January 20, 2013

A Peek Inside...My Refrigerator

Is it weird that I like to see inside people's refrigerators?  Ok, it is, I admit. But don't you just love to take a peek? Well, since mine was clean and recently stocked, I thought I would let you take a peek inside. I just made your day, right?

Thrilling, I know! Ok... I keep yogurt and fruit cups together on the top shelf. I always open the packs first, so it is easier for the kids to grab one. The next shelf is where I keep fresh fruit in clear containers. I always cut the fruit up as soon as I get home from the store, but I don't rinse it until we are ready to eat it. The bins hold fruit and veggies. And the bottom drawer is for cheese and wraps. I always keep things in the same place, so it is easy to tell when we are out of something.

This door holds condiments...

and this one is for milk, juice, and butter.

The freezer drawers hold my fresh picked, frozen blueberries for cereal and breakfast items, as well as frozen veggies. And yes, it is bothering me that the bag of peas is folded over...

And of course, the ice cream drawer. As you can see, we all like different kinds!

Well...that's it! That is a peek inside my refrigerator! What is inside of yours?

Oh... and late Happy Birthday wishes to my sweet blogger friend Kelli! Hope it was happy!


  1. So neat and organized! I love that you have an ice cream drawer! (Boy do I need an ice cream drawer now!)

  2. I am always so embarrassed when someone opens my fridge. I need to work on that. Yours looks so nice and clean. Now I'm craving ice cream.

  3. Well done! I love my new fridge. I shop and it always seems empty still LOL! I didn't get a larger one, just a different style and it seems to really have more space. The freezer drawers...aren't they the best? I will never ever go back to a side by side again. Those french doors are the best bet!

  4. Thank you for the sweet Birthday wishes!!

    I love how organized you are Billie Jo! You are always inspiring me with your wonderful ideas. I am loving the monthly folder idea you shared.

    Why have I not thought to keep the fruit cups in the fridge..they taste better cold!

    Have a wonderful night!

  5. Thank goodness you have an ice cream drawer, because all your healthy food was putting me to shame!

  6. Oh my goodness...if it's weird I'm weird too because I totally love seeing people's refrigerators!!! Actually I came across a picture I took of our refrigerator contents not too long ago because it was too funny not to document...it was basically all booz and leftover takeout...hmmm I feel like this needs to be a link up...

  7. ok...now i know i read this post, cause i was thinking of it as i cleaned mine out yesterday!!! where is my comment for goodness sakes!!!:)
    anyway...organized as ever and looking lovely!!
    and i love the ice cream drawer too.
    although...brace yourself for this one...i have not had any in two nights...not a big deal really but a BIG deal for me!!:) haha
    have a happy day billie jo!


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