November 15, 2012

Weekend Plans

Another weekend is here...time is sure flying, isn't it? This weekend is a busy one and an exciting one as well. Friday night Madison has to cheer at a playoff game. Yes, we are still playing football here. Last weekend she missed the game because of the anniversary party we attended. Steve and Rhett will make the trip, but it is just too chilly for Flynn (and for me to be honest!) So Peyton, Flynn and I will spend a quiet night at home in our jammies!

Saturday morning I will have a  quick coffee visit with my dad. Then the older girls and I have a hair appointment. I really enjoy that special time I spend with the girls. Our hairdresser is a friend and we always have such a nice visit. Saturday afternoon we will attend Mass. After that, I plan on having barbecue beef sandwiches and chips for a simple supper. I am going to put the beef in the crock pot early Saturday morning so it will be ready when we return! So good and soo easy!

Sunday is a special day...we are having Flynn's 3rd birthday party! Back in the day, when I was young and energetic, I had huge parties for the littles. Now, much older and wiser, I realize that small, comfortable parties with those we love are much more fun and relaxing. Therefore, we have a few family members coming to celebrate with our little Flynn. She is beyond excited. She is most excited about the candles?! (like Aubrey, Cindy! ) After the party, I plan on cleaning up and organizing everything (because stuff like party decorations and mess drives me crazy! I can't go to bed until everything is "back to normal"!) Then it will be baths and bed for the little ones, and the Steeler game for those of us who can stay awake! Flynn's actual birthday is Monday so I will have to prepare myself for the fact that my baby is turning 3! Well, that is our weekend. Hope yours is happy, whatever your plans may be!

So excited to find this holiday tea to enjoy at night this season!

Flynn was excited to go to the anniversary party last weekend!

Me and my baby...

Our November cupcake delivery...that Cranberry Bliss one is calling my name!


  1. Happy Birthday to your little girl! Enjoy!

  2. Happy birthday to Flynn! I hope you all have a fun celebration! She is so cute with her bows and dresses! :)

  3. Happy birthday to your little one!
    What is this you say about a November cupcake delivery??

  4. Happy Birthday to your sweet little one. I was the same way with my older two but having Juliana later I like small. This year I let her plan her own was fun to see what she wanted at 5.
    You always find such fun holiday food. I was not able to find the fall pancake mix you had.
    And your cupcakes of the fun!
    What a great picture of you and Flynn. Two beautiful ladies.
    Have a great weekend!

  5. another blissful weekend i see.:) you know i am with you on the cold thing! just wait till this winter...i'm a bit nervous though, the girls and dave keep talking about bringing aubrey sledding for the first time...yikes there goes my super cute reason for having to stay home and warm!!:) haha
    happy birthday to sweet flynn. can't wait to see her blow out her candles.:)
    have a great day billie jo and enjoy that tea:)

    great picture of you and your sweetie:)

  6. Happy (early) birthday to Flynn! May God bless her abundantly on her special day! The picture of you two is precious :) I'll have to pick up those boxes of tea at the store this weekend. The nights are now chilly here, and I've been having a cup of tea the past two nights. Hits the spot! (That and a pair of new, very cozy, pajamas!"

  7. Happy birthday to Flynn! I hope yall have a wonderful weekend:) That tea looks great, I love holiday drinks. We just bought some apple cider this week!

  8. Aww! My oldest turns FOUR on Sunday!! I'm having a hard time wrapping my brain and heart around it, but I'm excited for him. We are just having a small party- grandparents, aunts & uncles, and cousins. He loves his family so much I don't think he'd have it any other way!

    Happy Birthday to your sweetie! Have a great weekend!


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