) Blessings

  6. Dear Billie Jo,

    Happy Birthday to one of my sweetest friends! I am so blessed to know you and your friendship means the world to me. I truly wish we lived closer to one another, but I'm hopeful that we will get to meet in real life one day!!! I hope that #44 only brings good things to you this year...for your loved ones (your parents...your children...your sweet husband) your friendships...and most of all for you...wonderful you... who cares so well for all those in her life.


  7. Happy Happy (early) birthday to YOU sweet friend! And I couldn't agree more that the 40s are my favorite age so far. I'm so glad you're loving them, too. You are a beautiful and fun mom and your little family is so lucky to have you. Have a wonderful birthday weekend. And I'll be anxiously awaiting "more on the" apple coffee cake. Much love... <3

  8. Happy Birthday my sweet friend. Please let yourself be pampered. You deserve it. Your look marvelous at 44!

  9. I don't know where to start. I have so much to say! First of all, Happy happy birthday friend! It's going to be a good one because you're surrounded my all that l-o-v-e LOVE! Sending you birthday hugs right now!!!!

    Okay, so I got a little teary on the 44 paragraph. Ya know, what your Mom said. And you seem to be in such a good place I'm just thinking too much I know but I can't help thinking that my 30's were my baby on a hip years. Sippy cups and tummy time. And now, I'm just at the beginning of my 40's and it's school events, driving, dinners, homework helping, keeping it all together. I think I liked my 30's better. But ya know what? I'll be 50 one day and I'll wish I was in my 40's planning dinner for my little family, driving them to dance, and keeping the family schedule all together, right? So lesson for the day, enjoy the day.

    Sorry to ramble friend. Happy birthday to your husband too. I loved all of your pictures! You're awesome at 44!!!!

    Now off to go get me some of those Halloween hand soaps!

    xoxoxoxo ~tara

  10. Those kids must love that cupcake tradition. What a neat idea. Look at you..baking and doing ACTIVITIES!! you got me beat as the best mama in the world.

    Happy Happy Birthday to you bloggy friend. It has been fun getting to know you and see your world and family through your writing and pictures. You are blessed.

    spoil yourself!

  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Sounds like you have a lot of fun family time planned! I wish it was cool here, we are still in the 80's daily. Doesn't feel much like fall here in Cali. Wishing you a wonderful birthday weekend! God Bless

  12. Happy birthday to one of the most joy-filled bloggers I know!

    I had my first born on my birthday so it would take the attention away from me! I totally get you :-)

    If you have leftover apples, Ina Garten makes Ann awesome apple crisp, worth the effort!

  13. Have a wonderful, wonderful birthday, my friend! God bless you with another wonderful year! You have a lovely family.

  14. Happy early Birthday, sweet friend! You don't look a day over 34 - you are gorgeous :) Have a great weekend! Hugs!

  15. happy birthday billie jo!!!!!
    this is gonna be a great weekend I just know it!
    and we September in our 40's girls gotta stick together right?!:)
    40's ARE good. but can I still dream of my 20'S???!:)
    you look amazing!
    have a happy day

  16. Happy, Happy Birthday! You are so right, Life is good, so happy to have "met" you and you look beautiful in your birthday selfie!

  17. Hi Billie Jo! I just had to come over and wish you a wonderful birthday to your selfie! Believe it or not, it's my birthday too :) We will be celebrating together.

    So happy to have gotten to know you, and I know we'll be good blog-friends for a long time.
    Have a beautiful year!

  18. Happy Birthday sweet friend!! Yes, the 40's are good. :)

    It see a lot of happy fall pictures in your post. I can not wait to pull out my fall stuff!

    I love the picture of you and Steve!!

  19. Happy Birthday! I'm sorry I missed wishing you one on the day - I've been a little sick over here - with pneumonia again :(
    I just loved scrolling through all the pics of sweets - and of your sweeties too!
    Hope it's been a great weekend, lovely birthday girl!

  20. I am so behind on blog reading, but I hope you had an amazing, special birthday Billie Jo! You and your family are the sweetest! :)


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