August 1, 2013

Weekend Plans

Well...the first weekend of August has arrived. And around here, that means two things for certain...we have plenty of sweet friends and neighbors who leave fresh garden veggies on our doorstep, and county fairs are in full swing. And those things make me happy.

Friday evening Steve is taking the older kids to a large county fair nearby. Madison and a few friends are going to see a country singer in concert there, while Steve, Peyton, and Rhett explore the rides and more importantly, the food! While they are gone, Flynn and I are planning on taking my mom over to visit with my dad and perhaps take him out for an ice cream cone too.

Saturday is a free day. I really don't have anything planned before Mass, so I guess I will plan on sitting on my porch with a cup of coffee. : )  We are attending late Mass this week as Rhett is serving, so I am planning a simple meal before...most likely something with zucchini, what else? Saturday night, Peyton wants to have a marathon of our new favorite TV show. Wait for it...The Walking Dead. Apparently we have been living under a rock, and have not realized that this show existed. What can I say...Peyton has a thing for zombies.

Sunday we have plans. Not my favorite...but I can't spend every summer at home with my sweet family, right? Anyway, we are going to Steve's family reunion. I am praying for nice weather as my kids are hoping to swim. : ) And that is what we have planned for this August weekend. I hope yours is happy and pleasant and yummy, whatever your plans may be. Thanks for visiting!

Just checking...

and...yep. It's all gone. : (

Just taking the puppy for a summer evening ride. Because that is the thing to do, right?

My pretty Peyton...already a teenager!

And when your husband brings you these beauties...

you have to bake this amazing pie from my bloggy friend Patty. Because that is the law. For real.

And I'll leave you with this...a mom selfie!

Happy Weekend friends!


  1. Oh the pie... yum! Is that recipe on Patty's blog? I have to try it out. Planning on going blueberry picking today... we'll see what we get! And the braids on Flynn... adorable! I love her hair. I'm bringing Abigail for a trim on Saturday but would you believe that it woke me up a few times? Crazy, I know but I can't decide if I should have it cut or not. It's never really ever been cut... maybe just a little trim :) Have a lovely weekend and a great visit with you dad!

    1. Pie. It's so dang delicious. "For real" as she would say :) I have a recipe tab at the top of the homepage. You can find the recipe for the blueberry pie there. Have fun picking!

  2. My 17yr old liked watching The Walking Dead. It would scare me too much. I hate zombies!!!

    The pie is to die for.

    The kids look great and so does their mama!

    happy weekend bloggy friend and wishing great weather for that reunion!

  3. know, I lived in Springfield, Il for 12 years and only went to the state fair once?? I suppose it's because we didn't have children for so long and then when we did, they were to young. We go now to the TX state fair every fall. Kids are older and enjoy it :) Flynn looks down right too cute in her braids. I. LOVE. little. girl. braids. It makes me think of Laura Ingalls! I cannot show my kids the doggy pic. They would want one :) The Walking Dead...oh my goodness. It was too scary (and gory) for me. But David watched every single episode on Netflix. ha ha. I was just thinking of Peyton the other day...the older girls are going to a swim party on Friday evening over by South Fork Ranch! haha. Your pie turned out BEAUTIFUL!!! I'm so glad you all liked it! If anyone asks, you can find the link under the recipe tab at top of page. Have a wonderful weekend!!!

  4. I'm so happy to see a picture of YOU on your blog! Peyton's picture is beautiful, too. And oh how I wish we still lived in an area where people GREW stuff...and then left it on their neighbor's porches. It kills me every time I have to BUY a zucchini. Have a wonderful first weekend of August, friend! :)

  5. Have a wonderful weekend. I hope the reunion is fun. Ironically, I just got back from the grocery store with blueberries. Now I want to make that pie! Love the picture of you. I always like to see the writer in the post. It feels like a special treat, no? Have fun.

  6. Oh! My husband is obsessed with The Walking Dead! It terrifies me (because I'm a whimp), but I do sort of follow the story! Have a great weekend!!

  7. Yummmmm. the pie looks fabulous. I'll have to check it out. Still not sure what I'm making or buying for dessert for June's baptism luncheon...
    and FAIRS!!!! - the best. The Indiana State Fair starts this weekend and we can't wait to get over there for a couple of days with the girls!
    hope it's a great weekend!

  8. Your pie looks wonderful!! We went berry picking a few weeks back and I did not make one pie!!

    I always love the pictures you post of your family.

    Have fun at your family reunion and enjoy the time with your parents.

  9. The county fairs sound like the perfect summer outing. Hope everyone has a great time! You blueberry pie looks amazing! Friends treated us to a peach pie last night - so good. Hope your weekend is great!

  10. You are such a foodie! That (Patty) pie looks awesome!!! And your puppy is downright adoarble! Happy Weekend!!!

  11. That pie looks delicious!

    My husband's siblings love The Walking Dead. I think for a while last year they got together once a week to watch it.

    You have a beautiful family!

  12. Mmmmmmmm....I can smell that pie right through the screen. I love fairs too. We are working the Pro life booth this Thursday at a local fair, should be fun (especially chasing the 1 12/ year old!)

    I just can not get into Zombies. At all. Now, Vampires, that is another story. haha! (at least they are cute:)

    I have to say, I LOVE braids too (on little girls)


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