Friday, July 21, 2017

Weekend Plans...Or Not

This week was full of all the summer fun. From swimming to boating, we covered it all. Fortunately, we have little to no plans this Saturday and Sunday, except to spend some quality family time together. Friday we are traveling to the big city to spend the day with Marian! Tentative plans include The Cheesecake Factory and War For the Planet of the Apes. Good times.

Here is a quick recap of the fun had this past week here in our country home...

We snapped a few pictures of Flynn before Mass...

In this adorable new Snow White dress I found at The Disney Store online. : )
Highly recommend.

On the way to mass selfie with the whole gang...
Well, minus Steve.
Someone has to drive. : )

I have yet to find my favorite Blackberry Lemonade anywhere the year!
I had to settle for Strawberry when we want to Hoss's after mass last weekend.
Ok. So maybe it wasn't that bad.

Our Sunday afternoon Surf-n-Turf dinner was amazing!
Steve's prime rib was perfect, and my friend Heather's crab cakes??

We visited for hours, and then enjoyed Peyton's blueberry pie for dessert.
This is our favorite blueberry recipe, compliments of my Bloggy friend Patty.

Monday found us visiting with Steve's brother Todd, his wife Beth, and daughter Rachel. 
We love spending time with them!
Although we don't do it enough.
And yes. This is their backyard.
As was the dinner of beef kabobs and baked potato bar they served for dinner. 
And the strawberry jello cake we had for dessert. : )
We had a wonderful evening visiting with them, and promised to do it again soon.

Tuesday Flynn had swimming lessons.
The only picture I have is this selfie with my Madison!
The rest of the time we were watching our little one learn to swim.
The swimming lessons are at our old home.
Steve and I built that house and moved into it with just Madison.
We brought two additional babies home into that house, and we were all excited to see it again after so many years.
The new owners are a young couple, just as we were, with one small daughter.
She invited Flynn to take private swimming lessons with her daughter.
And she was soooo kind in letting us walk through her beautiful home.
It brought back so many memories.
I was also so happy to see the house that we built being loved by a brand new family.

Wednesday we all went boating with our friend Justin and his adorable girlfriend Gina.
You may remember Justin as the guy who comes and cooks us chicken.
He is a super young man, and invited us to go out on his new boat.
It took some convincing for me to join in the fun, but I am so glad I did!
It was a blast!
And I was so happy and thankful they invited us.

My favorite picture of the day?

Justin helping Flynn before he took her out on the tube. : )

We all came back to the house and had pizza.
Then Madison and Nicolas made us some delicious crepes for dessert.

Thursday we stayed home.
Except for a run into town for some hot fudge sundaes from McDonalds.

My oldest gave my youngest a manicure...

And I spent some time on the porch with my shadow.

Have a wonderful weekend with your people, my friends.
Thanks so much for visiting!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Just A Thought...

When people ask me why I stay home so much...
Why we do so many things together as a family...
Why I say, "No. But thank you." to so many requests...
Why I am determined to make our home a place of comfort, contentment, and peace...

Just this.
That is all. 

Monday, July 17, 2017

DelGrosso's Amusement Park

One of the things we do every summer is the annual visit to our favorite family amusement park. We don't actually choose a day, we just wing it and watch for a rain-free-not-too-hot-afternoon. One day last week, we had the (almost) perfect day. It was a bit too hot for me. But the kids? They hardly noticed. : )

Annual "pose in front of the sign" picture for the kids...

And the adults.
So happy Heather and Dave joined us this year.
And also sooo thrilled I left my sunglasses in my purse for this picture.

One of the things I am most proud of and thankful for is my older children always happily willing to make these days special for Flynn.

They ride everything with her!

And some without!!!

Smiles afterward. : )

Lots of rides...



And food.
Always food.
Not pictured: cotton candy, funnel cakes, ice cream,
and even a deep fried Twinkie.
I do not recommend that last one...

It was a wonderful day together.
Watching my oldest take my baby on the same rides I once took her...
Walking through the park with the same four children I once pushed in strollers...
Laughing about old times while making new memories...
A wonderful day.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Weekend Plans

Welcome to the weekend, my friends! I hope you have a wonderful weekend whatever your plans may be. We have had a busy week here so our weekend is going to be restful and laid back. Friday night the kids are planning a Risk and Monopoly marathon, so I am thinking of having a pizza night for them as well. Saturday is Mass followed by dinner and movies. Sunday we are planning a special Surf and Turf meal with our friends Heather and Dave to celebrate Dave's birthday, and Mocha's too! Steve is making Prime Rib, and Heather is making her amazing crab cakes. Peyton is making Blueberry Pie for dessert. Cannot wait!

Here are some pictures of the past week here in our summer country home...

We started last weekend off with some beautiful evening skies...

And then Flynn and I had fun taking pictures before Mass.

We are savoring our last weeks with these adorable kids before they fly across the ocean for one more semester.

Sunday's brunch was a success...

And then later, these guys left to see Ed Sheeran in concert.
They returned happy and full from an amazing concert, and a delicious meal at The Cheesecake Factory.

Meanwhile, my Flynn and I had some special time together along with our puppies. 
We played Connect Four, watched Drake and Josh, took a Jeep ride, got Subway, and did a lot of this.
It was a wonderful day.

Morning planning with some hot lemon water is the way I start my day. is official!
Peyton did not attend her cyber school graduation, and this week she received her diploma and tassel in the mail.

So proud of that girl.

Of course she celebrated by baking her amazing chocolate chip cookies...

Here's a closer look. : )

Have a wonderful weekend, my friends!
Thank you for visiting.
I am always glad you do!