15 July 2019

Can You Relate?

12 July 2019

Loving Where You Are

10 July 2019

A Quick Summer Lunch

Some whole grain bread, deli cooper cheese, garden tomatoes, fresh basil, and ground salt and pepper under the broiler~ yum!

What is your go-to summer lunch, my friends?
Have a great day!

08 July 2019

Summer So Far!

05 July 2019

Red, White, And Blue!

03 July 2019

Social Media Can Be A Good Thing

Like when you follow someone on Instagram and realize that although you live miles and miles apart, you share the same love of home, family, food, and cozy. This is my dear friend Joey. We met through Instagram years ago, and our families met once before when we spent days together at our old home. This summer, Joey and her amazing husband Roger are on the trip of a lifetime, and we are humbled they chose to stop here and visit for a few days as part of that trip.

Social media brought two women and their families together, and for that, I am grateful. Love you, Joey! Enjoy your journey!

02 July 2019


01 July 2019

What I Wore Saturday Night To Celebrate Our Anniversary

28 June 2019

Wearing Dresses, New Hair, and Other Random Things

26 June 2019

Summer When I Was Young

24 June 2019

Full Circle