January 22, 2020

Riding Around Comes Full Circle

Years ago, as teenagers in a small town, my friends and I would spend our weekends "riding around".  We would pile into my parent's car and later my own little Plymouth Sundance, turn on the music, and ride from one end of town to another. My dad used to say we could ride from bridge to bridge, as each end of Main Street had a bridge leading out of town. 

Those were fun times. No responsibilities, no worries...except when we were going to finish our Chemistry homework or how much money we had for gas! We didn't have satellite radio or even a strong FM station, but we did have some awesome cassette tapes like Whitney Houston, Madonna, ANd Huey Lweis and the News.

Time passed. And my little Sundance was replaced with several minivans complete with an ever-growing number of car and booster seats. The riding around town was replaced with trips to the grocery store and swimming lessons. Those 80's cassette tapes became Sesame Street and Disney ones. And those were wonderful times.

Suddenly, in what seems like a blink of an eye, the minivan is gone, the booster seats hang in the garage. Our driveway now holds cars that teenagers ride around in, listening to satellite radio and Taylor Swift and Post Malone CDs. And you know what? These are wonderful times.

I found myself alone in my Jeep last week when I was on my way to a hair appointment. I turned up my music, Post Malone in fact, which is not for young people...fair warning...and I thought about how things come full circle. How years ago I rode around town, listening to music without a care in the world. And now my kids do the same. And that, my friends, is wonderful.

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  1. This is a lovely post. I love your perspective on the changes in life. Have a wonderful day, my friend!

  2. Indeed...full circle...same here, smiles. Have a great Wednesday, my friend. smiles.

  3. This post resonates with me so much!! Full circle and all that that entails.

  4. Hi Billie JO ~ I love this post! Now, when my grandchildren drive me around (crazy huh?!) I get to have a little taste of how times have changed. The circle of life!

    Hugs and Love,

  5. You and I think so much alike. I very much enjoyed reading this post. Our lives are so dynamic and each season has such beauty and blessings to behold. Hugs to you my friend. ~Juli

  6. Oh we did the same in the 80s and 90s. Friday nights were for riding up and down the strip seeing who else was out and about.

  7. I also did lots of riding around in my days but it was in the 70's and my car was a Maverick. Loved those days too. My kids are grown and it my husband and I riding around now, going out for coffee or heading to Walmart which is close to us. Time sure goes by. Love the memories though.

  8. Time flies when you are having fun and then you wake up and realize that fun went by entirely too fast. Now we have a different kind of fun.

  9. We used to cruise town when we were teenagers also. It seemed like every Friday or Saturday night or after a football game the town was swimming with high schoolers driving up and down main street. Man that was fun. It's great how seasons change. Our kids did the same thing while I waited up for them and now we are empty nesters and enjoy spending our nights together binging shows haha.
    Always enjoy reading your post my friend!

  10. True words dear friend, I remember those days long ago. I cherish today and cherish those memories of days gone by. Enjoy your day dear friend, let's ride around and listen to music:) HUGS!

  11. You speak so well on how I feel and the kinds of things I reflect on as well. In many ways we're in such similar chapters of our lives. Love sharing time with you here my Friend. Have a cozy and blessed weekend ahead. xoxo


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