Friday, February 16, 2018

Random Photo Friday

Wow! This week found us transitioning from the fun of Mardi Gras to the solemnness of Ash Wednesday coupled with the festive celebration of Valentine's Day, and finishing with the food and fun of Chinese New Year....Which we celebrated a day early, because of our abstinence from meat on Fridays during Lent. Add some outside time in the snow for Steve and the kids and a hair cut and color for me and we had one full week! Here...take a look.

We finally had snow and non-frigid weather at the same time, so the outdoor people in the family bundled up and enjoyed! Have I ever told you how great Steve and I are as a team? He is all about the snow and cold and outside, and not. 

Meanwhile, across the ocean, my firstborn was also enjoying time in the snow with Nicolas and his family during their ski trip to Sweden.
 Can I just say how proud I am of this girl? She literally embraces every single opportunity, be it learning a brand new language or putting on a pair of skis for the very first time.
Three years ago she could neither speak Danish nor ski, and now she does both with such joy and confidence.
I am so grateful to her Nicolas and his family for sharing so many life experiences with my girl.

These two.
That's all.

How much better does a cut and color make you feel?
I was long past due.
Here is a pic I sent to Madison for her approval.

Tuesday we celebrated Mardi Gras...

Wednesday, Valentines Day
(With an AMAZING cheesecake from Juniors, and Peyton's delicious Chocolate Chip Cookies, for the non Cheesecake lovers)...

And Thursday, Chinese New Year.

Finishing this one with my Mocha, as snapped by Rhett.
Because. Puppies.

Have a wonderful weekend, dear friends.
Thanks for visiting.
I am always happy you do!

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Not Your Average Wednesday

Not sure if I should wish you a blessed Ash Wednesday or a Happy Valentine's Day...
Maybe both?!

However you are celebrating...or, I hope you are happy and healthy.
And are enjoying a piece of chocolate with ashes on your forehead. 

Monday, February 12, 2018

Because It's Monday

And we all need a smile to start off a great week.


Again, yep...

All the time...


And proud of it...


Every single time...

Me. At McDonalds. And Wendys.
And Taco Bell...

Can you relate???

Happy Monday!

Friday, February 9, 2018

Random Photo Friday

Hello, my friends. Welcome to Friday! I hope your week was filled with everything you hold dear. Our past week was filled with family, friends, food, snow, and fun. Just the way we like it.

We celebrated that furry little guy who promised us six more weeks of snow and cold.
Translation: Six more weeks of cozy throws and cups of tea.

Marian came to spend the weekend with us!

Can I tell you how happy that makes all of us?
Who would have thought...The new friend I met the very first moment of college over thirty years ago would become my very best friend, loving not only me, but my entire family?
We are all blessed that Marian considers us family.
We are thankful she is here for all the important and most mundane moments of our lives.
We love that she loves to watch late night movies...even the really bad ones.
We love that she plays endless games of Sneaky Squirrel.
We love that she brings all the ingredients to make amazing ribs for Super Bowl.
And I love that I am slowly converting her to a coffee lover.
Slowly. : )
Love you, Mar!

Super Bowl was great!
We watched with my sister Margie and her husband Chris, my mom, and our friend Mary.
We ate super good food.
And we watched a super good game.
And that is the end of football.
Until August. : )

My breakfast the morning after Super Bowl.

We had snow.
A lot of it.
That groundhog wasn't messing around, was he?

This little lady was long overdue for a trip to the spa.
(Which is actually the groomer, but I don't tell her that.)

Much better. : )

Have a wonderful weekend, my friends.
Enjoy it with your people. 
And thanks for visiting.
I am so very thankful that you do.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Things I'm Loving Now

February is the month of love. So...let's talk about some of the things I'm currently loving, ok? Let's see...

I know I am late to the party, but better late than never, right?
I am loving smoothies!
We got a Vitamix for Christmas, and have been making smoothies every day since.
I found some delicious recipes here.

Now this is not a new favorite.
This is the coffee I have been drinking forever.
But...I just discovered this huge container available on Amazon!!!
No more running to the store for those tiny boxes!!!

This is my "signature fragrance".
It is Amazing Grace from Philosophy.
It is available many, Sephora, QVC even.
I love this scent. doesn't smell like perfume.
It just smells good.
Every time I wear it, I am told that I smell good.
It is also the scent that my kids say, "smells like Mom."
And that is what I love the most. 

I hesitate to refer to them as pajamas.
I prefer loungewear.
Or everyday wear.
Or...the most comfortable things I wear around the house.
I got them at Gap, and they are currently on sale!
I wear a large and they fit perfectly. 

Finally...these throw blankets are AMAZING!
We love them.
I gave them for Christmas gifts this year too.
They are sooo soft, but not heavy, and they wash up beautifully.
I found some on Amazon, but the best selection is on their website here.
( The ones we love are the VelvetLoft throw blankets.)

Oh...and of course...I love love love my sweet Mocha!

So there are some things I am loving...
What about you??
I'd love if you would share. : )

Monday, February 5, 2018

Life Passes And Roles Reverse

I was sitting at my kitchen table a few days ago, writing out bills for my mother. As I was signing them, I suddenly stopped and thought about how our lives unfold and our roles reverse.  It's funny isn't it? How we can go along, day by day, living our lives until suddenly, something random causes us to stop and reflect on a much bigger picture. Like the way our mothers care for us for so many years, and if we are blessed, someday we have the chance to care for them in return.

As I wrote out her bills that day, I thought about how many times my dear mother had written out and signed things for me. I thought about her being a young mother filling out permission slips for field trips, and signing checks for majorette boots and batons. I thought about how many times she sat at the kitchen table signing report cards and health forms.

Today, as I carefully filled my mother's pill case for the week, I thought about how years ago, she had carefully opened the Bayer Baby Aspirin bottle and counted out pills for me. I thought about how my mom gave me Flintstone Vitamins every morning and Castoria every Saturday night.

My mom stayed with us this weekend, and last night I pulled the comforter down and smoothed out the sheets on her bed. I thought about all the times my mom had changed the sheets on my bed and how many times she tucked me into bed.

Those memories so often make me wish I were back there, in my Mom and Dad's house, watching my mom write out bills, and fixing my bedsheets. They also make me realize how very blessed I am to be able to do these small acts of love for my mother.  I am blessed to have had her nurture me and love me and care for me all these years. I am thankful that I am able to do these small things in return. And I am blessed that I am but one link in this unending chain of mothers and daughters in this amazing thing called life.

Friday, February 2, 2018

Random Photo Friday

Happy Friday and Happy February, my friends! Is it me, or did January seem to last a really long time? I'm not complaining, just thinking it has only been a month since New Years?! I hope your February is off to a beautiful start, and your upcoming weekend is full of family, food, and fun. Pretty much the essentials. : ) Here is a look at what we were up to the last week of January here in our cozy home.

Quick pic before Saturday afternoon Mass

Our contribution to National Chocolate Cake Day
I've been demoted from head baker to decorative assistant. Those chocolate shavings? All me, my friends. All me.

This beautiful woman turned 81 this past week!
We celebrated her on her special day with family and friends and cake. 
Peyton's chocolate cake with peanut butter icing.
Mom's choice. : )

I wish every single one of you could meet my mother.
She is the most wonderful soul I know.
Always happy.
Always giving.
Always humble.
Always Mom.

Quick selfie before our quick trip out to dinner...
And yes. I temporarily lost my glasses.
So I pulled out my old ones until I found them dangling on the cord of my phone charger behind my bed.
No idea. idea.

A brand new Dunkin Donuts opened around here!
Not my favorite...but I did treat myself to a mocha latte to sip on the drive home.

Happy February.
Happy weekend.
Happy football and happy food, my friends!

Thanks for visiting!