17 January 2020

January Days Around Here

15 January 2020

Really Good Cabbage Soup ~ Really!

13 January 2020

Keeping It Real: I Love The Bachelor!

10 January 2020

January Days

08 January 2020

Happy New Year 2020!

06 January 2020

Christmas 2019

03 January 2020

Time To Breathe

January. No matter how much I love September, October, November, and December, I am always happy to see this new month arrive. Not because I want to start fresh and new. Not because I am ready to jump into a new year with all kinds of resolutions and promises. It is actually the opposite. I love this month for all of the things I don't have to do. 

For me, January is quiet and calm. It is the peace that follows the excitement of months of fun, planning, celebrating, and excess. I love all of that, don't get me wrong. Yet, when it is over, I welcome the quiet, consistent, cozy days of routine and calm. I return to more consistent meal planning with healthier meals and yummy desserts. We snuggle in to watch our favorite shows while drinking cocoa and tea. I pack away all the decorations except for a few snowmen and relish the bare, clean look of our winter home. 

Before long we will be exchanging Valentines, hunting for Easter eggs, and watching fireworks. And by then, I will be ready for all things pumpkin spice! But for now, I welcome quiet, cozy January with my jammies, coffee, throw blanket, and books. How about you, my friends?