July 19, 2017

Just A Thought...

When people ask me why I stay home so much...
Why we do so many things together as a family...
Why I say, "No. But thank you." to so many requests...
Why I am determined to make our home a place of comfort, contentment, and peace...

Just this.
That is all. 


  1. Such an awesome piece of truth in this quote. Thanks for sharing. Food for thought for all of us moms. Have a great week!

  2. Amen. I think being a homebody is the greatest gift I can give to my family!

  3. Thanks for sharing Billie Jo. So much truth in this. I long for the days when my girls were younger, cell phones and computers weren't always at arms reach. Don't get me wrong, they have their place and I was sure glad my girls had them while away at school. I think it is a good reminder for all of us, no matter the age of the kids or parents.

  4. Amen! This should be all we need!
    I don't know if you've noticed but the days are just flying by...

    Enjoy your family, Enjoy your Summer!

    Hugs, Amy

  5. From one homebody to another--yes! Enjoy your family, my friend. ♥

  6. I agree 100%....you are a very wise woman to spend all the time you can with your loved ones.

  7. Love this!!! Our home is the same and my girls friends always want to be here with us. I wouldn't have it any other way. You're a wonderful mom my friend.... keep doing what you're doing, it is so worth it.


  8. Love this!! I was always the mom whose kids were at home all summer. No swim lessons, no soccer, no ballet... just good old fashioned sleeping in and bike riding and barbie playing and having picnics in the backyard!

  9. I totally needed to hear that!! I really did! Just knowing you're not the only person to feel a certain way, especially by someone you admire❤Somehow it makes you feel so much better! I hate to say that i'm a hermit.. but sometimes I think I am!! lol.. I just love being home, tending to my home, I love homeschooling, being in our own little cozy world.. doing our own thing, when we want, how we want! Being together.. All the time! unrushed by the outside world! All of it! I love it! With just my family! I am seriously totally content to be in my own little world.. Haha! I sometimes question if that's actually normal!! LOL
    Hope you are enjoying summer!
    Your old friend
    Lisa- @hotcoffee4lisa from insta :)

  10. You are very wise!
    Enjoy the time you have.
    It's always shorter than we think.
    Our babies grow so very quickly.
    I know you know that.


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