March 28, 2013

Weekend Plans... Easter 2013

How can it be that Lent passed so quickly and we find ourselves on the eve of Good Friday? I wish I could say I accomplished everything I had intended in my heart this Lent, but sadly, that is not true. Friday we will spend time in quiet reflection and prayer and on the suffering of our Lord...In addition to fasting, we will spend the hours between 12 and 3 in quiet prayer, using the Stations of The Cross as our guide. We will have a simple supper of fish and then make a few preparations for our holiday meal on Saturday.

Saturday we are having my parents and my sister and her husband in for an early holiday meal. We are eating around 3:00, as Madison works Saturday evening. I am planning ham, cheesy potatoes, cucumber and onion pasta salad, broccoli casserole, and a yummy cherry delight for dessert. Peyton has promised to give me a hand in the kitchen! Yay! Saturday evening, we will spend preparing for both our Savior and on a smaller scale...the Easter Bunny himself!

Easter Sunday is looking to be a bit warmer here. We will attend an early Mass dressed in our finest to celebrate the Risen Lord and return home to quickly change and begin to hunt for Easter baskets! Easter Sunday will be a quiet family day here with just the six of us favorite kind of day...We will snack on leftover ham on sandwiches and lots and lots of chocolate eggs, I hope!

That is what our plans look like for this Easter Weekend...I hope you and your families have a blessed, happy, peaceful Easter Day as we celebrate the Risen Lord! Thanks so very much for sharing your lives and families with me! Happy Easter friends!

Last weekend, we decided on some last minute Easter cookies...

Peyton was in charge and I supervised...

all went well. And boy, were they yummy!

All ready for Mass last Saturday...

and another...

and just one more!

Her Easter Bow

And winter was not done with us yet...

Flynn was a bit concerned that the Easter Bunny might get confused, and think it is still Christmas...

Happy Easter! : )


  1. Those sound like perfect Easter Triduum and Easter plans. I feel like this lent lasted forever, but I don't have as much fruitfulness to show for it. I have to look at the small ways, little successes that I grew and worked on what I set out to over lent.
    Blessed Holy Week and Easter to you and your family! Be sure and eat a cookie or two for me, they look delish!

  2. OH, she's a little dolly! What fun memories you are making for her! Your meal sounds wonderful Saturday--I'm making cheesy potatoes too...Sunday I'm making a dinner for us here, then we are heading over to my mom's for dessert...

    Have a blessed Easter!

  3. Sounds wonderful! Your daughter is so cute!! Love her bow and dress. Happy Easter, and thanks for sharing your life with us too!

  4. Happy Easter!
    Great cookies and your little girl is adorable!
    Easter will bring an egg hunt and getting together with my family on my dad's side.

  5. Your plans sound great!!! Cheesy potatoes are my favorite, so I think I'll make those too! Ben is not feeling well...he went to school this morning with a slight fever, but I didn't want him to miss Living Stations of the Cross! Now his fever is up to 102. I asked him if anyone was absent at school today...yep...two classmates...out of 9 kids! Pooh. Hoping the other 2 stay well. We have a subdivision Easter Egg hunt on Saturday and then Mass with the Daddy (he's on duty on Saturday) Easter Morning.

  6. Cute cookies...good job Peyton! Love that sweet Flynn. I had to show Juliana her cute bow.
    Sounds like a relaxing weekend with yummy food and family.

  7. Happy Easter!

    Peyton, your cookies look delish!

    And Flynn is ready for the Easter Bunny... wishing you all a blessed holiday. Love You!

  8. Thinking of you today and how you have blessed my life :) Happy Easter to you and your beautiful family, thanks for being such a shining light of His love!

  9. i REALLY want a cookie!!:)
    beautifully planned weekend as always.
    is it always that way??!!:))))
    i'm feeling a bit inadequate over here!:) haha
    have a happy day billie jo


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