March 6, 2017

Dr. Seuss Week In Our Little Homeschool

I am a huge Dr. Seuss fan. It all began when Madison was born and I joined  a book club in which you received two new Dr. Seuss books each month. Plus a really cool tote bag! Mind you, this was long before Internet shopping came about. Madison and I spent hours...literally hours reading and rereading our favorite book "Dr Seuss's Abc" book. I can still literally recite it word for word, twenty years later.

When the opportunity arose to devote an entire school week to our good friend, I jumped at the chance. Flynn was thrilled. And Peyton and Rhett were so awesome at joining in to make it even more special for her.

Our school was all ready for a great week of fun reading!

Yep. Real Green Eggs. No ham. ; )

And some sweet tasting Green Eggs and Ham.

My First Grader!

Peyton did an awesome job making a Cat in the Hat pizza...

And it was good. : )

For the record, our favorite Dr. Seuss books are as follows:

Mommy/Teacher - Dr. Seuss's ABC

Peyton- In A People House

Rhett- There's A Wocket In My Pocket

Flynn- All Of Them!!!!

How about you, my friends?


  1. My son loved that ABC book too!

  2. So much fun!!! We love Dr Suess too and still :-) That pizza looks really good right now ;-) Have a wonderful week!


  3. That pizza is absolutely adorable! And my favorite is "Are You My Mother". Although technically that was written by PD Eastman. So, if that doesn't count then I also love "Hop on Pop". It looks like you guys had a great week celebrating!

  4. Love this so much Billie Jo! I have such fond memories of Dr. Seuss days. One of my favorite childhood pics of me with my Brother is of the 2 of us snuggling in a chair and he's sucking his thumb and resting his head on my shoulder looking at the pictures while I read him Hop on Pop. That was always one of our favorites. I'm 3 years older and I had probably just learned how to really read well (I was probably around 6 years?). I'm with Peyton, though, in that I remember In a People House being one of my personal favorites.

    And I love all the adorable and creative treats!!! Great job folks and what a fun lesson time.

    1. PS:My Aaron never got into Dr. Seuss, as much as my Annie did. And her favorite was always I Will Not Eat Green Eggs and Ham. ;)

  5. oh my gosh, you knocked it outta the park (as usual) Loved seeing it all! The pizza, so clever!

  6. Hi Billie Jo!

    I love, Dr. Seuss! I when Dr. Seuss became popular, I was just a girl. I read the few books that were out at the time, over and over to my little brother . . . he just loved them. Later, reading them to my own children was wonderful, and now full circle, reading them to my grands! Such cute decorations! Have I ever told you that I think you are an awesome mom?!


  7. This is so fun! I love Dr. Suess too! John's favorite is The Cat in the Hat, but I always loved Horton Sits on an Egg. I remember reading it a thousand times as a child! Brings back great memories! BTW that pizza looks awesome! Another winner by Chef Peyton! ♥

  8. What a fun week! That pizza is so cute! My fave has always been One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish! :)

  9. You had me at Dr. Seuss : ) When I saw title I capped off my coffee and dove in! Reading this brought all those memories back for me, I remember our little Dr.Seuss and Mickey Mouse back backs from the book clubs My kiddos took them everywhere. Our favorite is green Eggs & Ham....Sam I am! Peyton out did herself yet again with that pizza!

  10. How fun!! Simeon's speech teacher did a Dr Seuss theme (so I didn't have to!)

    My favorite book, is The Best Nest!! And Robert the Rose Horse, and Big Dog Little Dog hard to pick a favorite!

  11. How fun are you?!?! I know I don't always comment but believe me, I am always reading & enjoy your posts so much :) As a mom, homemaker & homeschooler you encourage me so much! I love your laid back approach to life! No rushing, hustling & bustling to activities.. And there is no need to, cause home is where all the fun & joy happens ;) That is what I try to embody in my own home & family! My kids love being home & never long to be anywhere else. Life is slow & cozy, just the way it should be! I just love this post! And the littel get away you just had with your hubby looks incredible!!!! Hmmm... Maybe I can go there one day myself with my hubby ;) After all, I live right in Jersey so it's not too far at all!! Blessings!! Lisa from insta (hot_coffee4lisa)


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