August 17, 2012

Weekend Plans

Our last weekend before school starts is here. Wow, that was fast! Friday night Steve and Rhett are heading to camp to finish up all the little things that need to be done since the renovation was completed. Rhett is so excited about camp now since he can go to Hunting Camp this year. How did he grow up so fast? Madison is working at my favorite ice cream place, so it will just be me, Peyton and Flynn. It looks like rain soooo a cozy, lazy evening of macaroni and cheese in front of the tv is in order. Yay!
Saturday morning I am visiting with my dad. After that, I think I will make a trip to the grocery store and pick up things for the kid's back to school meals. They each pick a favorite meal and dessert and have a special dinner during the first week of school. After the grocery store, we have Mass in the early evening followed by... The Hunger Games!!! Rhett has been waiting for that to come out on DVD and is so excited that the day is finally here. So, popcorn and a movie it is!

 Sunday afternoon I am having my parents here for dinner. I am so excited because I have been talking to my dad about making him Chicken Cacciatore since he had his brain surgery last January. I have told him all during his recovery that as soon as he is able, he will come for dinner. He has worked very hard and is now able to leave his nursing home for longer periods of time. I called him and told him I was making his Chicken Cacciatore on Sunday. He was very excited!  Peyton is going to make one of his favorite desserts too. It is a bundt cake with pumpkin and apples and cream cheese icing. And it is good! Well,  I hope you all have a wonderful late summer weekend, whatever your plans may be. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Hi Billie Joe...thanks for leaving me a comment. You are sweet! I'll be stopping by to 'get to know you'. Can't wait! PS.. I love tea too!

  2. Thank you for visiting my blog! I have enjoyed reading through your sweet have some great recipes! Love your blog title.
    Have a great weekend!

  3. your weekend sounds perfect. i love that you let each of your children pick a special meal for the first week of school, what a great idea!:) i hope you enjoy your movie night and your dinner with your parent's.
    have a happy day

  4. Enjoy your weekend! I was able to squeeze pool time in yesterday afternoon. We are schooling today, Saturday, since we are taking off MOnday. The kids are pretty good about flip flopping days around :) That bundt cake sounds delicious!!! And I'm so thrilled that you get to have that time with your father. It is so important and you recognize it. God bless!

  5. Sounds like it's going to be a great weekend! That's so cute that you let your children all pick out a meal! Enjoy the time with your family and parents! :)


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