Monday, May 25, 2015

A Touch Of The Red, White, And Blue

Memorial Day Weekend means it is time to pack away the pastels and spring bunnies and break out the red, white, and blue that will decorate our house all summer long. You know...Memorial Day, Fourth Of July, and Labor Day...up until I can pull out my favorites...fall leaves and pumpkins! But let's not rush it, ok? Let's savor every single glorious moment of the beautiful summer that awaits us. : ) Here is a peek at out patriotic country home.

Happy Summer, my friends!

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Happy 13th Birthday Rhett

Yep. My boy turned thirteen. What?!?!?! He had a wonderful day as documented in these fun photos below. Rhett is a wonderful young man...a very sensitive soul who makes me laugh at least fifty times a day. I kid you not. He loves movies and working at the theatre. He loves hunting and gaming...and tacos. He hates milk and tomatoes. He is a kind young man if I do say so myself. I am super proud of the young man my baby boy has become, and can't wait to see the amazing man he was born to be. : )

I make him his favorite fudge. Every.Single.Year.

There were pictures first...

(He is officially taller than I am! )

and then presents...

(Super surprised!)


(...and oh so very thankful!)

and then there was cake!
He chose his very fave televisions shows...The Flash and Arrow.
And it was chocolate with peanut butter icing!

(He said he had nothing to wish for! I'm sure he thought of something. : ) )

Happy Birthday, my one and only son!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

Today I'm thinking about...

...Rhett. And how he is turning 13 today!!!! That's of today my one and only boy is a teenager! And we are celebrating him with a yummy meal of his choice, cake, presents, family, friends, and fun. : ) I am beyond proud of this young man my little boy has become. And I am so proud to be his mom. : ) Details on his special day to come soon. Now I'm off to make his favorite...Two Tone Chocolate Fudge. I make it every single year on his special day.  Before I go, here is a quick peek at the past week in our country home. : )

The birthday boy himself with his sisters at the Ed Sheeran concert. : )

We got up early for a beautiful Ascension Day Mass...

and took my beautiful mother to breakfast afterward. : )

Things got really pretty...

really fast...

and we stayed outside as long as we could. : )

And that made us very happy.

Steve broke out the mower again too.

There were soccer games...

newborn baby birds...

and homemade chocolate chip cookies.

All in all...a really good week.
Have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend, my friends!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Painting With The Yellow Flowers

Flynn loves her dandelions so much, I try to take full advantage of them during the time they are here. We used them again this year for a craft project, and she had a wonderful time. So did Peyton and Rhett, for the record. : ) If you would like to try this super simple fun craft project yourself, here are some pictures to show you how...

On a beautiful spring day, gather your supplies...washable paint, sturdy paper, paper plates to pour the paint on, and popsicle sticks to mix the paint.
Then pick some pretty dandelions...sturdy long stem ones work the best.

Find a nice, shady spot outside and get started. : )
Pour the paint onto the paper plates and get painting! Dip the flower straight into the paint, and dab off the excess. : )

After you are finished, spread your artwork out to dry.  And while your beautiful pieces of artwork are drying, feel free to spend some time outside on that beautiful, spring day. : )

Monday, May 18, 2015

Flynn's Dandelions

My Flynn loves dandelions. Really loves them. She calls them her "Yellow Flowers". She waits all year for the few weeks they randomly pop up and adorn our yard. In the middle of winter, she stares out of the window at the deep snow and asks if her yellow flowers will come back. I promise her they will. And they always do.

Many people do not share this view with her, I know. Many people refer to these flowers as weeds. I know myself that before Flynn began to share her love of them with me, I also thought of them as a nuisance or a bother. But she has helped me see them in a new way. They are not something to be upset about or bothered by. They are something to anticipate and celebrate. These bright yellow flowers signal the beginning of a new season...a fresh new start at the end of a long, cold winter.

Dandelions remind me that we all have certain times in our lives...difficult or unpleasant times or situations...that pop up randomly and often excessively. We can choose to view these times as ugly, problematic things that distract us and cause us stress. We can try as we might to rid ourselves of them, but like the dandelion, they always return. Or...we can choose to look at these times as beautiful, vibrant, yellow flowers. We can choose to see them not as difficult or stressful times, but rather as learning situations and chances to rely on our faith and hope for better times to follow.

I now rejoice with my daughter every spring when these bright yellow flowers pop up in our yard. I take off my shoes and run through them with her, thankful for the fact that no matter how long or how cold the winter is, they always return with the promise spring and a chance to begin again.

This past week, we spent some time outside with Flynn's beautiful dandelions, and my Madison snapped some photos so we could remember the joy on her face...

Don't forget to run through your dandelions, my friends!