June 2, 2013

Happy 13th Birthday Peyton

We have another teenager in the house! My Peyton Rose celebrated her special day on Friday. I can't believe she is a teenager. I remember so well the moment she was born. We did not know if we were having a boy or a girl, and when the doctor said  that she was a girl, I somehow envisioned a baby that looked like Madison. I could not have been more wrong! I remember the exact moment that they handed me my Peyton Rose. She had dark hair and dark eyes and the tiniest nose ever. She was perfect then, and still is today. And so my dear Peyton, this is for you...

Peyton, at thirteen years old you

love to read. Mostly V.C. Andrews and The Hunger Games.

love Fox News. If you aren't watching it on TV, you are reading it on your iPad.

love to bake. You bake all by yourself now. Your specialities are cookies and brownies.

are wonderful with Flynn! You are like a second mother to her. She loves you so.

are very organized. You pick up the TV room every night.

love to watch TV with me. Your favorites are Dallas and Bates Motel.

are a wonderful sister to Madison and Rhett.

are a blessing to me, always asking if there is anything you can do for me.

make me happy every moment of the day.

Here are some of my favorite pictures of you...

I loved that haircut on you!
This was the day you made a hopscotch board with 300 spaces!
You and your Flynn...
Christmas 2009
We celebrated you with a small party on your birthday. Grandma and Margie and Chris were there. We had pizza and chocolate cake. Then we all sat on the front porch before watching a late movie. You must have thanked me a hundred times for making your day so special. You, my Peyton Rose, deserve it. : )
Breakfast...yummy cinnamon rolls...
We set up your party table while you were at school.
And then you helped me make your cake!
That cupcake balloon was huge!
We sang...
and ate cake!
Happy Birthday Peyton Rose!



  1. Peyton Rose is such a pretty name for a pretty young lady.

    Happy 13th Birthday and God Bless you on your special special day.

    your mama made it all special and purty and YUMMY for you!

  2. Beautiful pictures, as always! You have such beautiful children and always seem to make everything so special for them.

    Oh, and that cake looks delicious!

  3. She's lovely! and must be a great joy to your family! Happy Birthday to Payton Rose!

  4. What a wonderful birthday. I'm sure she will love to look back at the pics and read all the things you love about her. 13 is a big year!

  5. She sounds like a joy (and not just because she likes Fox news, but that helps!) Happy Birthday to Peyton and prayers for a blessed year ahead. Congratulations teenager!

  6. Happy 13th birthday Peyton!!!! It sure sounds like you had a wonderful day. Oh how I love the picture of Peyton holding baby Flynn. Oh the joy on that big sisters face. LOVE IT! (and what a beauty Flynn was! Love the birthday table Billie Jo! I loved seeing all of the looking back pictures. What a sweet girl you have!

  7. Happy Happy Birthday to your sweet little girl!:)
    love that list (again) and all her "little" pictures.
    wow...13! that number is making me kind of nervous since riley will be 11 and Aubrey 4 this month!
    what a pretty party table and I know you made the day picture perfect!
    have a happy day billie jo

    LOVE your new profile pic!
    come update mine too will ya.....!:)

  8. Happy birthday to your sweet teen!! I loved the things you wrote about her. I love the differences in our kiddos too. So fun. (my son just turned 13 in March--I'm loving having a teen)

  9. Happy Birthday Peyton...such a beautiful name Peyton Rose. I love here smile.
    It sounds like she had a wonderful birthday. Just how I would like spending it at home with the people I love and my favorite food. :)

  10. Such a gorgeous young lady! So glad she had a great birthday!

  11. Happy birthday to Peyton! Love your birthday table:) How cute!


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