November 29, 2012

Weekend Plans

The weekend. A December Weekend. Hooray! We will be quite busy this weekend, but it is with fun, family activities. Friday night Steve and Rhett are going back to hunting camp in hopes that Rhett will be successful during his first hunting season. My sister will be returning to stay with us and we will probably order take out and watch a movie. My kind of Friday night. : )

Saturday I plan on visiting with my father and taking him his coffee. I will also redo his calendar for December and take in the chocolate Advent calendars I got for him and his roommate, Marshall. They are always so excited about anything holiday, or chocolate for that matter! Steve and Rhett will hopefully be home for Mass and then after that, I am planning on a simple meal of sloppy joes and macaroni and cheese with fresh fruit for dinner. This time of year I always feel better after eating some kind of fruit. Don't you?

Sunday morning we are going to take our Christmas card picture. Back in the day, when I was young and energetic, we went to a professional photographer to have the Christmas picture taken. I loved it! I always got matching brother-sister outfits and everything. But, the littles grew, as children tend to do, and then we were blessed with little Flynn. She was born in late November, I was recovering from my fourth c-section, and Steve, who is always searching for ways to make my life easier (and in turn his happier!) suggested we stay home and take it ourselves. It wasn't hard to convince me that year, and honestly, it turned out great. We have been taking it ourselves ever since. After our "photo session", we are going to my mom's to celebrate my brother-in-law's birthday. We are having pizza and cake and visiting with family. I hope to be home in time for showers, baths, and jammies so we can catch some of the Steeler game before bed. And that is our weekend. Hope your first weekend of Advent is happy, whatever your plans may be!

Madison and I before her party...

The birthday girl!!
She had a wonderful day. Thank you all for your kind wishes. She loved them all!

My November birthday girls...

Zip is back, keeping an eye on things for Santa.

I am loving this Advent wreath Rhett made at school!

And my evening tea with a leftover birthday cupcake. Just the thing on a chilly evening at home!


  1. What a fun week... and that cupcake looks so yummy! We are taking our Christmas picture at home this weekend too... fingers crossed!

  2. Have fun taking the Christmas pictures! :) I hope you and your family have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Hi Billie Jo! I adore your Christmas tree mug! Enjoy your weekend. Sounds wonderful for sure! Hope the photo session is easy as can be! Post the picture for us to see? Have a wonderful movie and pizza night tonight! Thanks also for all of your well wishes. On adntibiotics now so it should only be a few more days... then I can get back into the swing of Christmas! Happy Friday friend! ~tara

  4. A cupcake and tea sound wonderful. Enjoy your weekend. It sounds like a wonderful weekend spent with family.

  5. We have the Elf on the Shelf as well. He comes out the first day of Advent...I better find him!

  6. wow...i am really late on this one!!!:) sorry i have ben such a cruddy blog friend lately!!:(
    what a beautiful picture of you and madison. and that one of her and flynn is just too precious.
    i'm sure those pictures came out beautiful!!:)
    have a happy day


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