Monday, February 19, 2018

What I Eat In A Day

...Because I know you've been wondering!!! But seriously, I like to keep it real around here, and how much more real can it get than talking about food? I have to say though, lately I am finding myself eating healthier foods on a consistent basis. Imagine that. I hesitate to say I am dieting, because that, to me, is a sure fire set up for failure. The way my mind works, if I consciously try to not eat certain things, or wake up in the morning thinking I can only eat so many calories, my body panics and decides to insist on eating as if I were training for the Olympics.

I do much better if I think about what I like to eat, and how many ways I can make it healthy. Does that even make sense? What brought about this subtle change, you ask? Well, thinking about my upcoming cholesterol check, and hoping that all this good, fresh food will get those numbers in line is perhaps the main reason. I realize I am a middle age woman who has given birth four times, and as such, I will never fit into those size two Sasson or Jordache jeans again, so why stress about it? So, if you are still with me, let's take a look at what I generally eat in a day...

First thing first...
My Maxwell House French Vanilla Cafe coffee.
Every morning.
Without fail.

Breakfast is a smoothie!
I am obsessed.
I make three different kinds on a regular basis,
using frozen fruit, including bananas, skim milk, and plain non fat Greek yogurt.
Steve's favorite is one with frozen bananas, skim milk, natural peanut butter, and a bit of cocoa powder.

Lately I am all about salads!
I make my own, or get one freshly made from the store and add to it...

And you know, putting it on a pretty plate, and sitting down to eat it makes it all the more yummy!

If I don't have a salad, I usually have an egg scrambled with fresh veggies.
I love to add tomatoes, spinach, mushrooms, and some fresh cheese.

After schoolwork is done, I always settle in for a second cup of coffee.
I have done this since Madison was a baby, all those years ago.
It is a time in my day I always look forward to.
And now my kids enjoy it with me. : )

Dinner is whatever we are having.
I don't cook anything special for myself.
Who has time for that?
We eat regular, normal family meals almost every single night.

One night recently, we made homemade chicken fried rice, and Japanese Onion soup.
Sooo good.

Later in the evening, I enjoy a cup of tea, usually cranberry green tea...

And a cookie or two if Peyton has baked that day. 

There you are.
You can sleep tonight!
You now know what I eat in a day!

P.S. My friend Theresa reminded me about my drink of choice...water!
Although I am not the best water drinker out there, I am getting better.
I drink only water during the day, except for coffee and tea.
I add lemon, lime, or even orange to make it more exciting!
And...oddly enough...I drink more if I use a straw. : )

Friday, February 16, 2018

Random Photo Friday

Wow! This week found us transitioning from the fun of Mardi Gras to the solemnness of Ash Wednesday coupled with the festive celebration of Valentine's Day, and finishing with the food and fun of Chinese New Year....Which we celebrated a day early, because of our abstinence from meat on Fridays during Lent. Add some outside time in the snow for Steve and the kids and a hair cut and color for me and we had one full week! Here...take a look.

We finally had snow and non-frigid weather at the same time, so the outdoor people in the family bundled up and enjoyed! Have I ever told you how great Steve and I are as a team? He is all about the snow and cold and outside, and not. 

Meanwhile, across the ocean, my firstborn was also enjoying time in the snow with Nicolas and his family during their ski trip to Sweden.
 Can I just say how proud I am of this girl? She literally embraces every single opportunity, be it learning a brand new language or putting on a pair of skis for the very first time.
Three years ago she could neither speak Danish nor ski, and now she does both with such joy and confidence.
I am so grateful to her Nicolas and his family for sharing so many life experiences with my girl.

These two.
That's all.

How much better does a cut and color make you feel?
I was long past due.
Here is a pic I sent to Madison for her approval.

Tuesday we celebrated Mardi Gras...

Wednesday, Valentines Day
(With an AMAZING cheesecake from Juniors, and Peyton's delicious Chocolate Chip Cookies, for the non Cheesecake lovers)...

And Thursday, Chinese New Year.

Finishing this one with my Mocha, as snapped by Rhett.
Because. Puppies.

Have a wonderful weekend, dear friends.
Thanks for visiting.
I am always happy you do!

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Not Your Average Wednesday

Not sure if I should wish you a blessed Ash Wednesday or a Happy Valentine's Day...
Maybe both?!

However you are celebrating...or, I hope you are happy and healthy.
And are enjoying a piece of chocolate with ashes on your forehead. 

Monday, February 12, 2018

Because It's Monday

And we all need a smile to start off a great week.


Again, yep...

All the time...


And proud of it...


Every single time...

Me. At McDonalds. And Wendys.
And Taco Bell...

Can you relate???

Happy Monday!

Friday, February 9, 2018

Random Photo Friday

Hello, my friends. Welcome to Friday! I hope your week was filled with everything you hold dear. Our past week was filled with family, friends, food, snow, and fun. Just the way we like it.

We celebrated that furry little guy who promised us six more weeks of snow and cold.
Translation: Six more weeks of cozy throws and cups of tea.

Marian came to spend the weekend with us!

Can I tell you how happy that makes all of us?
Who would have thought...The new friend I met the very first moment of college over thirty years ago would become my very best friend, loving not only me, but my entire family?
We are all blessed that Marian considers us family.
We are thankful she is here for all the important and most mundane moments of our lives.
We love that she loves to watch late night movies...even the really bad ones.
We love that she plays endless games of Sneaky Squirrel.
We love that she brings all the ingredients to make amazing ribs for Super Bowl.
And I love that I am slowly converting her to a coffee lover.
Slowly. : )
Love you, Mar!

Super Bowl was great!
We watched with my sister Margie and her husband Chris, my mom, and our friend Mary.
We ate super good food.
And we watched a super good game.
And that is the end of football.
Until August. : )

My breakfast the morning after Super Bowl.

We had snow.
A lot of it.
That groundhog wasn't messing around, was he?

This little lady was long overdue for a trip to the spa.
(Which is actually the groomer, but I don't tell her that.)

Much better. : )

Have a wonderful weekend, my friends.
Enjoy it with your people. 
And thanks for visiting.
I am so very thankful that you do.