January 31, 2013

Weekend Plans... A Birthday, Groundog Day and Superbowl

Well, that was fast. February is here already. And the first February weekend promises to be busy and fun! Friday evening we are going to my wonderful mom's house to help her celebrate her 76th birthday! We will celebrate with pizza and cake and lots of love! After that, I plan on finishing up my laundry so I can do my Saturday night ironing a day early. I want to get my work done because...my dear best friend Marian is coming up for the weekend on Saturday morning!

Yes, Marian is coming to visit her very favorite family, right Marian? : ) I am going to get up early and get my hair colored fixed up and trimmed, so I should be home when Marian arrives. Rhett has a funeral to serve as well. Before we leave, we will be sure to watch the Groundhog come out and predict the rest of the winter forecast. I don't know how big of a deal this is in other parts of the country, but let me tell you...it is serious business around here! If you are up early, be sure to turn on your tv and see what all the excitement is about! I have a few fun worksheets and coloring pages for the kids to do as well.  Saturday will mostly be spent visiting and laughing and catching up. We will have Mass in the early evening, followed by dinner. I think we will have take out from our favorite place just up the road. We will probably watch a movie or two Saturday night, too.

Sunday is not just any Sunday... It is Superbowl Sunday! And we have a die-hard 49ers fan in Rhett! He is so excited! But enough about the game...on to what Superbowl Sunday is really about...the food! Right now we are planning on barbecue meatballs, cheesy potatoes, taco dip, crab dip, and some sort of dessert to be announced as soon as all the kids can decide on one. My sister and her husband will be joining Marian and us for a fun day of football and food! I hope my parents will be able to join us for at least part of the day. It will depend a lot on my father and the weather.

Well...there is our fun family weekend. I hope yours is fun and festive and Super, whatever your plans may be!

Where have these been all my life? Flynn actually asks me to wipe her nose with her "boogie wipes"! Try them...I swear your life will be better for it.

Tuesday was a busy evening. Steve and Rhett had soccer sign ups, so I planned an easy dinner. Pancakes and...

fresh fruit. My kids loved it!

So happy to find this in my mailbox today. It is the March issue, and today is January 31st. That drives me nuts...I don't like to read about spring stuff in February, so I set it in a cute basket in the kitchen until March 1. Tomorrow, I will pull out the February issue I got a month ago. Speaking of issues...! : )

 And some sweet little Groundhog chocolates to go with dinner Saturday night!

Have a great weekend, friends!


  1. I love that Real Simple Magazine too... and my March 1st will have to wait as well!!! I'm the same! I'm coming over to your house for the Superbowl... your food sounds amazing! Have a wonderful visit with your friend. Hope it a happy weekend. And thanks for the new tissue tip... gotta try those!

  2. Ha! we had pancakes for dinner on Monday night. Those groundhog chocolates are so cute. Where did you find them? We live in PA, so we are into the hype of Groundhog's Day. My husband is out of town and my kids are having their neighbor friends over for the Super Bowl and....junk food, of course! Have fun this weekend.

  3. I do not like how the magazines come a month early as well. You gave me a great idea to put it away until the next month.
    Your super bowl meal sounds wonderful! The super bowl is a big deal where I live because the 49ers are a little more than an hour away from us. All the tv stations have been there for the week reporting.
    Have a wonderful weekend with your friend!!

  4. Those chocolates are too cute! I hope you have a wonderful weekend - sounds like there will be a lot of fun celebrations! :)

  5. Groundhog day isn't really big where we are but I LOVE IT!! I'm such a nerd about it...those chocolates are SO COOL!!! I think I'm going to try to make something like this for the girls tomorrow: http://media-cache-ec3.pinterest.com/550/d7/5f/0c/d75f0cfad5dd6f43c852239743c72535.jpg
    (And of course, WATCH "Groundhog Day" :)

    And we are huge Boogie Wipe people too!!!

  6. Oh my goodness, you made that simple dinner so appealing! And those chocolates are super cute! Have a fun weekend with your friend, and I want to see picture of you and her with your new haircut :) Oh and my Mom turns 75 next month, which scares the crap out of me because she is MUCH younger than that in my head!

  7. Benjamin made the most adorable craft for Groundhog's Day! I'm not sure if it is "big" or not...but we all celebrate it here in the Midwest. I think maybe because like the East Coast, most of us are really hoping for a break from the winter weather! Here's to cloudy skies!

    Crab dip sounds delicious...might have to make it on Sunday as well. Check out my blog to see what I might try my hand at...cheesy pretzel bites. yum! I'm loving those Groundhog Day chocolates!!!

    Enjoy your birthday celebration with your mom! How very special! As well as your visit with Marian.


  8. Hope you had a great weekend with your friend! (And your family!)
    Those chocolates are adorable!


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