January 26, 2018

Random Photo Friday

Friday again! I hope your week was happy and healthy, my friends. Here are a few pictures of our simple little life this past week.

We enjoyed Saturday morning pancakes with fresh fruit on the side.
(The fruit makes me feel better about the pancakes and syrup.)

My girl.
Always willing to smile for a picture...

I told her she was the most fashionable eight year old around.
Her response?

And I don't even try!  : )

Do you ever eat at Red Lobster?
They have a new section on their menu...
Small Plates.
I had the most amazing Petite Lobster Roll!!!!
And a side Caesar Salad...
Plus this amazing Strawberry Lemonade to finish off our lunch out on a Tuesday.

I sipped some green tea while teaching my favorite second grader.

A moment that made me happy...
Flynn and Mocha
Christmas pajamas and January sunlight
And a smile.

Ending with this one!

Have a cozy weekend, my friends!
Thanks for visiting. : )


  1. No Red Lobster around here, maybe in Buffalo or Rochester, but who wants to drive an hour to get dinner? (lol)--cute photos, have a beautiful day friend.

  2. We do have a Red Lobster, Billie Jo. Your lobster roll sure sounds good and a ceasar salad is my favorite. Darling photos of your wee one. She is always smiling. I love her answer! Adorable. ♥

  3. We have a Red Lobster that is crazy close to us but also crazy busy. Even when you'd think it shouldn't be. So we haven't been in a long time. I think M was still in a car seat. We should try to get there though, C loves shrimp! Have a wonderful Flynn and Mocha weekend. (And the rest of your crew too of course!!)

  4. The Red Lobster lunch sounds delicious. Beautiful girl with a beautiful smile. Have a great weekend.

  5. Of course she doesn't have to try!!! Have a great weekend!!

  6. Oh my goodness, those pancakes look amazing! I may just have to make some tomorrow morning. Have a wonderful weekend. Hugs. Juli

  7. Such a darling girl, and a smile to match.

  8. The closest Red Lobster to us is about an hour away. We have a gift card to there that is 2 years old because we just don't go to the town that it is in. Your daughter is so cute! Have a great weekend!

  9. Hi Billie Jo!

    I agree, fruit does make syrup seem like it has less calories... :0)

    Flynn the little fashionista...I love it! She is so adorable, and I love that she doesn't even try! What a cutie!

    I love, Red Lobster, but only go there once in a while as it is about 35 miles away. I'm anxious to try their small plates, they look delicious on the commercials.

    It's a cold day today, and pajamas sound like a wonderful end to a busy day! Have a wonderful week-end, stay warm and well!

    Hugs and Love,

  10. Yes, tomorrow is going to be my "Pajamas over people" day.

  11. Pajamas over people! Yes, I love it! Your little one is too cute and 'doesn't even have to try!'

  12. Flynn is just such a cutie! P.J.'s over people.......amen! Have a nice weekend.

  13. I NEED those pancakes. And yes, pajamas over people. Always.
    Madison | Breakfast at Madison’s

  14. Hey Sweets! You do have quite the fashionista there! ;) And now I"m craving pancakes and Red Lobster...is that possible? Reminds me that I have a Red Lobster gift card from Christmas. HHhmmmm I see a lobster roll in my future. Lol
    Hope you're all having a blessed weekend. xoxo

  15. Such a sweet post, Billie Jo, the word on Miss Flynn's top is perfect for her,I also enjoy Red Lobster, especially those biscuits. ~wink~
    Have a blessed day.

  16. "And I don't even try!" LOL. I love it!

  17. I need pancakes, now! Haha.
    Flynn is so precious!!!
    I LOVE the Strawberry Lemonade at Red Lobster. My husband ordered it last time we went, and I took a sip or two or three. It was Delicious. :)


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