Monday, September 15, 2014

Stuffed Peppers

We love stuffed peppers. Always have. In fact, this was the very first meal I ever made as a new wife. Steve was a great sport and ate them, ever though I forgot to cover them, and they were still hard and crunchy. : ) I know there are many different ways to cook stuffed peppers, but because I have a thing about raw meat...ugh...I like to brown mine first. : )

Stuffed Peppers
  1. Bell Peppers
  2. 1 pound ground beef or turkey, browned with garlic salt and drained
  3. 2 cups of rice, cooked (I use Jasmine Rice.)
  4. Tomato Sauce
  5. Mozzarella cheese, shredded
  1. Slice top off of peppers. Rinse and clean out well.
  2. Mix browned meat and rice together.
  3. Stuff peppers with meat mixture.
  4. Pour sauce over, cover and bake at 350 degrees for 1 hour.
  5. Uncover and sprinkle with cheese. Bake until melted.
  6. Serve with mashed potatoes and applesauce.
These can be made up early in the day and refrigerated until ready to bake. : )

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

Today I 'm thinking about...

...Delegating. Or rather, my lack thereof. I have a hard time remembering that others are more than capable of doing things around the house. It isn't that they won't do it, or that I think I do it better myself. Rather, I simply do things without thinking. I was reminded of this yesterday, as I was folding a large basket of laundry. Flynn came over and offered to fold the washcloths. In that moment, I realized that I need to start including my children in certain things I often don't even consider. My four year old is indeed capable of folding washcloths. It was helpful to me of course, but even more so rewarding for her. Lesson learned. : )

...Autumn. And how much I love it. I have always been an autumn person, so much more than summer. Apologies to all you sun people out there. I hate being in the sun! Always have. I don't like the heat or the rays or the sweat or the burn. Hot summer days find me inside. With the air conditioning on. Drinking tea. So when autumn rolls around...with its crisp air and cool breezes...shorter days and cozier nights...colorful leaves and pumpkin flavored everything...I am happy. And that is that.

...The big box of freshly delivered cupcakes from our small town bakery. And which one Im going to have with my afternoon coffee. : )

Here are some pictures of this past week in our country home...

My Madison...her first time driving herself to work. Or anywhere. Alone. Such a good sport. She let me take a picture before she drove off. And I will admit, when she did, I thought back to the baby I brought home from the hospital. And then I went inside and prayed Hail Marys until she called to let me know she got there.
Flynn worked hard on a Hop Scotch board...
and it was just perfect. : )
I love to iron. Especially Happy Ironing like Halloween dresses for my girl.
Last Saturday was chilly...the perfect day for coffee and a movie.
Pretty evening sky. No filter. Who needs one?
Autumn mornings. Before Mass. My baby.
She dislikes the sun too. : )
One with her Peyton...
and one with her mommy.
Sunday was park day...
followed by FOOTBALL!
It's back. And we are happy. : )
We celebrated my hubby this week!
My man turned 44!
Happy Birthday to the best hubby and father around. : )
We love you.
And cake. We love cake too. : )
Happy Autumn Weekend, my friends!
Oh...and for the record...I went with the caramel brownie one.
First. ; )

Monday, September 8, 2014

Fall In Our House 2014

It is that time of year again. The time for pumpkins and leaves and cooler, crisp air...the time for warm soup with hot rolls for dinner and early evenings spent inside together. It is autumn my friends. And our home is decorated to welcome our favorite time of year.

A welcome in the mudroom...
and some touches in the kitchen...
This is a little shelf beneath the coffee station.
That Pumpkin Patch picture is before my little Flynn came along.
The sideboard...
and even a few of my favorite fall cookie cutters add some autumn to the kitchen.
The sink gets a touch of fall.
And it smells really good. : )
The view from my kitchen sink...the Hearth Room...
around the corner...
 into the Family Room...
 and into the Foyer, where the holiday tree is all set...
with colored leaves, pumpkins, and acorns. : )
And this...Our very favorite Yankee Candle...Spiced Pumpkin...
It burns every evening in our country home.
Happy Autumn, friends!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

Today I'm thinking about...

...My Madison. She is a licensed driver now!!!  She took her test this week and passed the first time! I am so proud of her...especially the parallel parking part. I mean really. Parallel parking? I haven't done that since I took MY test. The second time. ; ) I will drive around for an hour in search of two spots rather than parallel park. And there my girl does it on the first attempt. I take no credit. At all. Her father is the best driver ever. And he taught her from day one. I actually have yet to ride with her. Just keeping it real here, folks.

...Spontaneity. Not one of my usual attributes.  I tend to be a planner. A very scheduled person. But this past Monday, I found just how fun it can be to do something totally unplanned. Flynn and I were cleaning the porch in preparation for fall. It was actually quite warm out, and she asked me to spray her with the hose. I agreed, and suddenly saw the slide nearby. Soon enough, all three younger kids were running through the hose, down the "water" slide, and through the yard! I bet they ran and played and laughed for an hour. It was one of the most fun days they had all summer. And it was totally unplanned. I will remember that early morning fun forever. : )

...How this school year will be a year of lasts for us. Tuesday morning I realized it was Madison's last First Day of School...and that was a major realization for me. You go along year after year, and suddenly you realize it doesn't last forever. These little ones grow and change and are soon ready to go off and follow their own dreams. As they should. : )

Here is what was happening this past week at our house...

I ordered some crayons from Amazon. We really like sharp crayons. : )

We spent one of our last nights of summer vacation outside blowing and chasing bubbles.
And it was fun.

I wore my favorite white jeans one final time this season the day before Labor Day. I really love those jeans. But I am so old school, I packed them away until next year. : )

My little Flynn wanted a picture next to this guy at the grocery store. So of course I took one.

And then treated myself to these two magazines in the check out lane, which I later enjoyed along with my tea.

We visited my sister Margie over the weekend. We always travel there over Labor Day Weekend and again at Christmas for pizza and wings. : )

 Me and Margie. : )

If you want a pet and are not a dog person, get a Lhasapoo. I swear, I don't like dogs. At all. But I adore this little guy.

And I'll leave you with this girl, her dad and her car. : )

Have a wonderful weekend, friends!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

First Day Of School 2014

Today was the day. Our first day of school. We were all excited...really. And I am so thankful for that. This first day of school begins a year of lasts for us. My Madison begins her senior year. Here is what the first day of school looked like in our country home. : )

Flynn and I set out the Back to School Breakfast nice and early...Chocolate chip pumpkin bread and fresh fruit...a favorite!
Then I snuck in and set out the little surprise gifts on the desks. And every year, my kids act as if they didn't know I was going to! Madison was thrilled with the elf Disney inspired makeup and new books I picked out for her.  And she loved the new candle for her desk of course. : )
Peyton was just as happy with her new Guardians of the Galaxy T much so she changed and put it on! I also got my super reader a few new novels and doughnut scented candle.
Rhett said I outdid myself with his gifts! He is a collector, and loved his new items and Guardians of the Galaxy shirt, which he promptly changed into as well.
And my baby? She was thrilled with her new Cinderella dolls...which finally included the two wicked stepsisters! Those gals are hard to find! And her favorite book series came in a little set of four new ones...which we have already read. Twice. : )
Then it was time for the yearly Back to School Picture. The last with all four of my children together. And see that puppy there? When the kids went over to get ready, he went right over and stood still as well. Swear.
Madison...12th, Peyton...9th, Rhett...7th, and Flynn...4 year old Preschool. : ) 
Oh...and Kirby...mascot. 
We got right to work, and my little preschooler was happy to be back. : )
Once she and I were done, she asked to make a "Surprise Snack" for the big kids. And so we did.
Have a blessed and happy school year, my friends!