July 29, 2016

Random Photo Friday

Excuse me while I pinch myself. The last weekend of July? Really? This time of year is emotionally confusing for me. I am thrilled that my very favorite season...filled with colored leaves, crisp, cool days, mums, pumpkins, comfy sweaters and cozy nights...is right around the corner. Yet I am also filled with an odd sense of sadness as I watch yet another season...one filled with long, lazy days, green trees, blue skies, drippy ice creams cones and long warm nights...come to a close. I can't explain it, other than to say it is as if another season of my life has passed. And I suppose it has. : ) Here is a peek at the last week of July in our summer home.

My Mocha found every spot of sunlight and curled up randomly throughout the day. : )
Remember a few summers ago when our friend Justin came and cooked chicken for us?
Well, he did it again!
He and his sweet girlfriend Gina came out and hooked up this contraption.
They cooked the chicken all afternoon, and it was amazing!
He made potatoes and a yummy salad too.
I peeled and boiled corn.
Go me. : )
And Steve took the older kids to a Pirate game this week...
It was a first for Nicolas, and he loved it!
Steve sent me this picture, and for a moment I swear I wasn't sure who it was!
When did my little Rhett grow into a young man?!
Summer evening sunsets are among my favorite things ever.
No editing needed here. : )
Happy Weekend, my friends!
Thanks for visiting. : )


  1. What? Is it really the last Friday in July? (looking at the calendar, when did that happen?)---thank you for sharing...I am so looking forward to cooler temps, pumpkins, scarecrows and so on...have a beautiful day friend.

  2. My dear Billie Jo, I can relate to the very things you said you were feeling...

    Your post {as always} was simply delightful! The chicken looked amazing and how fun for the older kids to go to a baseball game! You know my husband, son, and I are big time baseball lovers {{smiles}}

    Enjoy your weekend. Love and hugs!

  3. I agree -- how can summer be going by so fast??? That chicken looks so good -- am starving!!

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Time is flying by, the end of another month. Loved the look of the chicken. Looks like a great summer with lots of special family moments.

  5. Yes, I completely understand the feeling. Fall brings my baby turning two which seems so impossible! But I love the whole season ahead. And how can school possibly be starting so soon?! SO glad you had a wonderful week!!

  6. His first MLB game! How awesome! And Rhett?? Wow! Check out that facial hair! LOL

  7. Happy Friday my dear sweet Billie Jo!

    You're such a bosom friend (to quote Anne of Green Gables) and such a Gal after my own heart. I'm with you about the bittersweet of these last days of summer of still squeezing in final things like wanting lemonade and warm sunset walks...and yet just starting to let a few thoughts of a favorite season to come creep in a bit. The nights are getting shorter here and the sunsets and night sky of stars are changing. And it does make one pause and think where does the time go? And why does it move so fast? Why can't a summer night feel like a week? And why can't Fall last 5 months? Lol

    Love the photos and capturing the feel of late summer and of your beautiful family as always.

    Blessings!! xoxo

  8. Dear Billy Jo,

    What a fitting blog background and yummy summer meal.

    I know just how you feel. I am trying to squeeze every bit of goodness out of this carefree time of the year. I would be too sad to see summer end if autumn were not my favorite season.

    Wow, love that sunset - God is amazing!

    I truly enjoy visiting your blog :)

    Happy weekend to you and yours,

  9. August always depresses me a bit however I love, love, love autumn so I just bide my time until I can get out the fall decor :). The picture of the sky is simply beautiful.

  10. It looks yummy! I remember when I realized my boy was grown. He was a sophomore in college. He walked across the field and I asked my husband who #13 was? I knew it was Chad's number. I knew it was boy, but hidden behind sunglasses, tears ran down my face. My little boy had become a man while he was away.

  11. This month flew past so quickly I don't think I blinked! It looks as though your summer has been a good one! That chicken, taters and corn looks like a perfect summer time meal too!
    Enjoy your weekend!

  12. It looks like you are making some wonderful family memories! Thanks for sharing. Hugs. Juli

  13. The sky... your summer! And Rhet, woah!


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