Tuesday, September 1, 2015

First Day Of School 2015

We began a brand new year of homeschooling yesterday...and it was a good day!

We set out her outfit the night before...
and took a few pictures outside...with a backpack of course...while we waited for the older kids to wake up. Because...older kids. : )
And one with her shadow just for fun.
Earlier in the morning, I snuck into the school room to set their surprises on their desks...Rhett collects Funko Pops from movies as well as superheroes and comic books too. Plus...I always get them a candle to burn while they work.
Peyton is my retro television girl! And I also got her a new scent in her favorite smelling lotion. Plus a fall scented candle. : )
And for my little lady...Cinderella Peg Dolls...Thank You talented people on Etsy...and a Cinderella book and shirt. : )
Then it was the annual First Day of School Picture!
We did some fun work to ease back into it. And my student was all about it! : )
After she and I were done, we made a surprise snack for the big kids...including Madison, who arrived home safely!
And thus it begins...another fun and exciting...not to mention cozy...new school year!.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Ordinary Days

Our days this past week were all about getting ready for fall. We spent the last week of our summer relaxing and preparing for a new season and a new school year. : )

Fall clothes came for my girl...
and we went out for our annual Back To School Meal. : )
Flynn and Peyton enjoyed the biggest piece of chocolate cake ever. : )
And the manager was super kind...he spent some time showing Flynn...from a distance...one of the cute lobsters.
Fall goodies have arrived...and we are happy!
We also spent some time visiting Steve's beautiful mother, who is actually now a resident of the same lovely nursing home that my father called home the last years of his life. She is one of the most amazing women I know...having raised seven wonderful children, buried two husbands, and survived breast cancer. She is also one of the most devout women I know. : )
And lastly...as I type these words, my firstborn is saying goodbye to her Nicolas and his wonderful family in beautiful Denmark and beginning her long trip home. Please keep her in your prayers...for a safe flight and for her aching heart as well.
Enjoy your ordinary days, my friends.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

A Peek Inside...Our Schoolroom 2015

Few things in life make me as happy as a new school year. I get so excited to roll up my sleeves, scrub the schoolroom and begin putting it together all fresh and new for a brand new start. Here is a peek inside our little homeschool room this year for my Sophomore Peyton, Eighth Grader Rhett, and Kindergarten student Flynn. : )

This is the view from the foyer...
Her books, my manuals and lesson plan book, and a few small motor skill activities are here...
with baskets full of manipulatives and accessories below.
I found all the furniture at Pottery Barn, and it has held up beautifully.
And of course...an official name tag this year. : )
The sweet little spot where we will spend our days...
Peyton and Rhett moved their desks this year...
and are all set to go with computers and books ready. : )
We couldn't leave out our Madison. Although she graduated in June, we are hoping she spends some time with us here visiting...so we left her desk for her. Although she did get moved from the prime window location. ; )
And that's that!
A little tour of our little space where we learn and laugh together.
School starts for us Monday...
Prayers for all for a happy, healthy, successful new school year. : )

Monday, August 24, 2015

These Are A Few Of My Favorite...Apps.

I love my phone. There. I admit it. I always have it with me. And use it a lot. Here are a few of my favorite apps. Available at an app store near you. : )

This is a fun one. I use it to send quick pictures without having to text. And to pass time on long car trips...

because I'm mature like that.

I am obsessed with this one. I look up every movie we watch beforehand to check on reviews and cast and length...I also use it to keep track of movies we want to see. It is quite addicting. : )

StarMap 3D+
This is a new one for me. But is already a favorite. My bestie Marian shared it with me when we were watching fireworks and thought we saw some planets...You simply hold it up to the night sky...

and it tells you what you are seeing!!! Amazing!!!

And Waterlogue.
I love this one! You choose a picture from your camera roll and it will paint it for you...

Just like this. : )

So...these are a few of my go to apps. I'd love to hear about yours!!!

Friday, August 21, 2015

Ordinary Days

...are the best days. Don't you agree? Here are a few pictures of the past week in our country home. And...a couple of ordinary days in Denmark too. : )

Quiet, lazy mornings...
with coffee and old game shows courtesy of Game Show Network...
prep for our upcoming school year...
which includes ironing these cute Etsy finds. Because when we dress for school, we feel better.
Although...we do many, many days in our jammies. Just a little disclaimer there. To keep it real, you know. : )
Beautiful afternoon walks...in jammies and rainboots and unbrushed hair...
yummy afternoon snacks...
and beautiful evenings on the porch...
before we head in for cozy nights on the couch with our Pirates.
Meanwhile...in Denmark...my girl is having the time of her life!
Her Nicolas is taking her to zoos and parks and on picnics...
in front of castles, no less! They are having a wonderful time and I am so happy for her. She loves his family, and they are taking such good care of her. I even got a text from my girl that they went to church. With pictures to prove it!!!! : ) She returns next week...full of memories and excitement I'm sure.
Have a wonderful weekend, my friends. And enjoy however it is that you spend your own Ordinary Days.