17 June 2019

Health Anxiety Update

 I first wrote about my struggle with Health Anxiety and OCD in a blog post back HERE. I want to revisit it today for a few different reasons. First of all, I never want to imply here that my life is perfect or without struggles. I visit blogs to feel empathy and friendship, and I hope that those who read here leave finding the same. I never want anyone to read this little blog and think that I have it all together because Heaven knows, I don't! As a super special person once told me, "Everyone has their own sh**!" Also, I feel very strongly that if sharing my story here can help one person struggling with this or any similar issue, I owe it to that person and to myself to do that. Mental Health concerns should no longer be considered taboo or embarrassing. Nor should they be thought of as a joke, weakness, or character flaw.

14 June 2019

Scenes From The Second Week Of Summer

12 June 2019

Freshening Up A Favorite Recipe

10 June 2019

What I Wore Saturday

07 June 2019

Scenes From The Start Of Summer

05 June 2019

What We Had For Dinner Last Night

The girls and I made a delicious summer supper last night. I picked some Rosemary, Thyme, Dill, and Parsley from our little garden while Peyton prepped the salmon. Madison brushed those beauties with some melted butter, added the chopped herbs, and then a slice of lemon. We popped them in the oven with Madison's seasoned broccoli, and Peyton made some rice in her rice cooker.

And what's a good dinner without a delicious dessert? Peyton made an amazing fresh berry pie with a cinnamon crumb topping that we enjoyed during America's Got Talent. Family dinner around the table followed by dessert around the TV. Retro? Vintage? Perhaps. Perfect? You bet.

03 June 2019

Peyton's Birthday Weekend!

31 May 2019

Random Photos And More May Birthdays!

29 May 2019

If You Need Me

28 May 2019

KFC And A Super Simple Dessert

When you live far from one of your favorite fast food places, and your daughter and her new husband are conveniently driving past one on their way home from a weekend getaway, you may be tempted to have them bring some home for you. This is even more possible if you spend a great deal of the day working outside getting your deck ready for summer. And you are too lazy tired to cook.

27 May 2019

Memorial Day 2019

What are your plans today, my friends?

24 May 2019

May Days And Birthdays

22 May 2019

Dreams Come True

Just ask my Madison.

20 May 2019

Weekend Fun

17 May 2019

Random Photo Friday

15 May 2019

Do You Ever Wonder?

As bloggers, we visit each other through the magic of the blogosphere, seeing what we choose to share with each other. One thing we rarely see is how our friends share their posts with us. Do you ever wonder about that? Or is it just me? This is how I visit with you. I write my posts, upload my photos, publish them, and read all yours as well from my laptop. I am usually here in the kitchen or on the couch, but right now I am coming to you from my bed while watching an episode of Seinfeld. And that is really more than you wanted to know, right?

Happy Wednesday!

13 May 2019

Mother's Day 2019

10 May 2019

Random Photos On A Friday In May

08 May 2019

You Know The Nice Weather Is Finally Here When

The first trip to Dairy Queen in the Jeep with the top open.
Let the fun begin!

What's your go-to spring weather event?
I'd love to know!

06 May 2019

First Communion Joy

03 May 2019

May Days

01 May 2019

Feeling Rebellious Today

29 April 2019

Ordinary Is Good

26 April 2019

Life Lately

24 April 2019

A Super Good Muffin Recipe

 Peyton received a new cookbook for Easter. It is small and charming and full of delicious recipes for breakfast. She couldn't wait to try one, and this is the one she chose. These muffins taste like the very best cinnamon sugar doughnut you ever ate. Try them today with a glass of cold milk or a hot cup of coffee. Enjoy!

Cinnamon Sugar Doughnut Muffins

22 April 2019

Easter 2019

19 April 2019

Good Friday, Holy Saturday, and Easter Sunday Plans

Today we spend time in quiet reflection and prayer. Saturday we are having Easter Dinner here with my mom and Margie and Chris. Then we are heading to Easter Vigil Mass, the most beautiful mass of the year. After that, we will head home and set out our baskets for that sneaky little bunny. Sunday we will hunt for the baskets, have a lovely brunch of coffee cake and fruit, and spend the rest of the day together visiting, eating chocolate, and maybe even napping. 

I hope your Easter is happy and festive and blessed. And filled with lots of good chocolate bunnies and fruity jelly beans!  Thanks for visiting, my friends. I am always glad that you do.

18 April 2019

Easter Traditions

17 April 2019

We Took A Walk And Found Spring

Yesterday, I laced up my sneakers and joined Peyton and Flynn outside for our first walk of the season. We have the perfect spot for a late afternoon walk right near our house. And on this April afternoon, we saw the first few signs of spring!

15 April 2019

Pictures From Ordinary Days

12 April 2019

Whatever You Choose To Do...

Years ago, right after college, I was hired as a second-grade teacher in a perfect little school district near my home. I was thrilled to be able to spend my days in a classroom with those young students. I was so thrilled in fact, that after a few days, the school secretary stopped me and asked me if I wanted to know how much I would be making per year. I remember literally staring at her and asking her if I was actually going to get paid for doing something I loved so much!

10 April 2019

A Weird But Super Good Recipe

Try this recipe. It is so good! Everyone in my entire family loves it, which is rare. I say it is weird because it is called Cheeseburger Casserole, and although being a simple pasta recipe, it smells and tastes like you are eating a cheeseburger. Seriously.

08 April 2019

A Touch Of Easter And Spring

05 April 2019


Have a good one, my friends.
Sorry I haven't been around visiting much this past week.
Just life being busy!
I will be around next week for certain.
Until then, stay cozy!

03 April 2019



01 April 2019

Barbie World Guest Post By Flynn

Hi! This post is brought to you by Barbie You Can Be Anything and Afternoon Coffee and Evening Tea and my mommy. This is a blog post I made about my Barbies and their whole world.

29 March 2019

Fish Frys And Basketball

Tradition is a funny thing, isn't it?  For us, late March means Lent, which also means fish fry on Fridays. Technically, we could eat fish fry any other time of the year, but we don't. I assume some restaurants serve fish fry on random Tuesdays in August, but I would never think of ordering one then. Go figure. And basketball. We always watch college basketball in March. We each have favorite teams and watch each game as if our lives depended on them winning. I can't be sure, but I think these teams play other games earlier in the year. I would never think of watching one them. But call it March Madness and I am all about cheering for that sixteenth ranked team from some small school I have never heard of. Again, go figure.

27 March 2019


Good friends are the people you want with you on the happiest days of your life. They are the people you want with you on the hardest days and on the most ordinary days too. I am blessed to call some pretty amazing women my friends. I am blessed to have each one of them walking with me as we make our way through this journey called life. Each friendship is unique, beginning right when it was supposed to in the way God planned. One began in college when two young women met and found comfort and strength in each other as they began their lives away from home. One began when a super sweet pharmacist reached out to a wife and mother she knew from years of dispensing sticky pink liquid and tons of advice. Two friendships began in this very place when women separated by miles recognized through their writing how very much alike they were. Texts followed, and eventually, blog friends became real-life friends.

25 March 2019

The Great Big Beautiful Wedding Photo Post

Madison and Nicolas
February 9, 2019

22 March 2019

Friday Photos

20 March 2019

Wednesday Wisdom...

...from Mocha.

Wake up early every morning.

18 March 2019

Father Knows Best

Don't wish your life away. My father spoke those words to me many, many times. Like a self-absorbed teenager, I smiled and laughed, and assured him I wouldn't. But by mid-summer every year, I was wishing it were September. I was ready for a new school year, freshly waxed floors, creased Jordache Jeans, and Friday night football games. During the long, cold days of January, I sat in Geometry class wishing it was spring. After graduation, I spent my weeks in college wishing it was the weekend so I could load my little white Plymouth Sundance and head home. As a newly married schoolteacher, I wished it were Christmas vacation so I could spend days in my cozy, little house baking cookies and watching tv.

15 March 2019

Plans For St. Patrick's Day Weekend

Get out your green because St. Patrick's Day is here! This weekend is all about celebrating the green and gold. Well, sort of. My sister Margie and I and our families are taking my mom and our friend Blueberry Mary out for fish fry tonight! Sunday is Mary's birthday, and we are so happy to be able to celebrate with her.  Saturday Marian is coming! The guys have plans after Mass in the evening, so the girls and I are deciding between a crazy night out with dinner and a movie, or a quiet night in with dinner and a movie. Stay tuned.  Sunday is St. Patrick's Day, and we have awesome plans to stay home and eat festive food. And that is our exciting weekend. Hope your weekend is fun and festive too!

13 March 2019

You Might Be Surprised To Know That

~ I don't drink evening tea anymore. I used to, but now I prefer coffee. Maxwell House International French Vanilla Cafe. But I'm not changing my blog name, because I really like it.

11 March 2019

And It's Monday Morning

Who knew that one hour could make so much difference? I swear yesterday was like the fastest day ever. Like Twilight Zone fast. And just like that, we start a brand new week. It is a quiet week around here. Work for some, school for others. The puppies have a date at the groomers, we are going to fish fry on Friday, and tonight and tomorrow night we get to see how Colton's journey to find love on The Bachelor ends!!! What a week!

This past weekend, we celebrated Nicolas' brother Jakob's birthday.
It isn't until April, but we won't be with him then, and you know how we are about celebrating around here! Fortunately, Jakob was kind enough to humor me and was a good sport. Plus, he LOVES the blueberry pie that Peyton makes.

08 March 2019

Wrapping Up The Week

Dinner after Mass at our favorite Mexican restaurant...

06 March 2019

Just For Fun. Ash Wednesday Edition

And strategically plan our meals so we can eat the big one as late as possible, crave a big juicy burger from Wendy's even though we wouldn't eat one the other 364 days of the year, go to bed earlier than usual because we are starving five minutes after dinner, and dream of what we are going to eat first thing Thursday morning.

Have a good Ash Wednesday, friends!

P.S. You have seen Mean Girls, right????