September 28, 2012

Weekend Plans

The last weekend of September is a " busy in a good way " one for our family. Friday night Madison has an away football game. Steve is going to attend so Peyton, Rhett, Flynn and I will be home to do one of our favorite things...decorate for Halloween! This has always been a special day for my kids, and I am sad that Madison won't be here, but she has assured me that it is ok!  I mean, she is almost 16... did that happen? In any case, I am excited to bring up the Halloween tubs and watch the littles dig out all the books, DVDs, CDs, and toys that have become traditions in our home. Dinner will be Candy Corn Pizza. It is an easy, fun pizza recipe. You can find it here. I think I will also make some orange frosted brownies for dessert.

Saturday I will have my visit with my father. After that, we have a wedding to attend. My sister's daughter is getting married and we are excited to share her special day with her and my whole family! I hope she has a beautiful, warm, autumn day. We usually attend Saturday late afternoon mass, but since we are going to be at the wedding, we plan on catching the later mass. After that, it will be home sweet home!

Sunday morning will be free for a big breakfast and time with the paper and coffee. I found some fun Halloween confetti pancake mix the kids are anxious to try. Madison has her last day of work for the season, and Rhett has a soccer game. I plan on picking Madison up and then swinging around to catch the 2nd half.  After the game, weather permitting, we are heading to the pumpkin patch! The pumpkin patch is yet another of my favorite traditions!! This year Flynn is old enough to understand, so we are all excited! Once we get home from getting our pumpkins, I plan on heading in to start supper while Steve and the kids decorate outdoors with the pumpkins and cornstalks. I am planning on goulash and Italian bread for dinner. It is a quick and easy but filling meal for Sunday dinner. Well, that is the plan for our weekend. Hope yours is happy, whatever your plans may be!

   My afternoon coffee and Halloween treat this week!

Have you tried this yet? It is perfect with a cup of tea : )


  1. Madison looks beautiful! I love the blue! Did she have fun at the dance?

    Have fun at the wedding this weekend and enjoy all of your other plans! :)

  2. Beautiful couple, Billie Jo. And how precious that they took the time to visit with Grandpa! Pumpkin Pie swirl bread. No. I haven't seen that but it sure does sound delicious with coffee! Have a wonderful weekend spending that precious time with your family :)

  3. sounds like a perfect weekend...yet again!:) your daughter looks beautiful and i sweet that they stopped by to visit grandpa!:)
    have fun at the pumpkin patch. i just love ours! we have plans to visit next weekend and i can't wait.
    that pumpkin swirl bread sounds awesome. have you tried the thomas' pumpkin english muffins?!?!:)
    have a happy day billie jo

  4. Your daughter looks so pretty! That's a great color on her. And I love the shoes!! Very cute! Enjoy your weekend!

  5. Love the homecoming picture and love the shoes!
    Ok the pizza sounds so fun. we are going to have to try that! And the pumpkin bread I have to look for that when I go shopping this weekend.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Pumpkin spice bread?! I'm heading out tomorrow to search for that!!!


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