October 10, 2012

Pasta with Fresh Tomatoes

This is one of my very favorite go-to meals. I make it a lot on Sunday evenings for dinner because it comes together very quickly, yet is still a real meal. It works best with fresh garden tomatoes, but is great with whatever you can find! I like to serve it with a salad and garlic bread. Enjoy!

                    Pasta With Fresh Tomatoes

Ingredients:    1 pound thin spaghetti
                     3 or 4 large tomatoes, quartered
                     olive oil
                     fresh garlic, minced
                     parsley, chopped
                     shredded Parmesan cheese
Directions:      Boil pasta until tender.
                     Meanwhile, cook garlic in olive oil
                     on low heat.
                     Add tomatoes and cook down.
                     Drain pasta and add to garlic
                     and tomatoes.
                     Sprinkle with parsley and
                     shredded cheese.


  1. Oh yummy and easy!! My fridge has been on the fritz. I'm afraid to do big grocery shopping. I've been purchasing for 2 days at a time until David fixes it. (Which will be tonight :) At any rate, this looks great and I was just heading out to pick up something easy for tonight. Thanks!

  2. oh my word... can I come over for dinner?! That looks sooooooo good! And my favorite is when the pasta and the salad are on the same plate... pure perfection! There's a restaurant near us that serves their pasta and salad on the same plate and I love love love it that way! I'm making this on Sunday for sure!!! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hi Billie Jo! This recipe sounds delicious...and nutritious! I recently lost 47 lbs. and have gone mostly "whole" foods. I just recently started adding in carbohydrates in the form of whole wheat pasta, sweet potatoes, baby reds, etc. I am definitely trying this out for my FIRST carb meal!!! ;)

  4. this looks so yummy billie jo! you and tara are rockin it in the recipe posting lately.:) i guess i'd actually have to COOK something to be able to do that right?!:)
    i do make a mean boxed brownie though. haha
    have a happy night


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