Monday, September 25, 2017

A Touch Of Fall

Our home waits for autumn decorations as much as we do. It just likes being cozy. : )

Even my laptop got a touch of fall. : )

Happy fall, my friends.
It is the time of year to be cozy.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Random Photos On The First Day Of Fall Friday!!!!

So it is officially Fall!!!!! Now I feel I can openly proclaim my love for this amazing season! Oh...who am I kidding? I'm too far gone for that. Anyway...Happy fall!!!!!

This week we settled into fall here...
oblivious to the fact it was 80 degrees outside...

After school, I did a lot of this.

That's right!
We started homeschool!

We do some schoolwork, take a break for lunch, and then we all go for a nice walk before we finish our lessons.

Our princesses have been replaced by a new sheriff in town this week. : )

New favorite dinner.
Sooo good.

Just that.

Oh, And me.
In my favorite fall pajamas!
They say "Queen of Halloween".
And do you now why I look so absurdly happy here?

Because of this!!!!!
Jamie Lee Curtis has signed on to reprise her original role of Laurie Strode in a new Halloween movie!!!!!
Ok. Here is the thing. 
I LOVE the ORIGINAL Halloween movie.
John Carpenter created an outstanding movie forty years ago.
Many have followed.
I have watched some.
And some I have refused to watch.
Too much unnecessary garbage.
The original relied on amazing acting from a newcomer Jamie Lee, an original song written by John Carpenter himself, and a script filled with suspense, as opposed to random blood and gore.
Anyway, I am beyond happy that John Carpenter and Jamie Lee Curtis are returning to this story that made such an impact on so many movies and careers, as well as Halloween in general.
Let me be clear.
This is not a family movie.
It is a suspenseful movie for adults who enjoy a good scare.
And the new installment will arrive next October!!!!
I think it is wonderful that Jamie Lee Curtis, an amazing actress with so many unforgettable roles in so many awesome films remembers and gives tribute to the one role that started her career.
And wow!
That was long!!!
Ok. I'm done.

Oh! And my dear friend Lisa from my days on Instagram just began to blog!!!
I am so happy for her! If you would like to visit her and welcome her to Blogland, her blog is located here.

Happy Friday.
Happy Weekend.
Happy fall!!!

(Jamie Lee photo credit...sent to me by Madison!)

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

First Day Of School 2017

Our little schoolroom opened today and we began our fifth year of homeschooling! It was a happy and cozy and successful day, and we look forward to many more.  : )

Our Second Grade student was up bright and early!

We got a picture with the Superintendent of Schools...

And a very happy Second Grade teacher.

After a delicious breakfast of pumpkin chocolate chip muffins, made by our in house Cafeteria Manager Peyton...

We headed into the schoolroom, and got to work.
Our Sophomore was up and ready too!!!

This year Flynn is looking forward to studying the continents in Social Studies, making an exploding volcano in Science, and using an actual spiral notebook for dictation.

Rhett is looking forward to being done Introduction to Business and lunch. : )

Have a wonderful school year, my friends!!!