January 8, 2013

This Makes me Happy...My New Planner

A new year means a brand new, blank desk planner. Ahhh....happiness! I have been keeping a simple yearly desk planner for years and years now. It is the place I write everything down. Once it is in the planner, it is as good as gold! Every year right after the Christmas excitement is over, I set up my spot at my kitchen table and get to work. This year, Madison and Peyton got me my planner for Christmas. And it is beautiful! Let's just take a moment to admire it, shall we?

Now, to organize it for the new year, I gather last year's planner and copy all important birthdays and anniversaries for the year. Then I copy all appointments that are already made for the upcoming year. I just keep all those little appointment cards we have received for future appointments at the dentist, doctor, eye doctor, etc. and once copied in the planner, I throw them away. Hooray! Less clutter means happy me. I also add days off of school from the school calendar and of course assorted stickers because I am weird like that. That's it...my new planner is all ready for the year ahead. Now it is ready to take its place on my desk where it will remain, open all year long.

 Oh, and yes, I do keep all my old planners. Because they don't qualify as clutter. I mean, someday I may need to look back and see what day Rhett's 3rd birthday fell on, right? I know it is silly, but my new planner makes me happy.


  1. Not silly at all! Planners always make me happy. ALL organization makes me happy!

  2. Planners make me happy too! Love the new year with everyting all fresh and new... keep sharing! I feel like I have a twin sister!

  3. Did you get it from Target? I think I had the same one as you, but in the smaller size, last year! Planners make me happy too!! :)

  4. I love your planner!! I get the same kind where the boxes are big and you can see the whole month at a time. I didn't get a new one this year because the one I got last year is a two year one. It's falling apart, but I still love it. Happy planning!

  5. Yay for organization and declutter!! This OCD mama is getting giddy too :)
    Funny that you post this today since there was another blogger who also posted similar today. I haven't done a paper planner/journal ever, but suddenly feel like it would be right up my alley. I have things written on physical calendar at home and reminders on my computer, but with my at home p/t job now there are always running notes of things to keep at the forefront of my mind.

    Hmmm....you've got me thinking.....

  6. My main planner is on my phone. Especially since it goes everywhere with me! But I do get one at the start of each school year and fill in each week, including meals, special events, etc. I'd be lost without mine! Yours is so very pretty!

  7. oh the planner!:)
    i don't have a planner, but one of those hangup calendars. sitting down with it (after receiving my new one for christmas) each year and transferring all the dates and events is such a ritual isn't it!:) love it.
    i keep saying i need to get the one on my ohone working too cause it's always with it...but i'll never give my "old fashioned" one up!:)
    have a happy day billie jo

  8. I use my desk calendar at work as my planner, and I know how happy it makes me to schedule things and check them off. We type A people are very weird ;)

  9. You are the organizational junkie that I dream to be...some day! Love all your ideas!


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