April 4, 2013

Weekend Plans

The weekend is here, and it is looking beautiful...no snow , so that is beautiful enough! Friday evening Madison works at 4:00, so I am planning on putting some soup in the crockpot in the morning. I like her to be able to eat some semblance of a meal before she goes! I am thinking potato soup and some biscuits. The rest of the evening is free, so we will most likely stay home and relax!

Saturday during the day is free as well. My niece Carly is bringing her boyfriend up to visit and then she and Madison and Ryan are going out to dinner together. She and Madison are very close in age, and they have so much fun together! Carly stayed up here over break and she and Madison had so much fun doing facials, eating popcorn and watching movies together. We are all going to Mass together, then Steve and Rhett are going to camp with My sister Margie's husband Chris. Apparently there is a basketball tournament going on? ; )  Margie is staying with us, so she, Peyton, Flynn and I will be on our own for dinner. I think I will let the kids choose, although secretly I am hoping for Pizza Hut!

Sunday will be a quiet day with the girls and I at home visiting with Margie. We will probably play games and watch movies. Depending on the weather, we may even get out for a walk! Madison has work at 4:00, so we will eat before she goes. I am planning on barbecue meatballs and baked potatoes with applesauce and then possibly a trip to Dairy Queen for dessert. Madison always makes the perfect cones! Well...that is what we have planned for this weekend. I hope yours is happy and sunny and warm, whatever your plans may be!

Lunch this week...tuna salad with lots of extra Easter eggs mixed in on whole wheat toast with a slice of provolone...yummmm!
The Easter Bunny added a few new Cinderellas to the collection. And believe me, Flynn knows the difference between each and every one!
Look what else that Bunny left...
and who got a personalized manicure with them?
What do you do when the big kids return to school after break, and a certain little sister is very sad? Well, bake of course! And in this case, it was these yummy banana muffins from Colleen. They are in.cre.di.ble.!!!
Happy Weekend!!


  1. Oh my goodness so many cinderellas! I cannot believe it. Haha. Sounds like a lovely weekend. I think we'll be going out for dessert this weekend too:)

  2. Hope you win with Pizza Hut! Have a happy weekend!

  3. Enjoy your weekend sweet friend!
    I now am craving a tuna sandwich with egg and pizza hut....I may have both tomorrow. The sandwich for lunch and pizza for dinner. :)

  4. I love Pizza Hut too, but we never get pizza from there. My husband doesn't care for it. Does Madison work at Dairy Queen? How cool is that? Enjoy your weekend my friend.

  5. love those piggy paints!! where oh whre do you get those??:) the colors are so fun and you are a mighty good manicurist i must say.
    so let me get this straight...you mix the eggs IN with the tuna?!?!?! hmmmm? never ever tried that but i like both so why not!:)
    love all the time you and your girls are spending together this weekend and the fact that your sister is there makes it all the better i'm sure.
    enjoy that pizza hut and those perfect cones!:)
    have a happy day billie jo

  6. I'm all for Pizza Hut!! Can I come? haha, it's grocery weekend....and of course don't forget Confession, if you did the Divine Mercy Novena!!

    Love that cute little chubby newly painted hand, just adorable!! My girls also know all the names of all their dolls (kids) and Barbies and babies.

    Have a great weekend! DQ...hmmm good idea for the kids this weekend!

  7. Piggy Paint is the best, isn't it? And of course she knows the difference between those "identical" dolls!! Have a wonderful weekend!

  8. Hey, the bunny left nail polish here too! Love your weekend posts. They motivate me to get organized. Have you done your April folder yet?


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