August 31, 2012

Weekend Plans Labor Day 2012

Labor Day Weekend is here. As sad as I am saying goodbye to summer, I am soooo happy that autumn is here. I always consider Labor Day the end of summer, even though the calendar may disagree! In any case, I can't wait for all the beauty and comforts and food that fall brings with her each year. Our Labor Day Weekend is full of goodbye to summer and hello to fall activities.!

Friday night, Rhett has his first soccer practice. Since Steve is his coach, he does too. For dinner, I plan on making a new recipe I recently found on the Gooseberry Patch website. It is called Taco-Filled Pasta Shells. I will let you know how it turns out! Madison has cheer practice and then work, so I expect her to eat and sleep when she gets home!

Saturday is my coffee visit with my father. After that, Madison cheers at her very first Varsity football game. I am so excited for her! We plan on attending the game and then mass. Saturday dinner is pierogies with steamed broccoli and fresh fruit. Just something simple, because by that time i am sure I will be ready for a nap!

Sunday afternoon we are going to visit my sister and her husband. They have no children of their own, and therefore, spoil mine like crazy! We usually get down there to visit at least 2 times a year... Labor Day and during Christmas vacation. We always have the same thing to and wings! We love it and always look forward to visiting with them at their home. They come here quite a bit more, but the kids just love visiting Aunt Margie's house!

Labor Day is always a day we claim for our own. No cookouts, no picnics, no fuss. We stay home and spend the day finishing up summer and preparing for the new season just ahead. I hope to put all the Americana decorations away, both inside and out. I put them up for Memorial Day and leave them up all summer for 4th of July and Labor Day. Now is the time to dust them off and pack them up until next spring. I plan on sweeping off the porch in preparation for fall decorating! My favorite!!! Then a simple dinner of hot dogs on the grill with steamed zucchini and dessert, whatever Peyton wishes to make!

 Well, I hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend, whatever your plans may be. Thanks for stopping by!

Madison all ready for the Family Picnic and Bonfire

And  Flynn was excited to go too!


  1. ohhh your Monday sounds PERFECT!!! Love the idea of the red white and blue staying up all summer and then coming down on labor day... Remind me next year?! Your dinner Monday night sounds perfect too! Wishing you a happy weekend Billie Jo!!! ~tara

  2. i love your little weekend previews! it must help to plan it all out in your head ahead of time!!:) i wish i put that much thought into my weekends!!:) maybe i would get more accomplished:) haha
    i stepped outside and noticed our front porch needed a good sweeping too, so i'll join you!:)
    too funny about our storage closets! and i laughed at your comment about falling asleep with flynn...sometimes i have to fight to keep my eyes open when i am reading aubrey books before her "nap"! that midafternoon time is a killer for me!
    have a happy weeknd billie jo

    thanks for your all your sweet comments lately. have you ever thought of fixing your settings so i (and others) can reply right to the comments you leave on my/their blog? right now you are a "no-reply blogger" so when i click on your comment in my blog i can't reply...did taht make sense??:) it is a pretty easy fix...just try googling "no reply blogger" and it will give you the steps to change it...if you want!:) kind of makes it easier to chat back and forth about things !:)
    anyway...happy weekend!:)

    1. Ok Cindy...I think I fixed it, did I? Let me know, please? Thanksssss :)

  3. Sounds like a great weekend once again. Madison is beautiful! I remember being a cheerleader and just loved it. You can see Flynn has big dreams in her future as well:)

  4. Hi Billie Jo, Thank you for your sweet comment regarding my grandmother.

    Your weekend sound wonderful! I love reading about the fun you have over your weekends.

    I would love to hear how your dinner turned out.

  5. That sounds like a perfect weekend! I hope you are loving every minute of it! :) I am also really excited for the fall!


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