July 21, 2013

Flipping Through The Channels And...Stop!

I remember the very first movie I saw on video. It was Heaven Can Wait. My boyfriend and I rented it from the brand new video store when I was in high school. In fact we rented the VCR too! They had just come out and most people didn't even have them in their homes yet.

How times have changed, right? VCRs are obsolete now and DVDs are making way for Blue Ray. But that isn't enough...we can now watch any movie we want anytime we want on Netflix, or Vudu, or Amazon Prime. As much as I enjoy watching movies on demand, I still get excited when I catch one of my very favorite movies on regular television. You know what I mean, right? You are casually flipping through the channels when suddenly you come across one of your favorite movies. It doesn't  matter that it is more than halfway over. It doesn't matter that you have seen it a hundred times already. You still watch, right? I know I do. Here are my top favorite movies that I will watch whenever I find them on television...in no particular order of course! (Gone With The Wind isn't listed for the obvious reason that it is the best movie ever made. Hence...my son's name. And I would have used Scarlett if my mom hadn't taken it already for my older sister...but...I digress...)

My favorite movies to find on regular television that will make me stop what I am doing and watch again and again are...

The Poseidon Adventure

Loved this one...so many wonderful actors.

The Birds (1963) "Os Pássaros"

Alfred Hitchcock...enough said. And I still wonder how Tippi Hedren looked so good in that green suit three days in a row.

I first saw this on vacation when I was little. I remember being scared to swim in the hotel pool!

Shawshank Redemption
Love...that's all.
Ok...your turn. What is your favorite movie to watch on TV? Please share so I can add it to my list!


  1. These are great. I too get excited when I see a classic on the regular TV. For some reason, every time I hear Poseidon Adventure it makes me think of The Towering Inferno! Both great ones. Thanks for the flashback!

  2. We don't have a T.V., but when I lived with my parents I remember certain movies coming on that my Dad loved and he still does love them.

    Heavenly Kid, Heaven can Wait, The 10 Commandments, Quigley Down Under, Folks, The Big Fisherman, The Last of the Mohicans, The Santa Clause, Joshua, and I'm sure there are some I'm forgetting!

  3. My favorite movies to run into while channel surfing are Sleepless in Seattle, The Wedding Singer and Men In Black. I don't think I've ever seen any of the ones you posted about (well, except Gone With the Wind.) I'm such a chicken, I could never watch JAWS.
    But I DO remember having to RENT a VCR...oh, that seems like yesterday. And now I can watch a movie in my hand. Technology makes my head spin. :)

  4. So, The Birds are playing in an old Texas tourist town that has an old-time movie theater. We were just walking by it yesterday and we saw that The Birds was playing. So funny! Right there with you....we did not own a VCR when they first came out either. In fact, I didn't even know you could rent the machine!

  5. I know EXACTLY what you mean! Whenever a certain movie is on TV... even with commercials and half way through I HAVE to stop and watch. Most of mine are Christmas ones or I'm a sucker for "Sleepless in Seattle" or "You've Got Mail" or something mushy like that.

  6. I used to work at a video store, around the age of 18-20, I loved it...Yes, we used to rent out vcr's!! My husband and I were just in the video store last week (we usually do Netflix) and I was thinking about how much video stores have changed since the time of VHS...We wrote down a bunch of titles we'd like to rent via Netflix!

    My favorite TV movie to watch over and over again and again is You've Got Mail. The 2nd one is Pride and Predjudice..the newer one.


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