Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Flynn's Dandelions

My Flynn loves Dandelions. She waits all year for them. And to her...they are indeed the most beautiful flowers around. For years she has played in them and we have snapped some pictures to remember how these weeds to to us...made her so very happy.




This spring the weather has been tricky.
And we thought we might not be able to take our dandelion pictures. recent morning...the sun shone.
So out we went.


You know...
She didn't even mind that most of her precious dandelions were now Wish Flowers.
She simply picked one up...

and made a wish.

Make a wish on your wish flowers, my friends. : )

Monday, May 23, 2016

Aaaaaaaand.....He's 14

Just like that, my one and only son turned 14. To me, it was a bigger deal than when he turned into a teenager last year. Why? Well...because...he's...bigger. He LOOKS older. He is officially taller than I am. I glanced at him the other day and saw a young man. A great young man. celebration of my Rhett turning 14, here are 14 totally random facts about him...

Rhett Stephen

1.   He totally surprised me when he was born. I totally though I was having a girl!

2.   He is the only one of my children to have NEVER gone to Time Out. Yes, really.

3.   He does not drink milk. At all. Ever.

4.   He gets his dairy from ice cream. But only vanilla.

5.   He is the most sensitive of my children, always caring...always making peace.

6.   He looks so very much like my dear Dad.

Rhett and my dad on his last Father's Day with us.

7.   Rhett loves movies. His collection exceeds 200. And he watches and rewatches them all.

8.   He has the best sense of humor. And keeps us all laughing.

9.   He loves comic books, especially DC ones. You know...Batman and Superman.

10. He dislikes fruit. Strongly. Except Mandarin Oranges. Those...He loves.

11. He loves being at camp with his Dad. Simply hunting, watching movies or playing cards.

12. He was the first boy to be born into my family in 25 years, and the second one ever.

13. He is and always has been a happy child.

14. He is loved by us all. Very much.

This is how we celebrated our Rhett...

Madison spoiled him with her famous Blueberry Muffins for breakfast.
He loves them...and only consumes blueberries if they are baked into these yummy muffins.

He didn't want a big party this year...but Peyton and I insisted on a small Captain America: Civil War theme. You know...since he's seen it five times so far.  : )

Peyton baked his cake! His very favorite...chocolate with her homemade peanut butter frosting.

We took pictures in shifts before we were getting ready! And sometimes...we weren't all ready!

There. Much better. Except for Mocha's ears.
But I take what I can get. : )

Me and my boy. : )
Aaaaaand again with Mocha's ears. : )

These two. Only 24 months separate them. And they are best friends always.

One with Dad...

And a selfie with Madison. : )

Grandma and Aunt Margie celebrated with us too.

He opened presents with a little helper...

Who was very excited for him!

His big sisters were excited too...they couldn't wait to give him their gift...

Coupons for things they will do for him!
They call them "Rita Bucks"...A long story...
but include things like Dairy Queen trips and doing his chores.
And he was thrilled!

There was cake and singing and contemplating wishes...

And a hug from a mommy who is incredibly proud of the young man her baby boy has become.

Happy Birthday Rhett!!

Friday, May 20, 2016

Random Photo Friday

Is it me, or are these weeks passing extremely quickly? This past week found us simply doing our thing...Hence...the randomness that follows. : )

First up...Thank You letters to the wonderful folks who celebrated Flynn's graduation with us.

And just look how beautiful my flowers from Flynn are!

We celebrated this little guy's 8th birthday with toys and treats...
which he was kind enough to share with my little Mocha when she grabbed asked to play with them.

We had a nice day that allowed some outdoor time...and Flynn's friend Aly schooled her in the proper use of a screwdriver.

Most days were chilly...

but the evenings made up for it with these displays of beauty. : )

I taught Madison how to make homemade chicken noodle soup.
It is my mom's recipe...passing it along to the next generation...

She also made a pineapple upside down cake.
My mom's recipe again. It was one of my dad's favorites. : )

Peyton whipped these up one night.
Soooo good.
Always get Ghirardelli Brownies.
The one with the packet of chocolate.
Then add an extra egg.
And some chocolate chips.
You're welcome.

Finally had a morning fit for coffee on the porch.
And Madison and I made good use of it.

Big sister / little sister ice cream date.
Perk of having kids spread apart in age. : )

I snapped this pic of my pup on my phone one morning...

So of course I had to Snapchat it.
Because. Cuteness.

And this.
Because it is me.
All. The. Time.

Happy Weekend, my friends!!!
Thanks for visiting!

Monday, May 16, 2016

A Kindergarten Graduate

Yep. It's true. My baby graduated from Kindergarten. And we hosted a small Open House/Graduation Ceremony to celebrate her. And it was fun.

We set out her outfit the night before.
And yes. That is the same skirt she wore on the first day of Kindergarten.
Like, yesterday.

We set up the schoolroom with some of the artwork she completed this year...

and it was crazy to think how quickly it all flew by.

Posing for the obligatory photo...

Then preparing everything before her guests arrived...

There would be yummy punch in this bowl later...

along with tea, coffee, fresh fruit and dip, super delicious homemade fudge...

and cupcakes.
Always cupcakes.

The party table was all set...

and ready to celebrate our girl.

Her sweet friend Aly surprised her...and us...with this adorable Graduation cap!!!
Aly made it just for Flynn!
Aly is a dear friend who comes once a week or so and spends time with Flynn.
She teaches her how to weave potholders, how to play games like dominoes, all about movies and characters and so much more. : )

Flynn and I showed her guests around her schoolroom. The people that came...Grandma and Aunt Margie, Aunt Sally, Blueberry Mary, our neighbor Joanne, Aly and her family, and our friends Justin and Jessica...are people who mean so much to Flynn, and were happy to celebrate her. After she showed her schoolroom, Flynn read a few books and a beautiful poem we practiced in printing class.

And then she received her certificate and moved her tassel and was a Kindergarten Graduate!
Her teacher...her Mommy...was so very proud. : )

We all were!

Then there was food and fun and gifts and games.

And favors to take home.
And one very happy First Grader.

( I'm excited too! I already have her curriculum for next year...and just looking through it is making me happy! )