Monday, October 5, 2015


Our newest family member...
When you have an amazing husband, who knows how much you long for a small, cuddly, puppy to bring into your family...and who searches high and low to find the perfect one...then takes you to meet know you married the right man. : )
We picked her up...
and cuddled her the whole way home...
which made us all so very happy.
She fits perfectly into our family...
sleeping well. And giving potty training her very best 10 week old effort.
As for our Kirby, since he considers himself a member of the family and not actually a dog, he seems unaffected by this new little creature in our home. Perhaps he thinks we finally got a pet. : )
Mocha, a tiny Yorkiepoo has found her forever home. 

Friday, October 2, 2015

If There Were Ever Any Doubt...

...I really do LOVE Fall.

I must be in the running for Mother of the Year, right? ; )
Oh...and in case you're curious...FrankenBerry is the BEST. : )
Happy October!

Monday, September 28, 2015

Porches Aren't Just For Summer Anymore

Or maybe they never were. In any case, we switched out our patriotic themed front porch this past week to reflect the welcome change to crisper, cooler, more vibrant autumn weather. And honestly, we enjoy it just as much. Now as we sit and enjoy our morning coffee, we gaze at the mountains and watch as the slowly begin to reveal their glorious colors. Sometimes we need a throw or a light sweater, but that makes it all the more cozy. Soon enough we will close the door tightly against the blowing and drifting snow, but for now, we are enjoying these last few weeks out on the front porch.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

A Cozy Touch Of Autumn

Cozy. That is the word that best describes the way I like our home to be. And is there any better time for a home to be cozy than during these glorious months of September, October, and November? The days get shorter and cooler, causing us to gather inside sooner and enjoy the warmth and scents that are home. Here are a few pictures of our country home all dressed up for fall.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

September Weekends Have My Heart

It is no secret I have a soft spot in my soul for fall. All things autumn make me happy and cozy inside. September, I think, often gets overlooked by autumn lovers. It isn't quite October with those vibrant shades of autumn leaves and reminders of Halloween at every turn. It isn't November with the promise of the holidays so near and cozy turkey dinners to plan and prepare. September is all her own. A start to so many, cooler days and cozier nights, football on Sundays, and still beautiful, crisp afternoons spent outside. September takes her time. There is no rush to buy costumes or pumpkins or turkeys. It is a chance for us to slow down and transition to the busier moths ahead. Perhaps that is why I love September. And why I love these September weekends most of all.

Choosing her spot so carefully...
because she knows I like the trees in the background. : )
Up early to see some of my people off...
they were headed to the city to cheer on our Steelers!
They had great seats...
with an amazing view. Courtesy of Rhett's Snapchat. : )
My girl and I spent some time doing this...
and then some time enjoying this beautiful September afternoon...
before going back inside to make a surprise snack for the big kids...
because that is what September weekends are for.
And I must add that Flynn and I had a wonderful day with our Madison here at home too. : )
Enjoy your September Weekends, my friends!
They are fleeting!



Thursday, September 17, 2015

Ordinary Days...And Another Birthday

Ordinary days are my the best, don't you think? They are exactly what we are enjoying right now. With another birthday mixed in. Yours truly celebrated her...ahem...46th Birthday this week. And I did so with peace in my heart, and with love from my family and friends. It was a quiet day...schooling followed by an extra long, cozy afternoon nap, and then a dinner at Pizza Hut with my mother and sweet family. Afterward, we gathered at home for presents and a yummy chocolate cake made by my Peyton. I could not have asked for a better day to celebrate the blessed life I live. : )

Flowers from my man...
and Mums from sweet friends. : )
The best gift of all...this guy...beside me every single day.
Me. Unfiltered. At 46. Just me. : )
And some ordinary moments from our ordinary days...
not too sure about the clever cricket we discovered on our daily walk...
but more than excited about her daily job...getting the mail!
Lessons about apples culminate in some fun art projects in Kindergarten this year. : )
And that is a peek at our ordinary days, my friends.
Have some wonderful ones of your own!
Thanks for visiting!